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  1. 01/10/2010 BW: 192.8 Test Day #2 Warm up: 10 empty bar backsquats 10 empty bar push jerk from back rack 10 empty bar snatch balance WOD: 15 minutes to build up to a 3RM Overhead Squat 60 lbs was where I was most comfortable. 5 lbs more made a huge difference in my balance, making me very unsteady. Rest 5 minutes 30 sec AMRAP burpees onto bumper - 8 Rest 1 min 30 sec AMRAP wall ball shots (20 lb) - 15 Rest 1 min 30 sec AMRAP box jumps (24 inches) - 11 Rest 1 min 30 sec AMRAP pull ups - 9 Rest 1 min 30 sec Row for Average Wattage - 330 Avg Watts (330/192)x10 = 17 Total Score: 192//8+15+11+9+17=60
  2. Dude! That saw IS scary! When I got the cast cut off my hand, I kept thinking the blade was gonna slip right through and cut through my palm. Congrats on getting it off. Hang in there. The healing process is always so frustrating It's awesome that you are staying active, too. Most would just sit around.
  3. Thanks 01/05/2010 Warm Up: 10 partner medball (14 lb) squat clean tosses, 5 ft apart 10 wall bal shots (14 lb med ball) 10 partner med ball (14 lb) sit up tosses, 5 ft apart WOD: 4 sets tabata abmat sit ups (4 rounds of 20 seconds, 10 sec rest in between each) Row 5 minutes for calories (each calorie counts as a rep) AMRAP (Single unders divided by 3) For double unders, 4 minutes AMRAP kettlebell swings for 3 minutes (35 lb) 4 sets of tabata abmat sit ups, as above Total score: 319 Man...I felt straight up drunk when I was done with this, and on the drive home. I would have liked to know what my BGL was. I didn't have time to eat much between when I got off work this morning (8 am) and when I went to crossfit (9 am). I was only able to eat some pumpkin seed/almond/cherry/blueberry trail mix, and a scoop of Vega sport in water, beforehand.
  4. I hate how the cold weather exacerbates the asthma. I was told to wear a scarf over my mouth, to help warm the air, when you get too fatigued to keep breathing through the nose. Have you ever tried that? I haven't yet, personally.
  5. LOL, no not yet. My shoulders and triceps are certainly very fatigued though.
  6. 01/03/2010 Test day: Worked up to 1RMs Shoulder Press: 115 lbs Back Squat: 145 lbs Deadlift: 175 lbs These look pretty bad to me...but like everyone says "the weights will come". Still just really paranoid about the lower back. Even though it's been almost a year. 8 rounds, 20 seconds each, as many push-ups as possible, 10 seconds rest in between Lost count...That wasn't really the point anyway. I said "The only thing I've done in her so far that has made my chest sore is knees to elbows." She said "I can make your chest sore." So she had me do these rounds of push-ups.
  7. Do you feel like the grains negatively impact your energy levels? A lot of these primal/paleo folks do. And honestly, I think I've noticed it as well. They make me feel like crap sometimes, and I think, affected my endurance at CF. Just curious if you've noticed anything, or have an opinion on the matter.
  8. Congrats on breaking 80 kg bodyweight! So, have you tried any of the sprint type activities? If nothing else, you ought to at least try some burpees. You don't need much space to do them, nor do you need equipment (such as a treadmill). Part of the reason I brought this up at all is that I have a buddy who is big and strong as hell and could probably bench press the moon if he wanted to. But he found out the hard way a few weeks ago that he has zero cardio. He sprinted 200 meters, twice, and thought he was going to die. That was his one and only day at CrossFit He thought he was the shit. Being strong and looking good is only part of the equation, and the part that many people focus on. But just think if something happens. The zombie thing was just a joke, obviously, but it could be anything. Adrenaline will only get you so far. Cardio can save your life...and not even in that dramatic of a fashion. Just having a strong heart and lungs. You know? If it's not your thing, I understand. Just a friendly suggestion. Keep up the strong work! EDIT: Hmm, maybe not burpees if you have pain from pushups. Disregard.
  9. I like it. When I first started going, my heart rate would hit 100 before I even walked in the door. I got amped up about like I do on the way to a structure fire. Because I knew I was about to do some hard work, with a limited amount of time to do it in. Kinda the wrong approach I think. Now I'm more calm about it. I wish I could do weight amounts that are closer to the Rx for the WOD, but that will come in time I guess. When I try, I either can't get the right range of motion, or I get some uncomfortable popping in whatever joints are being used, so I have to scale down. Recovery time still seems to be a problem. Especially for the last 7 days, my transverse abdominal (I think...whatever the lower abs are) have been really sore and uncomfortable from GHD sit ups. I used abmat today and it still hurt like a mutha, but I gutted them out. 12/23/2010 BW: 196 lbs Warm up: 3 round of: 10 wallball shots (14 lb) 10 abmat sit ups 60 steps of high knee quick running in place WOD: 10 minute AMRAP: 10 Dumbbell hang power snatch. (I started with the 35 lbs, but my right shoulder was popping. So I dropped to 25 lbs and no problems.) 7 Push ups 14 Dumbbell cross-chops (25 lbs) 7 Knees to elbows Results: 4 rounds, plus I got all the way to 4 KTE for the 5th round. 3 KTE away from a full 5 rounds The first time I ever did KTE was back in the take off class, and I couldn't do a single one properly. I didn't really have any problem doing them today though. However, when the coach demonstrated, he was kind of swinging back and forth, doing them, almost like kipping, and it looked way easier. I had to pull straight from the bottom each time, probably causing myself a lot of extra work
  10. Too early to say, I think. Especially since Dana didn't expect him to win. I'd say a rematch against Matt Wiman, but Wiman is scheduled to fight Cole Miller on January 22. I've read that Mac may be fighting Sam Stout next. But that's just rumor and speculation.
