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  1. Big G. "at least 60" isn't really helping anyone. Keep track, and keep up with the total. + 120. total 54,800 (or, "at least" 54,860)
  2. only 50 today. I tweaked my neck doing incline presses this am. tomorrow is an off gym day, so I'll only do pushups. we'll see how many I get done. total 54,650
  3. personally, Dead Prez is a little too "hate white people" for me. Earth Crisis is awesome, but I'll admit i was unaware they had a new cd. Hardline as a stance isn't cool, but they make some good songs (more thinking vegan reich and raid than EC) There are a lot of great vegan bands out there! I just wish the whole west coast scene wasn't super negative about it. (says the kid with a "posi" tattoo.)
  4. twitter is awesome. I follow a lot of friends, but also a lot of specific news sites. Lots of health/vegan things, lots of deaf culture things (I'm an interpreting student), things like that. The links most of the people I follow post are all pretty interesting, and I try to do the same. Facebook (I only recently got an account there) seems too self involved. with twitter, you have 140 characters to get your point across. twitter.com/cheddarwurst (And no, I don't twit about my potty habits...)
  5. ah yes, it isn't my eyes, but my reading comprehension that's got the best of me this time. Thanks very much Robert, and you too College. If only I took reading classes...
  6. as a former (and probably future, on occasion) bike racer, I can say that spin classes are absolutely horrible and no fun. I did two, the first time the trainer made us pedal huge resistance (or maybe I spun the dial too hard...) standing up, what completely wrecked my knees (in a bad way). the second class with a different trainer was better, but still not fun. And by the way, they will in to way help with cycling (racing) shape. they're just cardio. Don't mistake spin classes for bike training. HUGE difference. ok. rant over. I prefer setting up the trainer on a stationary bike with a spinerval dvd or something. Saulo, what kind of bike do you ride? any plans to race? I could probably help with that, if you would like.
  7. 84 more today. 7 sets of 10, 1 set of 14 to even it back out. up to 54550
  8. I suggest reading Sam's history on here if you're needed motivation. pure class. I've got some firefigher friends over in minneapolis, and while they aren't vegan, they aren't the standard Manly Man (in fact, one is a woman) so I hear what you're getting into as far as the good old boy attitude. They've reported the same thing. Just remember that plants don't have as many calories as animals, so you need to eat more of them to stay the same. I think that is one thing new vegans miss. You need to eat more than you were before. It's my theory that the reason I just outlined is the reason vegan diets don't work for some people. In short, they're doing it wrong. Stick with, ride the wave, and ask any questions you may have. It seems this forum is great with the common theme of veganism. Lots of support.
  9. Saulo, show up and ride hard. Just be safe. It helps to know your way around, but if you don't, just ride with someone. Someone just a hair out of your skill level though. It'll make you faster, yet still hopefully keep you and the risks you take (intersections, mostly) in check. That's why I got into real racing. Seems much safer.
  10. Sweet! i'll look into that Gemma thing for sure! and the tofurky products are mostly just for easy lunches at work. but your very right a little preparation goes a long way. And I am a pretty big Clif supporter as well. THANKS! (see, that's the kind of support I need!) edit: went to veganprotein.com and couldn't find the gemma stuff. Is it hiding, or am I blind?
  11. i did 96 yesterday because the gym was closed. sets of ten, except one set of fifteen and one set of 11. and 30 today. 3x10 in a few minutes. oh hell. 3 minutes later 60 on the day. 1 set of 15, 1 of 10, one of 3 and one of 2 (i'm shot from my workout this morning, but I'll do what I can to help!) = 54,436 (sorry about the odd #, someone do 4 extra to zero it back out!)
