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  1. By the way do people recommend only doing one exercise for abs per day? I am currently alternating between leg raises 5 sets of and 25 reps. the other day incline sit ups 5 sets and 25 reps. Any suggestions? I am pretty lean around the area right now but would like more definition.
  2. Sounds great is this a class your gym offers? Let us know how you liked it. Have fun.
  3. Thanks, Which is the best dvd to buy? Do you ketlle ball users still go tot he gym? I like working with weights.
  4. Thanks do you do this at home? Do you see any increase of injuries as a result of using them?
  5. Thanks I am thinking of doing it every day maybe 7th day off. Thats usually what I do. Sundays I stay home. Thanks for your input. I wanted to take the first 2 months pretty easy after a 15 year absence but I believe I am ready to take it to the next level. I will go to the gym tomorrow and start to take one day off a week. I like working out for the ability to guage ones progress and the discipline one has to bring to the table.
  6. Thanks I am thinking of doing it every day maybe 7th day off.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences and routine. What is normally your recovery time from a hard leg workout? I basically do right now. chest, upper back, abs Shoulders, biceps, triceps,abs Legs, abs These are my 3 days in a row then I take a break until a week ans start again. I am doing light intro weight then maximum weight low reps. I am thinking of going each day any suggestions? I do sprints with my dogs twice a day.
  8. I have read that the body part you work on recovers in 48 hours but this makes little sense because each day your using your body even for daily chores. I started to workout 3 days a week in the gym any benefits of increasing this to every day? I stepped away from the gym for 15 years and got back into it about 2 months ago. Feeling great just a side note I wasn't a couch potatoe before but mostly aerobic activity with push ups as the major body work out. Arnold's body building classic book recommends each day.
  9. Yes Bananas are great so are dates and grapes.
  10. Thanks for your posts guys really interesting things I am reading here. Does anyone know the routine of Konstantinovs? Is it low reps more weight? Does he train everyday?
  11. Thanks I am trying to figure out some ideas on how to maybe start housing info sessions on better choices. What do you mean by omni community?
  12. Good for you I might say have some real food in your store make it a one stop shop.
  13. Would this be a good movie to show at a open house to the general public?
  14. I agree. I still would prefer the first guy it seems much more all roundish if there is such a thing. A goal I am shooting for.
  15. I have to agree with you on that one for sure. That guy is ripped.
  16. Thanks pretty impressed. That is not easy to lift that amount. In the video I posted if you take the time to watch the whole video I was blown away on some moveds.
  17. Hey Guys and Gals this guy is in amazing shape Enjoy
  18. This is kind of like the veg protein scare. Fruit is ideal quick, tasty, easy to prepare. The problem is most people are not prepared to keep fruit ripe and ready.
  19. Hi, Yes it can be done and you are right keeping it low fat is ideal otherwise your going to run into problems down the road. I looked at your menu although you are high raw lots of stuff not Raw. Best of luck on your goals.
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