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  1. Yeah, they're not WODs. Between my normal shifts, command school, my command school research paper, and my mother-in-law's breast cancer, I haven't had much time for CrossFit lately. I do intend to go back, hopefully this week coming up. So in the mean time, to make sure I'm still doing something, I've been doing the Stronglifts program while at the fire station. Although I seem to have started rather low...I'm sure it will become more challenging soon enough.





    110 x 5 x 5


    Shoulder Press

    70 x 5 x 5



    140 x 1 x 5

  2. Beautiful? LOL...I appreciate the sentiment but its mostly low-income urban sprawl. If you mean that its close to the bay and the ocean, then yes, that is nice, but avoiding the massive number of tourists is more of a priority than enjoying the natural beauty, unfortunately. I was hired in Oct 2005, so almost 7 years. Everyone here is required to be an EMT-Intermediate (or higher) as well as a Firefighter.

  3. After almost 5 years, I don't know if I want to continue being vegan. I guess by strict definition, I never was to being with, since I disagree with the the vegan stance on domesticated honey bees. Sometimes I really want eggs, and sometimes I really want salmon. My wife and I have discussed it at length on numerous occasions. We have been looking into options regarding backyard hens, but no results have been yielded thus far. Sometimes I feel like I don't even remember why I'm living this lifestyle in the first place. I don't know for sure that I will make any changes. My wife had fish tacos a few weeks ago, and she felt fine about it. I'm not ready to do that yet. Not sure that I will be, but I don't think I want "veganism" to define me anymore, because I never meant for it to in the first place. Maybe I'll make some changes. Maybe I won't. I don't know yet.




    500 M row in 2 min


    Work up to a Snatch 1 RM - 115 lbs

  4. 04/03/2012


    Row 1000 m

    3 min rest

    Run 800 m

    2 min rest

    Row 500 m

    50 med ball slams at 40 lbs

    subtract rest from total time

    Time: 12 minutes and some change, I can't remember. I should have posted this after it happened, but I forgot. I think this might be the worst I had ever felt after a WOD. I wasn't right for 2 days.

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