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  1. more deads, squatted 135 x 10 x 2 to warm up. deads (back still sore, not sure how this was going to go.) 135 x 5 225 x 2 275 x 1 325 x 1 335 x 1 (5lb pr) 340 x 0 275 x 3, 5, 5, 5, 3 225 x 3, 3, 3, 3 Now I know what it's like to have a back like an old persons... With 2 or 3 sets to go, I went to fill up my water bottle. I couldn't bend over long enough to fill it, so I had to crouch down in front of the water cooler while my bottle filled up. Then I went and finished my sets. lol. AND, i think I fucked up yesterday. My memory says that I went from 225, then added a 25 per side (275) then another 25 per side (325. NOT 315) and then a few smaller plates, but since I cannot confirm that (aside from being notoriously bad at math. lol) I will just take what I recorded. Not worried. I'm HOPING that I can sneak away friday, sunday or monday before I leave and go set another deadlift PR at the Metroflex gym in Arlington (where Ronnie Coleman trains...) That would be amazing! I definitely want to go check that gym out. I'll miss you guys for a few days, because I won't have updates, but I'll keep up on your logs while I'm gone. I want to see some reports of you fella's and bella's crushin' it!!!
  2. He doesn't eat enough food! Get back at it chewy!!!
  3. Lol. Thanks to you both. Its sore, not hurt. And i'll be in dallas from tomorrow until monday night with only 1 day of rugby games, so i'll call that a 'rest week'. one last go at it tonight before practice.
  4. Lower back is sore as all get out, but I got after it anyhow. Bench. 95 x 10 115 x 5 135 x 3 155 x 3 165 x 1 175 x 1 180 x 1 (5lb pr) 185 x fail 175 x 1, 1 180 x 1 185 x fail x 2 175 x 1, 1, 1. Lat pulldown. 135 x 10 x 2 Deads W asthinking maybe 5x5 @ 225 or so... 225 x 5 295 x 2 315 x 1 325 x 1 330 x 0, 0. I tried. Back didn't like it. Have more in me. . . Squat 225 x 3 245 x 2 265 x 1 275 x 0 Back didn't like that either.. Shrugs 455 x 6, 6, 5, 3, 5 Couldn't hang on. Hands are wrecked. Got after it. Didnt feel like going. win for me. also, just realized that tomorrow is my last day to increase my 2 week deadlift pr jump. I'm driving to dallas after work on Thursday, so no gym for me that day... I'll have an hour before practice and that's it. Deads, Bench and shrugs, I reckon. Maybe no bench, because that actually gets used in my gym. unlike the power rack where I usually camp out..
  5. Bah at machines. don't do IT! It's not worth it!! Get on some pistol squats! And when i'm not on my phone i'll find you a great ham exercise.
  6. Thanks! And yes to both. This is awesome!! Lol. Also, once I start getting closer i'll video them for proof.
  7. IF has been good to me for the last 2 weeks. and as far as building muscle on a DB only program, my coworker does it. We talk about it often. I'm not sold on dumbells, but it is definitely possible. big lifts, heavy weight. same as barbells. My opinions aren't always welcome (I tend to try to prove that overtraining is a myth) so I won't get into frequency with you, but I will say that if you're enjoying yourself and can stay mentally fresh and recover, just go to the gym as often as you want. in 45 minute to 1 hour blocks. You'll build muscle with either routine. What lifts are you picking? Bulking is more about what you eat than what you lift. lift heavy and eat enough and the bulking will handle itself (says me). good luck. I had planned on commenting on here, just so it would be in my posts to keep up with, but if I can help at all, I'm happy to. IF questions or otherwise.
