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  1. I am keepin at it, bussy ! school and work I hung up your book flyers at work yesterday at the schaumburg whole foods in illinois I have workouts written on paper I didnt put up .... I am hitin the gym later today after class. Im sure well see eachother this year some time!
  2. started off feb with an outdoor run 3 -3.5 milesish (around a lake ) have to fast tonight for blood work in the morning il be lifting for sure next workout ! i like this journal idea it lets me know to try harder !
  3. give tempeh a try its also fermented soy so less hormone problems some contain grains with gluten so watch out
  4. k todays workout was just pushups and a set or two of random pullups pushups went like so 1x40 1x35 1x35 1x21 1x20 hope to get a real good workout in tomorrow night cause its the last day of the chalange hope everyone made there goals !
  5. Thanks Robert ! ok heres todays entry for 1-27 12 5 min jog warmup + lil streching leg press 160lbs-1x10 , 175lbs-1x10 1x10, 180lbs-1x11 1x11 calf rasie bench 45lbs- 1x11 50lbs-1x11 1x11 55lbs-1x11 1x11 chest press machine warmup 70 lbs- 1x0 bench press 95lbs- 1x10 1x10 dumbell chest press 40lbs 1x10 1x10 1x10 1x10 dumbell squats 35s- 1x10 1x6 dumbell rows 35lbs- 1x10 1x10 40s-1x10 1x10 35s- 1x10 Had a possitive feeling working out today ...more then usual ! hope evryone else is haven fun too!
  6. New goal for food is going to be meal timing and larger meal prep for multiple days also tryong to get to the gym urlyer .
  7. 5 min jog warmup situps on decline bench 25 lbs weighted 1x30 1x30 no weights 1x30 left 1x30 right leg lifts 1x13 1x10 1x10 curls 35 lbs dumbells and 40lbs 1x10 (35's) 1x8 (40's) 1x9 1x8 1x9 (35's) I was planning on doing rows and maybe more back but felt off tonight from not eating properly /enough today my body was telling me we dont have good fuel ya jackass lol
  8. Who knows the ratio to make this mix? And what does the new nutrition facts look like after the mix as in the new protein amount in grams I use now sports pea protein and nutribiotic rice but never mixed them. Thanks in advance
  9. body weight squats 1x25 1x25 1x25 1x25 1x25 military press with easy curl bar 75 lbs 1x8 1x8 1x8 1x8 1x8
  10. pullups 1x8 1x8 1x7 underhand 1x8 mix of underhand over hand 1x4 1x4 30 situps not a long workout but in a hurry gota go get a college book before work maybe il do a late night gym session well seeeeeeeee
  11. 3.1 mile run pushups 1x20 1x20 1x20 1x20 1x20
  12. 5 min warmup jog dumbell curls - (35 lbs) 1x8 40lbs 1x8 35lbs 1x9 ,1x10, 1x8 tricep machine -(70 lbs) 1x10, 1x11 1x10 75 lbs) 1x8, 1x9 leg press-(175lbs) 1x10, (180 lbs) 1x10,1x10, (175 lbs)1x11, 1x11 abb machine (70lbs) 1x50 , 1x10, 1x10
  13. Working out boosts my positivity wich helps me spread positivity to others .
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