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  1. I've decided to try these Durians that everyone keeps talking about. I just bought 2 from the international market here, and I have a few questions. 1. They were $1.59/lb is that a good price? I doubt I could find them anywhere else locally, but I was just curious. 2. They came frozen. Is there any reason to keep them frozen? Once they thaw, how long are they good for? 3. How the heck do you open them?
  2. Read Bruce Lee's "Toa of Jeet Kune Do".It has good tips on proper punching not to mention great philosophy about the spirit and martial arts.You can buy it or download it somewhere on the net. Nothing against Bruce Lee, but I would think a book aimed specifically at boxing would be better for learning boxing. I haven't looked too much into it, the only books about boxing I've read is Jack Dempsey 'Championship fighting' (I think) which was interesting but felt outdated (he was mostly active in the 10s and 20s, even though the books is from the 50s) and a book from the swedish boxing asociation (it was basic but good) . Since boxing is a sport with pretty long tradition I'm sure there are plenty of books around. Bruce Lee trained in Western Boxing during his quest to perfect his fighting. I'm sure he took that into account. Also, the art that Bruce Lee studied first was Wing Chun. Samuel Kwok, a master in Wing Chun, trained British Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion Paddy Monaghan in the use of the Wing Chun punch. Monaghan won that championship with that punch. I think Tao of JKD will be more than relevant. You should learn as much as you can. A weapon you pick up somewhere else, might be one your opponent hasn't learned to overcome.
  3. I looked into it and we don't have any Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga up here. And the sauna at my gym is just way way too small to do anything in. Sauna That's too bad. It's really awesome. My balance has improved so much, and the core strength makes itself known at surprising times.
  4. Only, what, 6% of our DNA is different from a Chimpanzee, right? Aside from the occasional Senegal Bush Baby, they aren't really meat eaters. They subsist primarily on fruit. And I've never heard of them eating eggs...Maybe here and there if they found one I guess its possible. I've just never heard of it. And they definitely don't go up to cows to suckle at their teats. If we're so similar to Chimps, we should probably follow their dietary examples...Minus the bush babies of course...
  5. Quads from squats this AM Triceps from Hot Yoga yesterday Lower Back from deadlifts on Tuesday
  6. Quads from squats this AM Triceps from Hot Yoga yesterday Lower Back from deadlifts on Tuesday
  7. Work Days - Grape nuts with banana and whatever milk substitute is handy Days Off - Oatmeal with walnuts, cinnamon, and banana or raisins, also with milk substitute
  8. Natural causes usually equates to some sort of disease. So you'd be making a pretty self-destructive choice by eating a dead animal, I would think. That or the animal would be old and the meat tough and nearly inedible. Wouldn't all the roosters on that farm try to kill each other? Or at the very least, fight over the females? Such a large number of cows and chickens would produce a lot of methane and greenhouse gasses or whatever. That's all I got right now.
  9. Does anyone know if BCAA's (Branch Chained Amino Acids) are animal derived? BSN brand specifically I guess...
  10. YES! That book is awesome. Rip Esselstyn is a paragon. That book convinced me to give up dairy and eggs. It's not just a "how to" or a "diet book". It's a case study that he performed in his department and in his community with the assistance of his PhD (I think) father. And he does have some great recipes. Many of them are basic no brainers, but some of them are much more interesting and delicious.
  11. I practically grew up at the YMCA (Newport News). My dad used to be really into lifting and I was there with him nearly everyday. He won several local Squat competitions. Later, my old roommate and I would go there several times a week, until I moved out and he moved away. When I began working in the fire department, I would usually work out at the station, and/or at home with the few weights I had purchased. It's easy to get worn out at the station just from running calls all day, so it got harder and harder to have the energy to work out there, and I began losing the necessary motivation and focus to work out at home. So I've since rejoined the YMCA. It's better not having distractions like bells going off, interrupting your workout, or things to do at home that destroy your focus.
  12. I live in the South, so many of the people I work with are "rednecks". Ordinarily I enjoy their company, but when it comes to my food choices, they just don't get it. Nor do they want to. Which is fine as well.
