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  1. show yours, share stories, advertise your shops. getting my first tattoo tomorrow from a guy named George at 7th Son in San Francisco. Stoked to get a sleeve started but not stoked that I have some fresh scars that are gonna be dodged. Question, has anyone been tattooed after having a scar? how old was it?
  2. I fell trying to skid down a massive hill. I'm ok but I have a scar that my tattoo artist is probably going to have to avoid for a few months, fuck... I empathize with both drivers and cyclists because I am smart in both realms. I see a cyclist coming from the left I expect him to blast the stop sign if he's jamming hard, no big deal. If some fixie guy trys to beat me as I'm making a left turn, that's just moronic, especially when he goes "whoa-oh-oh-oh-0h" to let me know he's in my blind side trying to get past me. edit: if you can't stop correctly mount a brake. I am not being passive aggressive.
  3. shoulders/abs today 8min warm up push ups 2xtil failure lateral raises 3x5 15lbs front raises 3x5 15lbs seated shoulder press 5x7-8 25lbs chest fly machine 1x10 85lbs 4x5 115lbs 1x10 55lbs
  4. maybe this... http://www.myspace.com/sandiegoinnocent http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q267/hxcxtrendy/ProtectTheInnocent-patch01-previ-1.png http://www.myspace.com/christianclub Kill For Christ
  5. yesterday was a sleepy day. I have been called to join the rat race and lubricate the society machine. The gym is there to help me look cute. 8min warm up run Seated bicep curls 1x10 15lbs 5x5 25lbs tricep roll backs 5x10 one arm tricep extension 5x10 kick backs 3x10
  6. yo ted, what was that cool punk band you played in? lemme narrow it down, it was not Trends
  7. there have been hundreds of times where people thought the world was ending, but jesus didn't come back then either I wish I could watch this for free!!
  8. Dimmu Borgir cover band, Dimmu Boqueer
  9. abs: standard crunches 2x til failure twist up crunches 2x til failure stability ball crunches 1x til failure shoulders: shoulder press 25lbs 5x10 front raises 15lbs 5x5 lateral raises 15lbs 5x5 Arms: curls 25lbs 5x5
  10. ringworm and outbreak are gooooood. queer-core ala limpwrist? Limp Wrist is the band that has had me wanting to get some gay boys together and play hardcore.
  11. The Banner, Ringworm, Cold World, Outbreak. I gravitate toward chaotic bands with moving parts or the really creepy hardcore bands. One of my favorite shows was probably Internal Affairs' last show. No Turning back and Trash Talk played surprise sets and when Terror took the stage that night it was mind blowing how high kids climbed on top of each other. I'll be going to see bane in a few days also, I am mostly stoked for Alpha & Omega's and Trapped Under Ice's set. I won't be moshing because I'm getting tattooed that day. I want to start a queer-core band and write with themes of smashing homophobia.
  12. chest push ups til failure this way: http://www.menshealth.com/men/fitness/workout-plans/weight-free-upper-body-workout/article/55c133e309231210vgnvcm10000013281eac/3 2 sets dumbell fly 3x10 25lbs 2x8 30lbs I was not doing it the medman way because I can't keep 35's or 40's stable enough stability ball crunches 4x til failure pull ups my pull up strength is a little stronger 1x7 2x4 chest fly machine 4x5 90lbs 1x5 50lbs
  13. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've sucked your way to the top Does that image do something for you? You must be having a hell of a dry spell. Ok braniac if you haven't reached the top come back to me with your higher truths when you're not just an initiate.
  14. The applauding at the end sounds like it came from an audience who had just watched something awe inspiring and life changing, but indeed not. A blanket pose is what I see in this flat, everyone clapped out of pity and also clapped so's to act as if they "got it."
  15. Let's take a look at this video shall we?
  16. Reminds me of the pieing of Anne Coulter except in her case they missed and got arrested for assault
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K15lrlW3pj0
  18. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've sucked your way to the top
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