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  1. I jogged to the gym, a distance of a mile and medman would be proud because I did the 5x5 thing for my biceps. Holler. seated bicep curls 2x10, 15lbs 5x5, 25lbs tricep rollbacks 3x10 15lbs one hand tricep extention 3x10 15lbs dumbbell kickback 2x10 15lbs
  2. I want to get that samsung smart phone that MetroPCS offers
  3. chest & abs dumbell press 2x10 25lbs 4x10 30lbs I feel my press strength being much stronger since I have been doing multiple "until failure" sets of push ups on chest days. I guess they really did work dumbell fly 5x10 25lbs my fly strength is not as strong as my press strength I had to really struggle with these. arm diaper leg lifts 3x20 I used to do only 10 or so per set this time last year yay incline bench crunches 3x til failure, usually about 10 these are really tough side crunches 3x30 I still exercise 4 days a week you guys I promise.
  4. -chill hangout with some friends during pride weekend -thai food -free punk show
  5. I understand the human need of microblogging and facebok activity and all that but it's not for me. I get why some people like it, "I bought a new house and I want to show everyone that can't fly here to see it." "I just had a baby and I'm broke so I'll invite people to the baptism via facebook." what I don't like are the guys that say "if you followed my tweets/status updates on facebook you would have known I was getting ready to have brownie sundaes in santa cruz and you could have come along." blow me
  6. http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/115/l_df8ae3f5fb72b7bcdd97fcf1d057115d.jpg
  7. this was not pornographic at all, and that skin is a cutie
  8. irrelevant yeah right, don't try to be a hero. if the two girls relaxed and respected the officer they would have been let off easily. the girls were more aggressive and many dB louder than the officer. Some people rear children to hate the police. You don't know any better than anyone else what the situation was. "Middle of the episode"
  9. This is an awesome film from Denmark that I watched yesterday at the SF international film festival. I don't think it will be easy to find on the internet which is a real bummer.
  10. I bought some CDs by Cold World and Ringworm. I will give them a try tomorrow
  11. Hello Mike, what helped me lose fat and still gain muscle is to have 3 non consecutive HIIT cardio days in addition to your normal weight training.
  12. I've been working out even though I have not updated this often. I promise.
  13. I'm happy because I have love in my life and because I am going on a city ride with a friend today.
  14. just started cowboy bebop and I am into it. I'm not an anime fan yet
  15. back and shoulders. I forgot to squeeze it out today by doing pullups. fuggit!
  16. early in the morning did a crucial 20 minute cardio sesh on the treadmill evening gym treadmill warm up hanging ab crunches 3x til failure standard crunches 3x til failure side crunches 3x30 each side reverse crunches 2x til failure short stationary fixie ride
  17. if to resist is to be a terrorist, then terrorize! \m/ this made me smile
  18. 10 minute jog seated shoulder press 20lbs 3x10 25lbs 2x9 front raises 12lbs 5x8 this is the exercise I have most trouble with lateral raises I could only do one set because I got way tired upright rows 20lbs 1x10 25lbs 3x10 30lbs 1x10 hopped on the fly machine and went from 40 all the way up to 70lbs and did as much as I could. cooled down on 50lbs 30minutes on the stationary fixie
  19. I'm sure the human body can "cleanse" itself by using the liver. If the people on this thing are consuming less than 2000 calories, what physical activity are they allotted? Wowza.
  20. aluminum makes a mans pits taste gross
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