  8. Thanks Rob, but I guess in this case "good" isn't "good enough". lol. Today was "good enough" though. Deads and shrugs. Deads 135 x 5 225 x 5 275 x 3 295 x 3 310 x 1 315 x1 325 x 1 (5lb pr. felt good. skipped the pr match) 330 x 1 (didn't feel good enough to try for another 10lb jump) 335 x 0 335 x 0 315 x 0 (gassed) 315 x 1 (lucky pull) 315 x 0 225 x 5, 10, 10 Full disclosure: both 335 attempts were done with straps. Didn't help though, apparently. Everything else was done strapless. That's a good deadlift day. that's 30lbs of deadlift pr in a week and a half (2 weeks on thursday. I'm going to try to make it 50lbs of pr by then) shrugs didn't go quite so well, but it's because I couldn't hold on to the damn bar, even with straps. 455 x 4, 5, 3, 4, 6. still not terrible. then rugby practice. I don't know why I'm incapable of lifting on sundays... every other day is pretty ok. I think it might have something to do with it being later in the day...
  9. thanks, Lobster! Had a crap day yesterday. I blame chewy. Wasn't going to lift. He lit a fire under my ass, though. I should have known better. I always lift like crap the day after rugby games... Anyhow, oh well, I tried. Deadlifts. 135 x 5 225 x 5 275 x 3 315 x f, f 295 x 1 300 x f 275 x 1. Got mad and left. Didnt have it. I'm still coming for ya, chewy!
  10. OuYoure on for both. Thinking we need to start a ' chewy and jason dead and bench race thread'. 1rep on each? I was going to watch football all day, but I'm now going to the gym immediately. Thanks. Also. Keep in touch/talk shit. [email protected]
  11. jake shields is terrible at stand up. SOOO stiff. He was also SUPER gassed waay too soon. He didn't have two round in him yesterday, and he gets to possibly go 5 with GSP. Not a chance. (and I like Shields) He pretty much needs to stay at 170 between now and then to have a shot. get acclimated to it and get comfortable. watching Brock get beat was the highlight of the event. it was awesome. and Tito needs to retire.
  12. read the 4 most recent blog entries at http://www.chaosandpain.blogspot.com. He is proving, reinforcing, and living a thought I had when I first started this game... (overtraining is a myth) edit: somethings to note. if you do the same things you've always done, you'll get the same results you've always gotten. AND, if you do what everyone else does, be prepared to look like everyone else. (which I take to mean don't slack off and always challenge yourself. don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.) and a personal belief I hold. It all "works", if you do it.
  13. Friday was just another day in the gym.. compounds lift grab bag, pretty much... Squat 135 x 10 225 x5 x5 135 x 10 (kinda light day...) Cleans 135 x 5 x 2 145 x 3 155 x 3 165 x 1 175 x 1 185 x 0 185 x 1 (pr tie. I'll break this. and soon. maybe even tomorrow...) 190 x fail x 4 175 x fail x 3 (not happy with all the failure, but I was a bit gassed...) I still want a 225lb Clean... Incline Bench 135 x 6, 5, 3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Shrugs 365 x 10 x 5 Tri Pullover. 75 x 6, 5, 5, 4, 3. I was about to do some tri pulldowns, but then my teammate showed up and told me to leave because I had a game the next morning...
  14. I won't be training singles until the weight catches up with me (week 3's the heaviest, you go to failure (if you want) on the last set at work weight, but as long as you make the single, you up the weight (5kg for deads) every 4 week cycle. Naturally, you can't add 5kg every 4 weeks forever and since it's to failure (or close to it) the reps will be going down every cycle until it is singles. Hopefully not before 200kg though As for assuming my 1RM....I reckon I could hit 160kg for a rep. Then again been training >5 reps for a while so no idea. Then I guess tomorrow is a deadlift day... except no squats first.. I'll race ya...
  15. chewy! good squats, dude! and how close is your actual deadlift to your assumed 1rm?! 340 is super awesome. I'm very jealous if you're hitting that. I've got some work to do. You're giving me something to chase! (which I appreciate! even if I do have almost 25 lbs on you..) way to get your eats back on track! you do a good job of keeping/reminding me to stay motivated.
