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  1. Chest & back day warm up: 5 minutes or so of jumping rope 3 super-sets of 8lb dumbbell flies and dumbbell press 10reps each movement dumbbell flies 15lbs 3 sets of 10 dumbbell press 15lbs 3 sets of 10 Iron gym wide push-ups 5 sets of 10 Iron gym narrow push-ups 5 sets of 8 Neutral pull-ups 5 sets of 4 For cardio I jumped rope until I could do no more
  2. Saulo

    Queer vegan

    danke, hope to see you all in the other forums soon
  3. Nitrofusion is what I have after I workout I like this stuff, I've done quite a few repeat orders of it. For all those who use Vega, do you drink a shake and then not have lunch? Is that how a meal supplement works?
  4. yeah I can get down with this For me recently it has been Trap Them, Converge, Ordstro, Reign Supreme. It depends on if I am running or lifting
  5. I am stoked about the different training stuff that you wrote about, especially the weight-free exercises. I want to learn more and stay exited about working out
  6. I loove Earth Crisis, I saw them over the summer with First Blood and Reign Supreme. Not many were in attendance but the show was still a hit. I want to see them again. I didn't see any ALF literature at their table and I was hoping they were gonna be more vocal about what EXC is all about. I always imagined that Earth Crisis would be super supportive of gay rights. Mike Justian was playing drums for them when I saw them, I adore him soo.
  7. I'll read some fitness blogs. Anything to motivate me. If they're on blogspot, even better
  8. This was my most successful raw cooking experience, I made a raw birthday cake with my friends. Before that I fooled around by putting dates, almonds, salt, and apples in a food processor and calling it raw apple pie filling. This time I measured 3 cups raw walnuts 20 dates 1 tsp vanilla 2/3 scant cups of cacao pinch of sea salt frosting! 3 handfuls of cashews in a glass filled just over the cashews. Soaked them for 6 hours or so as much agave as I wanted 1 tsp of vanilla and about half the water used to soak the cashews. The frosting was thick and fantastic. post your raw recipes here if you got 'em. Thanks.
  9. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/xclawsonx/copyveghouse.jpg?t=1260564615 My name is Saulo Picazo, hello everyone. I joined this site because I want to grow as a fitness enthusiast by learning about different routines, competitive training, nutrition and all things of the like. Oct 30th 2009 was the one year vegan mark for me and I have been working out seriously for about 2 years. I have a lot of things I like to do like playing music, reading, and eating out. My biggest hobby would probably riding my bike. This wet Bay Area weather is hindering my riding though, oh well I'll try and contribute whatever I can and I hope to make some forum friends. Take Care! -S
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