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  1. goddamn your bikes are hot! I have a schwinn traveler, circa '83. Pretty heavy but it's my commuter and touring bike.
  2. Dude, this is awesome. thanks so much, friend! Our first record is on bandcamp and our new record is in its final stages. I am anxious to put it out.
  3. hatebreed is one of my all time faves. I saw them on my birthday!
  4. I ran out of vega so I've been putting more ice less almond milk in my blender with a pear, berries, chocolate sun warrior and hella peanut butter. sooo good.
  5. This is my favorite cooking show online. I love burgers!
  6. Favorite metal records these days, Kill 'em All, Cause of Death, South of Heaven. check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbStI3TM1Fg Here is my band, Vital Nerve. New record out soon.
  7. Howdy y'all! it has been a while. Jump rope for about 10 min 5x10 rep bicep curls [15lbs] 'til can't do no mo' x 6 push ups 'til can't do no mo' x 5 crunches some pull ups. I took an entire semester off cuz I was working a lot and going to school. Had a hard time managing my time. Now I am back in the "get strong" state of mind. What gave me my wake up call was playing gigs and not being able to lift any equipment alone. Gonna focus strongly on chest, rows, and pull ups. Thanks y'all.
  8. By the way y'all, I play in band called Vital Nerve. We're on bandcamp and we are recording a new record.
  9. I've heard about cyclists drinking/taking something every hour during a multi stage ride. Does vega make something like that?
  10. I know a good piece of advice is do not go on the computer after 8pm because the light coming off the screen will wake you up again. From my experience going to bed at 12am after a late shift at work I sleep better than if I go to bed at 12am after playing on the computer. You guys take naps? I feel like naps right before I go to work make me feel awesome.
  11. Hey y'all I had a really demanding semester so I didn't have much time to make my body strong. I have fewer commitments now so I'm going back to the gym. couple miles on the bike to warm up 2x til failure push ups 2x10 bicep curls 15lbs 4x5 bicep curls 20 lbs 5x8 shoulder press 20lbs Shoulders and chest are my faves 5 or so til failure sets of crunches on the inverted crunch table. Serious stretching before biking home
  12. I will always have love for super heavy hardcore like first blood.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiLq4QX4cKs What a fucking fox! Woof!
  14. awww possibly the two better moments of my life being front row at converge sets..... ...as for the vid post from last year from Saulo RE: XIBALBA (clearly I'm late in the game) saw xibalba last week and they were fucking horrible. Worst 20 bones I possibly ever parted with. ahhhh shames. -elle Xibalba is doing great. I haven't bought any new CDs or added a band to my playlist which is hard when I flip through my CD collection and can't decide what to listen to.
  15. soo many good answers here people! Thanks for sharing!
  16. I was good kid with a ton of energy, but not enough ways to utilize it. As an adult I reflect on that and know my behavior matters and burning up energy the smart way is a good way for me to cope. I remember as a kid I also didn't know how to stand up for myself when I was bullied and I never EVER told my parents when I was bullied in school. I suppose I was afraid of my parents judging me or I simply didn't learn yet that communication is important or that my parents could help make it stop. Now as an adult I feel like I have 'catching up' to do. I am very communicative and I hold everyone I know to a very high standard of communication hehe perhaps too high. I am a little more sensitive to people's tones and don't let people get far enough to hurt my feelings. Damaged and bitter but I am working very hard to take control of my mental health and my happiness.
  17. I have been working out, just not posting enough. Sup yous guys. bike ride to the gym, few miles. 5-10 minute run on the treadmill stretch deltoid raises 5x5 15lbs sitting shoulder press 5x8 or 10 25lbs bodyweight squats 3x10 stability ball crunches 5x til failure.
  18. This is something I've been making once a week. I love it! Now I want to make a cheese sauce with nutritional yeast for smothering on burgers or burritos. Some I'm seeing online require flour or cornstarch...not appealing. would it make sense to make the sauce for my mac n cheese and cooking it down in a pot? any suggestions?! thanks!
  19. not really a crush but I think she's very cute. My straight-edge sister, Kristia can you guess who I'm talking about in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-M0kTTBCgg
  20. when it comes to the specifics like delts bis and tris yes. I do sets of 10 for my back and sets til fail for my abs and such. Working toward a stronger back. cross over box push ups! 4 sets til failure crunches with a small ball 5 sets til failure shrugs 25lbs in each hand 3 sets of 10 row machine 25lbs each side 2x10 35lbs each side 3x10 25lbs each side 1x8 riding to work and to the gym lately today my legs are a little less responsive. Gonna do light pedalling this afternoon. <3
  21. going for a consultation tomorrow about the rest of my arm(lower half) and maybe my scalp
  22. Yeti are you shy because a gay man asked to see your beard?
  23. I was talking about the Hay-day of Converge and champion along with Earth Crisis and their speeches at shows. I'd love to go back in time to see hatebreed at a place like Chain Reaction or even Gilman
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