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  1. I still practice it but for me it's simply a matter of lifestyle. When I eat too many calories I gain weight, IF or not. However, it's less hard (please notice I don't use the word "easier" because for me calorie restriction never was "easy") to control the calories when not having breakfast.

  2. I also find a lot of thin shaming in society in general. I get called "health nut" or "extreme" rather often. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I think it's jealousy. Plus you're reminding other people of that plans they had to get more fit, eat healthier etc. but never followed through.


    I experienced some kind of that but I have to say that IMO it's by far not as bad as the fat shaming and IMO there is a lot more of fat shaming (I won't even mention discrimination) going on in the world than thin shaming.


    You could also say there is "vegan shaming" going on because I was called extreme and a health nut because of the way I eat quite a lot regardless of weight.

  3. I tried Vega Performance Protein Vanilla recently (yes, I finally broke down and got some of this expensive stuff) and I'm pleasantly surprised about the taste. All vegan protein powders I tried so far that weren't soy protein didn't make it on my "buy again" list. No symptoms of any kind, btw.


    I also got the sunwarrior vanilla (again, I broke down because I was curious) but haven't made a shake with it so far.

  4. So now were left with vegan. So were discussing which diet is best... High fat, Carb, or Protein or a mix.

    Dr.McDougall promotes high carb low fat. There is much evidence and science out there to show this is

    overall the best lifestyle eating plan out there. Now I'm talking TRUE evidence and science, not speculation,

    biased studies, bro-science etc. History proves it, modern science proves it although modern man tends to hide it.

    Show me your science and I show you the science of other people claiming as well that they have found the holy nutrition grail. And of course all of their studies are "valid" as well... See my post about study contests above, I don't want to repeat myself.

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