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  1. Rice (cooked in coconut milk), can of beans, brick of tofu, 1 trader joes vegan chorizo (oil patted off) and a bunch of broccoli.
  2. Nice arm, but where is the rest of you? 2 months is a short time frame. Goood to see results already.
  3. Yes, on both points. I'm also looking more to be a role model for the rugby team...
  4. Hey Vege, thanks! Being skinny is something I don't want to be again!!! Had enough of that. I still get called skinny from time to time though. Drives me nuts! How a 6'0" male that weighs 3.5 pounds shy of 200 is skinny is beyond me! :/
  5. How you actually got a visible X in your back I will never know, but will always be jealous of.
  6. Vege, post a current picture of your back! It's awesome!
  7. Name in that hat of people that love what VE is doing. You look AMAZING. I'm super jealous.
  8. Are you serious? There are TONS of synthetic cleats out there! I actually play rugby in a pair of synthetic KANGAROO cleats from Nike. (the 360 Maiestro - or whatever the damn $200 option is...) They also make the FG's in synthetic (in 3 different cleat styles. I've got a black pair in both dry ground cleat and indoor shoe gum sole) Adidas makes a few options (as well as their new Adizero or whatever superlightweight gizmo they released for the world cup.) You can find 'em anywhere! for $30 you can get a pair of ... shit...what's the company. Not umbro...not diadora... uhhh...they have them at dicks... sorry. drew a blank. (i would play soccer if it didn't conflict with rugby and work)
  9. anyhow. Yep. The reason I don't take leg pics is that they never look good...BUT, for you guys, I did it (actually for Sosso in a different thread, but they should probably go here too) Just a few minutes ago. I'm not editing them or blocking anything out or whatever. Deal with it. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIW0PLt9weI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/_o-sygtmHiE/s400/IMG_1008.JPG http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIW0QM2Kr-I/AAAAAAAAAIY/UQwX4TX9PgE/s400/IMG_1010.JPG
  10. Billy, Sosso is right. It stays stay gold. It also says "vegan straightedge" and "for a brighter future" and "dedicated to discipline". I'm quite a novel guy... (oh, that was bad...) anyhow. Yep. The reason I don't take leg pics is that they never look good...BUT, for you guys, I did it...Just a few minutes ago. I'm not editing them or blocking anything out or whatever. Deal with it. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIW0PLt9weI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/_o-sygtmHiE/s400/IMG_1008.JPG http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIW0QM2Kr-I/AAAAAAAAAIY/UQwX4TX9PgE/s400/IMG_1010.JPG and for the record, I too am very jealous of Johan's back definition. You'd be silly not to be.
  11. YAY! let's get a little guy in here! Enough with the professionals!! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIR31H6HPkI/AAAAAAAAAHw/BYHDAn2LNrI/s400/IMG_0985.JPG same height as octo, (I think. 6'0, right?) 15lbs heaver than octo. still WAAAAAAY smaller than octo. Math has never been my strong suit... lol.
  12. Yesterday I gym'ed again!!! YES! Bench w/ a pair of 25's on the bar. 6 sets of ten. (too light) then pair of 45's for sets of 7 and 4. Pulldowns with a different handle. more back, less lats. 125lbs. 6 x 10. incline bench with 25's. 5x10, 1x9 Barbell rows with 25's. 6x10 barbell shrugs. 135lbs 6x10. Felt good, but should've used more weight. next time. 196.5lbs bodyweight. getting back up there.
  13. lol. SHIT! I just found a picture that's a few years old that is pretty damn close to my shape at new years of this last year. Maybe a tad smaller, but not much. Oh man. This was post some megahuge bike ride. 120 mile super hilly ride. I was sleepy. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1281/772970854_f993403ba2_z.jpg lol. how embarrassing...
