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  1. yeah, my friends wife just did that for the first time. she said it was an incredible workout and she couldn't wait to go again. i would love to try it. Tom, do they have that at fitworks?
  2. vCv

    Cleveland vegan

    I am a big fan of both bands, and like Tom, I've seen them both several times.
  3. vCv

    Cleveland vegan

    Hey, you're Tom, right? I believe I've met you at a veg. meetup. I'm on the west side near the airport.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Chris, I'm 34 and have been vegan for almost 3 years. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, obviously, and am the proud gaurdian of two dogs and two cats. I'm looking to get in shape. I'm mostly interested in cardio training now. I haven't exercised seriously in over 15 years, so I guess I need to start slow. I'm wondering if someone could direct me to a specific training routine. I need to know types of exercises and times to perform them. A weekly routine would be great. I would like to use machines too if that's recommended. Maybe someone has suggestions for those too as well. I look forward to being active here and appreciate any help and advice given. thanks.
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