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  1. Hey. I've gone with at least one rest day between these sessions and pushing harder each session. Def need rest day now: ) Great progress so far. Am gaining strength each week again now.
  2. He he, yeah it's a magic spot on New Zealand's South Island. I'd love to spend more time there too.
  3. Wow heaps of info here, cheers!
  4. Thanks Rob! I'm unsure about rest days. A friend advised more rest when training for strength over endurance. I've started trying to go harder each training session and have a rest day after each session. Sometimes I still feel like I could train on a rest day. Should i train anyway or will this be detrimental even if I feel okay? Or should i just be pushing myself harder (add another set) on the training days? I'm finding it difficult to resist training everyday but want to get the most out of my work as well. thanks everyone.
  5. Hey good people This is happiest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Am loving every minute of it. Have been developing a program since December. I dislocated my shoulder in September (mtn biking). Daily physio got me into building a strength program. It's evolving as i'm learning and switching from a recovery / stabilising program to a broader strength one over time. I've now left behind some of the individual muscle group exercises (tricep curls) in favour of using bigger muscle groups, also switched from higher reps to higher weight. I apologise for not knowing accurate names for the exercises. I'm doing a mix of dumbell and body weight work at home. I'm doing 3 or 4 sets of 6reps generally and then adding weight as i am able to do more comfortably. More reps on chins. I do core work in between sets and warm up with physio elastic band exercises. Here's what i'm doing at the moment: Day 1 -push ups (diamond) -push ups (arms in) -push ups (arms out) -then as above x 3 sets with 10kg weight vest -plank twists -push ups again, sans vest to finish Day 2 -Chin ups -Reverse chin ups -Bicep curls to shoulder press Day 3 -lat raises (thumbs forward) -lat raises (thumbs up) -bent rows -chest press Rest days as i need to basically, 1 or 2 a week depending on workout day before. I also cycle everyday and practice chen tai ji which is demanding on legs so they aren't being forgotten. Am seeing some consistent progress so far, getting stronger all the time Would appreciate any other advice. Many thanks for the inspiration so far!
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    Hi everyone I want to start by sincerely thanking you all for your contributions to this site. I've been checking it out on and off over the past couple of years. I've often learned things and always been inspired. I'm not sure how much useful info i'll be able to give right now but it's good to be here and part of this community. A bit more info about me- I've been vego for more than 10 years and vegan only very recently. I've been doing strength training regularly for the last year or so, making slow progress but look different to i did before i started. I have a passion for life, for really being present and living it as much as possible. I have practiced other martial arts - mostly kung fu, muay thai though I only really train in tai ji at the moment. I'm also a cyclist, particularly mountian biking. I dislocated my shoulder about 10 weeks ago riding. This is when i got serious about strength work and have been building on physio excersises everyday. That brings me to here I guess. the last few weeks, i've been determined to make the most of the work i've been doing here, getting stronger and have been relying on all your advice, stories, pics. Thanks again!!!
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