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  1. Put a plate on your back when you do your bridges. Or wear a weighted west. I generally endorse the weighted decline crunches that VE suggested, though. They're awesome. Abz are just like any other muscle group, add weight when you can and get tougher. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thanks a lot, Ryan. I'm pretty sure this is a similar route to what I'll take. Aside from the not eating breakfast thing. That's very important for me. That's awesome. Thanks again.
  3. 200 lbs even again today. Deadlifts. 135x8 225x3 245x1 265x1 275x1 285x1 (pr tie) 295x1 (10# pr) 300x1 (15# pr) 285x5 singles shrugs 315x10 365x6 x 4 sets, one set of 8 Curls supersetted with rope tri pulldowns. 80lb curls. 57.5lb pulldowns Sets of 8 and 10 x2 6 and 9 7 and 10 6 and 9. (Rest time wasn't consistent, cause I was watching biggest loser at gym. )
  4. It's more about the drama between abnegation and chokehold.
  5. Thanks Ryan. I had noticed that. little too late, though. about the presses, i mean. i'm getting some weird pain. I noticed it in the scrum the other day (yeah, that's right! I'm a forward now!). I'll give my shoulders a break and then start with even wider grips on the bar. and to be honest, I'm not totally sure where these feelings are coming from. I'm just trying to figure out more of a protein heavy less carb focused diet, and i'm having trouble with it. I don' twant to keep just eating everything, because it's giving me some wicked lovehandles when i get over 198 or so lbs. I was going to play with macro levels, but it's getting the better of me. i thought my motivation level for being vegan was waning, and then I got into it with a co-worker who said something i took offense to and I realized I am pretty sure I could never not be. Meat is just too gross.
  6. oh, was at 197 yesterday... Today I was back at 200 even. A few complexes to warm up then a set of 10 good mornings at 135 lbs and 10 deadlifts at the same weight. bb row 135 x 10 hang clean 135 x 6 row 135 x6 power clean 155 x 5 power clean 165 x3 165x2, then 165 for 11 singles. then a 135 lb power clean to re-rack it. SHRUGS! 225 x 15 for warms 315 x 10 365 x 3 sets of 6, and a set of 8. over head press (strict) 4 sets of 6 and 6 behind the neck push presses with the same weight to see if my shoulder still hated me. it sure did. I dunno what that's all about. either the shrugs or the cleans are messing with it. also, my headache finally went away today, so that's super cool! yeah! wrestling with the vegan thing a bit now, though. I need to figure my diet out, stat!
  7. yesterday was a super short pre-practice gym hit. squat warm up 135 x10 super low 225 x 5 super low then i cramped up/got SUPER tight/sore... more shrugs! 225 for 2 sets of 20 315 for 4 sets of 10+ 2 reps at a 135 behind the neck push press until my shoulders felt like dying then 2 sets of 5 super strict overhead press
  8. still alive. the night of the 14th, i weighed in at 196 (i blame not eating dinner until a builder bar at 3 am, because i was super naseous from being concussed...) BUT, I still went to the gym (i never learn). it didn't go super well, though.. barbell rows. 4 sets of 10 at 135. bad day for squat partials. 225 x 2 x 10. easy (full depth) 315 x 5 for 4 sets. 1/4 squat. then i shrugged again (you'll see this emerge as a theme) 315 for a set of 15 then 3 sets of 10 BENCH!!! 135 x 10 155 x 3 155 for 3 sets of doubles and one single then 165 for 5 singles that's all
  9. REMEMBER NEVER! MEAN PETE! except until the end is SO MUCH MORE BAD ASS!!!!
  10. Whoa. You look a lot bigger when you're not standing next to ryan (VE). Good work! It'll be an easy road back.
  11. Sometimes nike depends on the color, but I think you're good on those. I can't be 100% sure, but I'm running about 95%.
  12. The uppers are fake, the glue we don't know about, but that's no different than vans or chuck taylors or whatever other shoes anybody else wears. I generally go by upper in my decision. You're good.
  13. Showed up at practice early today with my barbell. Did 3x10+ reps at 135 barbell rows. 1x10 back squats deep with 135 1x10 front squats deep with 135 A bunch of cleans @ 135 A set of 3 behind the neck push presses at 135 I cleaned 185 once and failed it twice, which means I didn't get the 200 lbs I wanted. Then we practiced and I got kneed in the forehead hard enough to shake me. Hurt really bad. Still does. Huge bump, and was super dazed the rest of practice. Got naseaus after practice and called mom on way home to make sure I stayed awake. Lol. Called the nurse line and asked about concussion symptoms and just about freaked out because I didn't want to be on the phone anymore. It was wierd. But, my mom just called me so I woke up (a few hours later) and I'm coherent and hurt a bit less, so we'll assume I'm fine. Today was interesting. And I got to learn #8 a bit today. I'm excited!