  12. Hi, I'm Jason. I used to be a bike racer. Therefore, my legs are big and strong, but my upper body, well...let's just say it isn't there... Knee issues are preventing me from being a bike racer (and I'm not too bummed about it) so i took up running (yes, it's better for my knee. No, I don't know why.) But, now St. Paul is covered in a sheet of ice and I am not about to break my neck running outside. I got to talking with a coworker, and he's convinced me to join him playing rugby. Which means I need to bulk up and get big. So, I'm looking to get up to at least 185, and maybe up to 198, for an even 90kg. It seems as though the men in my family have the HUGE gene, but so far it seems I'm cursed to being little. At any rate, currently I'm 6'0" (that isn't going to change) and somewhere between 161 and 165 lbs. Save for doing pushups in my bedroom the last month, I only started working out with weight last week. I'm working on it. It's been a total blast so far. Here are a few (non poses) pictures of two dimensional me. (i don't have a camera, so uploads will be hard, but I'll make it work. I'm definitely a little embarassed that I'm so little, but in my defense, I certainly was in great shape on the bike! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1392/1130830103_f132aa3fe6.jpg (see. 2d!) http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2199/2206880303_1b9d7c6fd3.jpg where is my 3rd dimension? and where are my arms? So, you can see that playing rugby with my current physique is asking to get killed. I'm hoping I'm at least comparatively fast. So, here begins my journey. Eat more food than I've ever eaten before, and hit the gym for the first time ever. 3 gym days and 5 days has got me feeling good. One question. If I eat and eat and eat and eat to gain mass, but don't want fat, what do I do? Can I do plyometrics and field sprints (both necessary for rugby anyway) while I'm bulking, or should I wait until later? Or, is there really no way to bulk without adding a bit of a ring around the middle? I'm a little on the poor student side of things, so I've mostly been using soy protein. soymilks, soy protein powders, tofu, all sorts of tofurky products, a bunch of veggies/fruit, oatmeal and peanut butter. Yep. That's it for now. I'll get a current pic up as soon as i can procure one. Thanks. This forum is amazing, and I look forward to getting you know the lot of you! -Jason X
  13. Awesome. Today's hour and 15 minute session was powered by a random selection of Earth Crisis, Morning Again, Most Precious Blood, Embrace Today, Undying, and Judge. I just set all the bands I want to listen to and tell it to be random. I love it. Other days it will be Morrissey and New Order, or others still will be T.I. and Kanye. I've tried Sinatra in the gym, but it doesn't work. Aaron Copeland can be done, though. I'm thinking Aborted/Despised Icon tomorrow. That sounds effective.
  14. any chance for a 2 or 3 inch longer (just a touch not so skimpy) for the males on the forum? I'm not opposed to donning the occasional womens garment, but these might show off a bit too much. I'm sure I'm not alone in that request. Who's in for boy shorts!?
  15. Morrissey was the last thing I expected to hear at the end of that video. Amazing.
  16. I just read the thread about Sam's (sosso?) progress and instantly registered for an account. I'd been looking at the message board here for a few days now. My name is Jason. I'm in St. Paul. It's cold. Backstory. I've been vegetarian since I was 17, went vegan when I turned 20 (so 5 years ago). Been Straightedge since 18. Back when I was 20 I decided I wanted to be a bike messenger and did that, got into racing alleycats, and then got into racing real bikes over the course of 3 years. Got up to Cat 3 on the road and cyclocross. Big legs, not absolutely no upper body. Had my appendix blow up in march of 08, and then got diagnosed with skin cancer (malignant melanoma) in august 2008. (it wasn't a very good year). All of those surgeries and anesthetic did a number on my cycling ability, and I came back too hard (probably) and suffered from knee injuries almost constantly. I raced my last race in Aug of this year in a cat 1/2/3 race (the best in the state. A handful of former pros, etc) So yeah. things were going well until one of the faster guys attacked on a hill. I tried to go with, but my knee wasn't having it. That's the last I was on a bike, for all intensive purposes. After that I took up running (which is rad, but hard to do when the city is covered in ice), and lately got interested in rugby. So, I decided I need to bulk up for that. I am 6'0" tall and weight a hair over 160 lbs (161-165, it's mostly in my legs.) I went and got a gym membership last week and have spend a few days lifting. Really enjoying that. Started eating a TON of food to add bulk (though I'm terrified of getting pudgy). Looking for support and motivation. I'd ideally like to get up to about 190 or so, and keep my cardio fitness and agility. That's just shy of 20 lbs from right now. I think it will be doable. If I had a camera I'd get some pictures up. Actually, I might have some old ones from when i was 2 dimensional. (I'm trying to turn 3 dimensional now. I've been doing push ups in my room for the last month or so. I think it's working). Anyhow. That's about it. Most of my story. Nice to meet all of you. -Jason Stay Gold.
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