  11. 12/21/2010 Warm up: 2 rounds of: 12 Hip extensions 7 empty bar sumo deadlift high pulls 15 double under attempts WOD: 6 rounds for time, of: 75 single unders 12 SDHP @ 65 lbs Row 100 M Rest 90 sec Time: 18:38
  12. That sounds beast! Congrats on the results. I can't believe you had enough left in you for a bike wod. Where do you buy your cyborg parts? I think I might need some too.
  13. You've been infected, haven't you? http://blog.newsarama.com/gallery/albums/userpics/10087/the_walking_dead_comic.gif
  14. 12/15/2010 BW: 194.8 lbs Warm up: 3 rounds of 10 GHD sit ups 60 second static pull-up hang - yeah right, I did this in 5 - 10 second tries WOD: Back Squats 95 x 5 115 x 5 x 3 95 x 5 used a medicine ball on a weight plate to squat down on top of, since I was having such a hard time getting below parallel 5 rounds for time: 4 Turkish get ups - 20 lb dumbbell 12 burpee box jumps - 24 inch box Time - 12:57
  15. Wow, way to go! 17 rounds is a lot in 20 minutes. All that up and down, I'm pretty sure, would make me dizzy at this point in my crossfit career. Good job Mary
  16. I hate when that happens Be careful, you don't need any broken or bruised ribs. Can no one spot you? When you start doing really heavy loads, you might need one to keep progressing. I did.
  17. Joe got a good nap, and Mac got to keep his job. Everybody wins!
  18. That's cool that you're on a program now, Carrie. It makes things so much easier than wondering what to do on your next gym day. Best of luck with it.
  19. 12/10/2010 BW: 194 lbs http://www.crossfit-hr.com warm up: 10 minutes of ring work. Practiced ring dips, and then hung upside down for a bit. WOD: Partner workout for max rounds: 20 minute countdown 1000 M Row - we split it 500 M each then AMRAP: 10 each Med Ball (20 lb) clean and pass, 10 ft apart 10 each abmat sit ups with Med Ball (20 lb) and pass, 5 ft apart 75 single unders We got 3 rounds. This was my partner's first WOD after the 6 take off class sessions. He did good though. He didn't want to quit, but I don't think he had much choice. We had 3 minutes left after completing our 3rd round, so I practiced double unders, since I still can't do them.
  20. WOD Mary. Haha. That should be your favorite then eh? I wonder how many comments you've heard about that at your box. What's a hollow rock?
  21. 12/09/2010 http://www.crossfit-hr.com warm up: 10 pvc shoulder rotations 10 pvc OHS 10 pvc snatch balance 10 pvc hang snatch WOD: at the beginning of every minute do 5 burpees then do max rep Thrusters for the rest of the minute goal of 50 Thrusters Okay...Really did terrible today. I was up all night running medical calls on the busiest medic in the city, last night. I like to think that was part of my problem. Otherwise, my hamstrings were REALLY tight, and I could barely hit parallel on most of my reps. I did the first 23 Thrusters with 65 lbs The coach came over and took off my tens since I was having such a problem getting a good squat I did the final 27 with 45 lbs Time was 5:56 but it doesn't even really matter, because I wasn't doing it right. Did air squats until everyone else finished, because I felt like a heel. Frustrating, but oh well. There's always next time.
  22. I usually eat a lot of avocados for that (at least I think they serve that purpose), but they seem to be out of season now, because the last 4 I've eaten were total crap. I usually also eat a lot of trail mix (cashews, walnuts, almonds & filberts) but I've been taking a break from that lately so I don't get sick of it, and have been eating a lot of pepitas instead. I think I'll look for some coconut oil and try that. I've also recently bought my first Vega. One of the smaller sized tubs of chocolate wfo, to see if we liked it. We have a larger berry wfo on the way. I thought that might help me out. Although in the advertisement I noticed it talks about suppressing appetite. Not sure if it is or not.
  23. Because when I went lacto-ovo, I got up to 212 lbs from the 190s in about 6 months time, and I was at my peak physically (except when I was in the Fire Academy). Since then it's been dropping off like crazy, it seems like. I can't seem to get above 204 or so, and that is a struggle in itself. Being below 200 is not what I want.
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