  13. Well I can totally see and understand why someone would hate Brock. I just don't. But I don't fault you for it either. But I don't see how anyone could call Forrest "overrated". He's the underdog in nearly every fight he gets (in the fans' eyes, and on the sports betting websites). You can't be underrated and overrated at the same time. The Rashad vs. Rampage fight isn't off. Dana said that if Rashad could beat Thiago Silva, then he'd be fighting Rampage next. He did beat him, so, unless Rampage backs out, I expect it will happen. It's tentatively scheduled for May. Anderson Silva's next fight is defending the Middlewight belt against Vitor Belfort on April 10. Anderson plans to retire on his 35th birthday, which is April 14. So unless Shogun Rua is able to beat Machida on May 1, I doubt Anderson will be doing any more LHW fights. (If Rua beats Machida, I'd bet money that Anderson would come out of "retirement" to fight Rua for the 205 belt.)
  14. "Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk - It's a fiction book, but the character, Oyster, was the straw that broke the camel's back in my decision to give up meat. "The Engine 2 Diet" by Rip Esselstyn - A study by a Firefighter Captain in San Antonio, TX, who is a vegan, and convinced me that I should be as well.
  15. Jake Shields - The makings of a true role model (being a vegetarian helps) Forrest Griffin - No matter how many bad losses he takes, his endearing every-man personality and demeanor will see him through Frank Mir - He's got determination and style, time and time again he beats the odds and bounces back. Watch out Brock. Part 3 is coming. Brock Lesnar - His dominance makes his fights extremely entertaining if nothing else Anderson Silva - because he is soft spoken and respectful when he could clearly be otherwise GSP - He's got 500 suits and all the ladies love him Mackens Semerzier - a local fighter who has broken into the WEC and has been dominant thus far. Will be watching his career with great interest.
  16. Definitely agreeing with Brock & Anderson. But I'd add Clay Guida to that list. Sure he's small and he loses about as much as he wins, but he looks like he's legitimately crazy. Just take a look at him.
  17. Hi, my name is Rob. I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic in Virginia. My wife and I stopped eating meat in October 2007, and I progressed to vegan 3 months ago. I know that's not very long, but judging from a failed experiment involving mac & cheese, I think I have made myself lactose intolerant, so going back to dairy and eggs isn't realistic even if I wanted it to be...and I don't. As you can probably guess, being a vegan in the "Alpha Male" dominated profession of firefighting is not popular, to say the least. "Men eat meat!" I'm sure you've all heard it before. Anyway, the first 8 months after quitting the flesh-eating club, I felt like my energy levels skyrocketed. I lifted 6 days a week and went from 195 lbs or so, to 212 lbs (mostly muscle mass). I had my bench press and deadlift up to 235 lbs (I know that's not a lot for some people, but it was the most I ever did). I was quite pleased with the results. Has anyone had a similar experience? But alas, I became a bit lazy with my strict eating and exercise regimen, and lost much of that mass, and put on a bit of fat as well. I dropped to 195 lbs once again. MANY people noticed the drop in weight. I'm 6'4" so weight changes look dramatic on my frame. I am not pleased. After deciding to make the jump to Vegan, I've tried to get back on the fitness wagon. I try to do at least 2 of these activities per day for at least 3 or 4 days per week: Lifting & Cardio, or Swimming Laps, or Hot Yoga. And I do Wing Chun Kung Fu 3 - 5 times per week. I haven't tried to max out on lifting lately, so I don't have any numbers for you there. But I have dropped another 3 lbs and am at 192. I'm guessing that 3 was fat. Who knows. I'm not using calipers or tape measure or anything, but my pants are looser in the waist. One positive change that I have noticed in the past few months, is that my resting heart rate has gone from the high 80's to the low 60's. All the cardio is paying off. I just hope it doesn't kick me in the rear with the mass gain department. So, I'm here, joining your community for the advice and support you offer. I think I'm gonna need it this time around. Motivation isn't coming as easily as it did when I first became vegetarian. In case anyone is curious, my decision to progress to Veganism was as a result of reading Rip Esselstyn's book "The Engine 2 Diet". Rip is a Captain in the San Antonio, TX Fire Department and a Vegan, and triathlete, who did a study within his department and community regarding a vegan diet. Great book if any of you have not seen it. I look forward to communicating with you all. See you around the forums.
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