  14. Ask and ye shall receive. I didn't think photos would show much difference. I think I am wrong. This is at midnight after a date. not at all pumped and a belly full of pre-bed protein shake, english muffin and some fancy bean/fruit salad. I am PSYCHED at how I'm coming along. Same weight as the last pictures. I got up to 202, and then dropped to 194 because I was at camp for a week, then didn't work out for a few weeks pre-post my 55 mile canoe trip down the mississippi river, and I've been running a lot more, too... No way to eat enough in those situations.But since then I've slowly crept back up. Sitting at 196.5 as of yesterday morning. Anyhow, without any further ado: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIR31H6HPkI/AAAAAAAAAHw/BYHDAn2LNrI/s400/IMG_0985.JPG http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIR4Ffp0naI/AAAAAAAAAH4/64s_iOZdvEs/s400/IMG_0989.JPG http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIR4F6EpnsI/AAAAAAAAAIA/zCL3DCKkENM/s400/IMG_0990.JPG http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_nlwjTxdWyjY/TIR4GBVgiKI/AAAAAAAAAII/JFszXFocNOU/s400/IMG_1003.JPG (closest i could get to a good back picture...) Thanks for keeping me honest guys, I appreciate it. Looking leaner!!!
  15. If you're planning on doing that 3 days a week, split it. It's just too much. Also, I don't see squats? what's that about? Hit you shoulders and legs hard one day, and your back/chest another day and your arms a different day. or something like that. depends how you like to do it. Or, dial down the routine. less exercises per body part w/ more reps. PM if you're intrigued by what I'm saying here and I'll try to help more.
  16. you got it. hit the shoulders and pecs hard, but you're not super far off. is that whole list of exercises you named a same day workout?
  17. Lol. I just showed my rugby team these today. I am the only one that can do them. I don't find them that hard. I'm working on jumping off the push foot and switching legs in the air and lowering back down on the other foot. It's hard, but super rad. bodyweight for the win. I also want to figure out 180 degree dips (which is so say, launch with your arms twist around 180-facing the other way- and do another dip facing the other direction.) yeah, if you can't do bodyweight stuff, use something to assist you until you can. It's not an all or nothing experience.
  18. Mary you are insane. I wish I had as much drive as you do. Way to be. and keep it up.
  19. YAY! back to the gym, and into it, although it hurt... swollertrophy sequence for maximum jackage. squats. 135 1x10. 185 5x10 ( i think. I lost count so I err'ed on the side of caution, so it could have been 6 sets. either way, it was hard) deadlifts. 205 5x10. ick. that was tough beans! Supersetted lat pulldowns and shrugs. 120lb pulldowns and 75lb dumbell shrugs 3x10. 90lb pulldowns and 60lb dumbell shrugs 2x10. damn that wiped me. I went to bound up the stairs, as always, and made it about 3 steps before I had to slow to an old man hobble. it was kinda awesome.
  20. Abnegation>chokehold. Chokehold isn't bad though.
  21. anterrabae. I shouldn't like these guys, but I can't help it. So good. especially for the genre. what else would be covered under "quasi-hardcore?" embrace? does that count?
  22. Still disappeared! been doing rugby things and a ton of pullups. no gym since before the canoe trip. Will try to go tomorrow. been beat. lots of running with rugby. down to 195 lbs and feeling strong and fast and agile. lovin' life.
  23. i disappeared again... didnt' do much aside from BBG last week, and then canoed 50-some odd miles in 2 days over the weekend... 39 miles the first day, and about 15 the next. we were mentally shot by the giant lake that lives in the middle of the mississippi. motorboats are for assholes. end of story. good adventure though.
  24. Today I did a bit...I feel like camp really wrecked me, but I'm also not eating as much as I was before hand. I kinda like the extra definition, especially while I'm trying to court a lady... but, I'm getting back. still 195.5 (which I'm super ok with. I'll make another real push after rugby season to add more weight. 195 is still pretty respectable, as far as I'm concerned) Anyhow, since more isolation stuff seems to be working quite well for me lately, I'll stick with it for some lifts. Started with 40# dumbells on the overhead press. sets of 10, 9 and 9. supersetted with 20# shoulder raises x 10 (5front, 5 sides) Supersetted 60# dumbells for shoulder rolls (shrugs) and 120# lat pulldowns 3x10 squats. 135# 1x10 deep and slow, 225 for 5, 230 for 5, 235 for 5, 240 for 3. 135 x 10 low with wide feet. deadlifts (didn't go as well) 255 1x3. had more, but stupid hands couldn't hold on. (I am thinking the pullups I do at home are harder on me than I think. I use my door frame, so I can only grip up to my 2nd knuckle. makes the forearms sore pretty quick.) couple sets of pullups. bench 135# sets of 10, 6, 6, 5. that's it.
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