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  1. Very nice! This program seems to be working well for you. You've made a serious jump in the weights you are moving. Or maybe you were already that strong to begin with. Either way, you don't seem like a beginner. Good luck to you, especially if you ever decide to try Crossfit. I thought I saw you mention that somewhere in here.
  2. 06/20/2011 Warm up: 5 min calf/ankle mobility 10 tuck jumps 10 double unders 10 walking lunges w/ torso twist 10 SDHP w/ PVC 5 SDHP @ 65 lbs 5 SDHP @ 85 lbs WOD: 5 rounds for time - 5 pull ups (used blue band) 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (105 lbs) 45 Single under jump ropes Time - 10:00
  3. Where'd you run that at? Was it an organized event? Or just you?
  4. I would think the impressive part is that they are so close together. You didn't lag off towards the end. If I did it, my 3rd time would have been a lot longer than the first. Yours were all very close to each other.
  5. Yeah it was cool...Most people hate thrusters. I like them...I just wish I could do more. Not getting that 7th rep really did piss me off. I'm not sure what appeals to me the most about them. Maybe just that its a compound lift, so its feels more "hardcore".
  6. Thanks 06/17/2011 Warm up: Shoulder, lat, hip & quad mobility WOD: In 15 min do 4 sets of AMRAP ring dips with smallest resistance (assistance) band possible I didn't stick to the 4 sets thing, my best with the purple (Smallest band) was 8 dips. My best with the red (second smallest band) was 10 dips. Warm up Thrusters 45 x 10 65 x 5 85 x 5 105 x 3 "Death by Thrusters" With a running clock, do 1 thruster the first minute, two the second minute, three the third and so on until you can't complete the target number in that minute. I used 105 lbs 1st minute - 1 2nd minute - 2 3rd minute - 3 4th minute - 4 5th minute - 5 6th minute - 6 7th minute - 6 For the 7th rep in the 7th minute, I just couldn't get it over my head in time and the clock ran out so I stopped.
  7. That's f'n tough, Mary. You should be really proud. You don't think you did great, but imagine all the people that couldn't do it at all. Do you think maybe you should have eaten something fatty instead of just a banana? Do you think that would have made you feel less crappy the whole time? I can't imagine constant strenuous physical activity like that for 7 hours straight. I'm very impressed
  8. 06/13/2011 Warm up: 10 air squats 10 push-up knee-up 10 GHD sit ups 10 empty bar press 10 empty bar push press WOD: Push Press (find 3RM) 65 x 5 85 x 5 95 x 5 115 x 5 135 x 3 145 x 3 (PR) 7 min AMRAP 3 Push Press (70% of 3RM = 100 lbs) 20 mountain climbers (right + left = 1 rep) Rounds - 6 (may have been 7...I lost count. I'm gonna go with 6 though to be safe, and give me something to work towards next time)
  9. 06/12/2011 At work. Bench Press: 135 x 5 155 x 5 185 x 3 200 x 2 (not counting it as new 1RM, had some assistance with both reps) This isn't really anything to take note of, but I wanted to record it for future reference. Saving myself for tomorrow's push press WOD.
  10. 06/10/2011 Well, we got to Crossfit and no coach was there and the doors were locked. So about 9:20 we started devising our own workout. We were going to do sprints, tire flips, and boulder deadlifts, since those were the things outside. After we ran our first 400 M, the owner showed up and let us in. His wife was scheduled to coach today, but they forgot since she was packing to leave for Ohio. Kinda funny. He thought it was awesome that we were going to do our own WOD instead of just going home. Warm up: Run 400 M 2 min shoulder mobility per arm 10 empty bar push press 10 empty bar front squats WOD: 21-15-9 Wallball shots (20 lb) Toes to bar Time - 7:02 My toes to bar were complete crap. I got like 4, and after that I just rocked back and threw my knees up. Stuff on the bar is always very difficult for me.
  11. Ok I see what's going on. The second video "push press" we call "push jerk". And the OHP we would call "push press".
  12. What is different about the way you do your OHP and your Push Press? I think of them as the same exercise. Do you do them with your knees locked?
  13. Congratulations! Awesome job on the 5RMs. Very impressive.
  14. I don't know all the rules/nuances/ins and outs of bodybuilding judging, but I thought you were better off than your competition.
  15. 06/08/2011 It was so HOT in there today! Warm up: 15 Double under attempts (1 successful) 10 hip extensions 10 V-ups 5 burpee broad jumps 15 Double under attempts (6 successful) Warm up dumbbell snatch WOD: 15 min AMRAP 5 right arm DB power snatch (35 lbs) 5 left arm DB power snatch (35 lbs) 30 abmat sit ups 90 single unders Results - 5 complete rounds +2 snatches I probably could have done 40 or 45 lbs for the dumbbell snatch, but I wasn't sure. My shoulders have been really sore the past few days. Didn't want to tear anything.
  16. Is the relief from ART usually a temporary or long term thing?
  17. Actually, you spelled it right. I didn't. And that's what I thought the first time I saw it. But it's like a sideways running thing where your feet cross over each other.
  18. 06/06/2011 BW: 207 lbs Warm up: 2 min ankle/calf mobility Lateral cone hop x 10 Run cone pattern "W" x 2 Karoake drill 40 M 100 M sprint x 2 WOD: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Pulls ups (used a red band) Kettle bell swings (55 lbs) Burpees Time - 16:01 My time kinda sucked, but my shoulders ran out of juice and I couldn't really do anything about it. Don't ask me why there was a leg warm up prior to a shoulder WOD. I am signed up for the Crossfit Level 1 Instructor Certification course on July 2 & 3
  19. Wow. You have gained 40 lbs in 2 years. Is that right? That's some serious gains. Nice work on that Row max, but be careful with that back!
  20. 06/03/2011 BW: 207 lbs Crossfit was doing a 2K row today and I didn't really want to do that, so I went to Fire Station 10 again. Bench Press 135 x 5 155 x 5 175 x 3 185 x 1 190 x 1 195 x 1 200 x FAIL! Had a spotter this time though. Push Press 45 x 5 95 x 5 Started to do 105 but when I cleaned it, it hurt in my shoulders, so I discontinued. I should have stretched more before I started. Didn't really do any mobility beforehand. Switched to dumbbells - Push Press 25s x 10 30s x 10 30s x 10 Shrugs 45 lb plates x 10 x 3 Dumbbell curls 30s x 10 x 3
  21. Like coffee tables. They're already pretty close to the floor. I honestly don't know what is better. I get that shaky feeling in my arms and shoulders, so it's doing something.
  22. I haven't used those specifically, but I've used tables, or other objects to serve the same purpose. I'd improvise to save money, but if you do get them, I'm sure it will improve your strength in that area.
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