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  1. There is science for a lot of things out there and all these scientists and their followers claim to have it right. Paleo, Zone, 811, Atkins, Raw Food, South Beach etc. etc. etc. - and we can't know who's right. It really is kind of amusing but it gets plain annoying when the followers of one of these or another diet get opinionated and zealous about their diet and trying to defend their chosen diet with everything they have. Someone is posting a link to a study that seems to support Paleo, then someone replies with a link to a study that seems to support 811 and it's always the same merry-go-round.
  2. Me, too. I definitely haven't made the transition so far.
  3. Me, too. I have to say that I didn't have the best experience with the starch solution. After some months I felt irritable, not being able to concentrate, had less energy and had dry and itchy skin. I eat mostly Eat To Live now which contains more fat and beans and feel better than on a low-fat vegan diet.
  4. I'm currently reading it. Nice read so far.
  5. Yes, protein mixer is without additives. You can choose if you want to have sucralose or stevia as a sweetener if you opt for protein with aroma. IIRC LC-Welt had some protein without aroma and vitamins. However, I'm pleased to see that they ow have aroma without the sweetener and vitamins now. They used to only have vanilla and chocolate a few months ago. When mixing the proteins with banana the shakes always got too sweet when using an already sweetened powder.
  6. I've seen them at proteinmixer.com or myprotein. As you're looking at a German shop you can also find soy isolate without additives at lowcarbwelt.de as well.
  7. Really? I see a lot of people try but not succeed.
  8. I do experiment with my own protein bars. I'm using powder though. Anyway, if you're interested, I've got two kinds I like and will definitely make again already.
  9. That's good to hear. Aching bones can be a symptom of some ore serious diseases.
  10. IIRC it is. I have to look it up. I only have the cook book part of it here.
  11. I can look up the formula in the the Eat For Health book if you wish so.
  12. CRON-O-Meter. Tracks your Macros and Micros - even the AS if you want.
  13. Nope. What's really cute is that you're in a huff because people here don't agree with you and don't like to be insulted by someonw who acts like a know-it-all about nutrition. It's quite ridiculous. There is indeed no evidence that eating a vegan diet is healthier than eating an omnivorous diet with a few animal products. There is also no evdence that a well-planned vegan diet is less healthy than a well-planned omnivorous diet. Each diet has its own issues. However, there is still the question how much and what animal products have their place in the human diet. I guess that question might have been too complicated since you prefered an insult over a real answer or what? Nutrition experts only talk about "moderation" but how many or how little animal products are healthy or not - I've never seen a definite answer about that, only vague guesswork and even that differed from one source to the next.
  14. Well, maybe you're a "good sheep" as well - we're plant eaters after all. So of course you have to fart when you eat meat.
  15. That is all I care to read. Someone probably told you veganism is healthier and you just went along and did it like a good sheep.
  16. I always wonder what this "well-balanced" omnivorous diet is supposed to mean. How many animal products? And how should the amount be distributed between fish, meat, eggs and dairy? All questions I'm too lazy to seek an answer for, LOL. I'd rather stay plant based.
  17. I was vegetarian during some of my teenager years. Then I started eating meat again. Made me fatter and I didn't feel better. I'm now back to a plant based diet since a while and I feel better - both physically and mentally.
  18. I first thought you might have meant gluten. You write the people who tested their blood sugar had oat meal. Doesn't the fact that the oats are finely milled contribute to the blood sugar spike?
  19. If you really have pain in your bones you should see a doctor about it.
  20. I'd prefer taking in my protein without powders, however, I noticed two things: 1) My calorie count is too high when taking in 2 g of protein per kg of lean body mass without protein powders 2) Omnivores often seem to face the same dilemma or they eat a diet so full of lean meat they're barely able to look at it anymore Protein powders enable both vegans and omnivores to relax a bit about protein intake and planning. I'm convinced it would be healthier to eat all natural foods but I admit that I'm not able to be consistent with that.
  21. Why is it so important what other people are thinking? Does an omnivore bodybuilder have thoughts about "cheating" when taking protein powders? And even if people are thinking vegans do have to take protein shakes to get enough protein... I couldn't care any less. I explain it to them (the whole weight lifting thing) and if they get it, it's fine. If not, they're obviously not able to get a very simple thing into their brains.
  22. I hope you have quit drinking beer as well.
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