  16. Fuck a whole bunch of cloudy depression. That whole business can go to hell. I feel like I just laid waste to my entire gym. Mostly just laid waste to my neck though. whatever! See if I care! today was get tough day. squats first. 135 x 10 225 x 5 x 2 245 x 5 275 x 1 (tie pr) 280 x 1 (5lb pr) 285 x 1 (10lb pr) 290 x 0 x2 (failed twice.) 225 up from pins on the first fail. Deadlifts up next. 225 x 5 (double overhand) 275 x 3 (mixed, and the rest were, too) 300 x 1 310 x 1 (pr tie) 315 x 1 (5lb pr! 3 big plates!!!) This was actually my goal for the day. squats were actually an afterthought. 320 x 1 (10lb pr) 325 x 0 315 x 7 singles, and 1 fail. barbell shrugs. (first day up from 405lbs) 455lbs for 4 sets of 8 and 1 set of 7. Lat pulldowns (5lbs heavier than I've gone before) 130lbs for 5 sets of 10 reps barbell curl/overhead tri extension superset. (most reps I've ever done at that weight) 70lbs. 3 sets of 10 each, 2 sets of 8 each. Really great day today, if I do say so myself. I am extremely pleased with today.
  17. Not overtrained. Promise. 100% sure. have a good weekend in the works. I'm sure I need it. What I need is for rugby season to be over so I get some free time. That'd be nice. Thanks for the support, though. I've been bad about reading logs, but I hope your ankle is doing better. I'm going to check right now!
  18. Squat day (again)... 135 x 10 225 x 5 sets of 3 245 x 3 255 x 3, 1, 3, 1 , 2, 1, 1. 225 up from the pins twice on failed 255 reps. Lat pulldown. 125lbs for 5 x 10 sets Sets of 15, 10, 10 for roman chair leg lifts. T henrugby practice. Been depressed as hell this week for some reason.
  19. Yesterday I didn't get to the gym...date night with the lady messing up my plans. (yes, mostly kidding) we did go to a batting cage, though. More a mental workout than a physical one. Gonna start doing arms/abz, bro in the ams (2 a days!) Today was 45lb fot 12reps on barbell curl and overhead tri extensions. Then 5x10 at 65lbs for both lifts. Also 5x10 each side for 45lb plate side bends. Compound lifts later.
  20. After a super weak squat day sunday (that pissed me off enough to make me go home early...) I tried again yesterday. Better, but still not good enough. Sunday Dumbell swings 45lbs x 20 per side. Squat 135 x 5 x 2 sets 225 x 3 x 3 sets 245 x 1 x 2 sets Fed up. went home Yesterday. Squats 135 x 10 135 x 5 225 x 5 245 x 5 265 x 1 275 x 1 (pr tie) 285 x fail. 225 up from pins 280 x fail. 225 up from pins. 275 x fail. I lose it too far forward on anything over 275. need to focus on staying back on my heels. Something to work on. Shrugs 405 x 8, 10, 9, 10, 10. Dumbell curl/overhead tri extension superset. 60lbs 10 reps each for 5 sets. ThenRugby practice.
  21. bench and arm day. first, ran sprints and starts at the school down the road. the went to gym. bench 135x5 135x5 155x3 155x3 165x1 (prev pr) 175x1 (10lb pr) 175x1 165x2 165x7 singles preacher curls/dips superset 60x10 8 60x10 7 70x6 7 70x6 6 70x6 6 barbell curl/tri extension ss 70x6 70x2 60x7 60x7 60x8 60x7 60x8 60x7 60x10 60x8 that's all.
  22. Official weigh in: 192. Early in am, no food, no water, nothing. 8.5% body fat. Same as it was back in january. 9.5lbs lean body mass added since feb. And .5lbs of fat in the same time period. Not too bad. Time to get bigger, though.
  23. deadlift to 310. bench to 175 edit 10/21 deadlift to 320 squat to 285 edit 10/25 deadlift to 330 edit 10/27 deadlift to 335 edit 11/3 deadlift to 340
  24. 194 today. deadlift/back deads 135 x 5 225 x 5 275 x 3 295 x 1 305 x 1 (5lb pr) 310 x 1 (10lb pr) 285 x 9 singles wide grip pulldowns 120 x 10, 10, 10, 8, 10 barbell row 135 x 8 x 5 sets v bar pulldown 120 x10 x 3 sets one arm dumbell row 55 x 10 x 3sets per arm shrugs 405 x 6 for 4 sets and a set of 8 the end
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