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  1. fucked up the crust, go'n for round 2 tomorrow with less oil and skipping the agave
  2. started making the crust for tomorrow with agave instead of honey and wheat free ginger snaps instead of gram crackers. My boy doesn't do well with wheat. I intend to add some egg replace into the batter to make sure the cupcakes stand up
  3. I want to make this for my boyfriend, does anyone know if this will work? http://www.food.com/recipe/vegan-cheesecake-cupcakes-234310 danke
  4. I've sat for four sessions, 15 hours or so, and it's around $2200
  5. I got more work done on my tattoo and I'm hella paranoid about fucking it up. Cardio and abs today at the gym. See you there!
  6. I'm gonna use this thread to announce that I have a bad knee. Boo hoo me. I'm gonna take time off from pedaling around and get x rays of my knee. I will be very upset if I can never ride again but I think it's just the skidding and the track stances that hurt my knee. Perhaps I should just run a brake on my fixie and/or get a butch road bike.
  7. To the death is also open ended Skating til death rolling blunts til death vegan til death or whatever
  8. my scars are all from fixie riding
  9. what's left on mine is shading and more intricate details. There are going to be designs on my deity's sleeves and around his front sash. Black and gray for me only. The line work took 3 hours.
  10. bleeding through is my favorite
  11. favorite quasi hardcore bands?
  12. I don't know if that's commonplace but I will be sending out resumes and such. GREAT IDEA!!
  13. who haven't you played with? hehe
  14. share your stories or just your tattoos!
  15. Help me out here this is a work related issue. At work I have talked to my manager that I can work everyday but Saturdays are the the only days I ask that I do not get scheduled. We fired people recently and they needed me for a couple Saturdays, no big deal. This past time I spoke with my manager he showed me the schedule and I was not scheduled to work saturday but it was changed without my consent, and I am working saturday night. I am going to call my manager and be calm and mention to him: 1. School is important to me, that's why I am taking a lot of classes 2. work is important to me as well and I'm a good team player. 3. what is also important is my time outside those two things. Hopefully he can empathize with me and we can work a deal. It would have been a different story if the manager didn't do this behind my back. Any other ideas about how to handle this would be appreciated. thx
  16. thank you vegimator. It is my first tattoo and I am very stoked on it. I got it done at 7th Son Tattoo in San Fran. I'm changing the game of tattoos by starting out with a half sleeve. There are 2 sessions left, they include more details on the deity's sleeves and sash plus shading, I can hardly wait. I'll be suited up and sleeved like Ted by the end of this decade.
  17. Dangers from LA and Pulling Teeth http://www.myspace.com/pullingteethmd I have an affinity with gay friendly bands. I have flipped shit when pulling teeth has come around. When I saw earth crisis I expected they'd be really vocal about sweat shops and anti prop 8, but I guess I am too young to know that era of EXC
  18. yeah but thats my label...besides fixie... http://www.getrevengerecords.com/ http://www.sorrystaterecords.com/ I was referring to what number release it would be if you put it out.
  19. olord, do it! Fixie records #???
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