  14. Today was another amazing day. First I went to the park to lift with 2.5 teammates. We played uncle for a bit, easily cleaning and pressing 95 for about 7 or 8 reps. then two of us went to 135 for 4 or so reps, then he called me out and demanded we put 185 on the bar (a pair of 25's). I made him go first, because I've never attempted more than 150 (which i made). Anyhow, he tried twice and failed to clean it. I was nervous as hell, but I got tough and did it. a pair of singles with a few minutes between. I couldn't get it locked out overhead though. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Then I did 1x15, 13, 10, 9 barbell rows at 135. then i did 135lb behind the neck push presses for 3 sets of 5 singles. Then I went to the gym to really work out. Bench (bear with me) @135lbs 3x6. all close grip. @145 1x4, and then 7 sets of triples (3). Then I did some squats. 225 2x5, then 1x3 because i went SUPER low and the weight went a little forward because I wasn't looking up), then another 2x5 (all as low as my flexibility allowed) then I did squat lockouts (pins set 3 below where i normally rack it. probably 8" of travel? I dunno) 315 1x10 405 1x5, 1x5, 1x5, 1x10 as singles with under a second rest 495 x 3 singles. THEN, I shrugged again. 315 for 4 sets of 10 plus, with a static hold to end the exercise. Then I curled 80lbs for 2 sets of 9, 1 set of 6 and one set of 8. Then I went home.
  15. Just left the gym. At the practice pitch now for rugby. Will be showing team how to work barbell complexes. Anyhow, went to the gym with a friend, which was nice. We superset squats and dead. 10 sets, shooting for doubles of each. We both had to switch to singles after 5 sets. Sqauat @ 245 for me. 5 sets of 2, 4 sets of 1, then failed it twice. Closed with a set of 4 reps with his 225. Deads we both used 255. 5x2, 5x1. Not as tough, but my back is sore. Could be from yesterday, though. As I said, those were supersetted with ~1min of rest between sets. Then we played a game of uncle. 1 rep was a power clean/front squat/push press @135#. We went for 8 reps, but then I got bored and wanted to add weight, but he didn't, so we stopped. :/ Then I did a few sets of shrugs at 315 for 5-10 reps. Now I'm about to do some barbell complexes. Still at 200 lbs even today. best part: my friend (who's a bit on the crazy-lifter side of things) heard what I'm up to and thinks i'm insane. it was awesome. also, when testing how far into a split position i could get (pretty damn low for a regular joe male) i went to push myself back up and discloated the finger i sprained the other day. It totally was kinked. I showed him and said "does that look broken?" Then i put it back where it needed to be and kept doing what I was doing. it was SUPER hilarious. I'm still amused by it.
  16. Thanks Chewy, I'm psyched on the new pr's, especially since there was a bit of work before the attempt. It wasn't a planned pr day, but i was feelin' good so i went for it. your lifts are looking really good, too!
  17. Hows the progress? I found a link you might like... http://www.chaosandpain.com/content/dude-so-and-so-got-so-fucking-jacked-movie
  18. Hey y'all! Thanks! Wednesday I went to Snap fitness before practice with my friend Ben. No power rack!??! So, I did some tri pulldowns (3x10, 1x9 @ 65 lbs) some pullups some shrugs. 90 lb dumbells 3x10. 225 in a smith machine (ick) 5x10 2x5 hang clean/front squat/push press (my new favorite mini-complex) @ a bar and 2 45's. Was a short bar, not oly. I dunno how much it weighed... TODAY! I had a pretty dang ok day. bodyweight back up to an even 200. Squats. 135 2x10. 225x10, 245x5. 255x3. 265x1 (pr tie), 275x1 (new PR!!!) deadlifts. 225x10. 250x5. 275x1 (pr tie). 285x1 (new PR!!!) 4x5 pullups. shrugs. 225x10. 250x10, 315x6+, x7+, x7+ (+ meaning limited range of motion, but kept it moving for a few more reps) barbell rows. 135 1x10, 7, 5, 4 Bench. 135x10. 145x3. My bench sucks. it KINDA pisses me off, but i don't give a shit about beach muscles, or impressticles, or anything like that. (or, at least not enough to try hard...) I think it's gotta be a form issue. I hate to think I'm that weak. prefer to think i'm doing something wrong.
  19. Can you add 10 lbs to both my squat and dead? (275 and 285 respectively) Thanks pal.
  20. Yeah, synthetic. You'll find a lot. Sorry, I meant to reply to this a few days ago, but I lost reception while it was loading and didn't take. Nike is the only company that has said they use a glue strictly not from an animal base, which is rad, because nike's fit really well. My feet, at least. But the $50 version of the tiempo"s (the fg, I think) are synthetic. And they're awesome.
  21. You're on the right track. Maybe it's just because your pictures this time shower lower on the leg. your vastus lateralis muscle (i believe) is looking super. It's sticking out quite a bit. but, i agree. bigger is better. and make sure you rip out of your jeans before you stop wearing them, just to prove a point.
  22. what have you been doing for legs? they look a lot stronger/bigger than the pictures on page one. lookin' good man.
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