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  1. Gorgeous pictures. I would kill for your countryside. No, really, I would kill someone if it meant I could live in Europe.
  2. I did some reading and it seems more like it might be tendonitis. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon. 05/02/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M 10 PVC good mornings 10 GHD sit ups 10 Hip extensions I did some one-armed deadlifts with the 45 lb bar just for the hell of it, since Deadlifts was the primary focus of the WOD everyone else was doing. Had my own personal WOD today since my wrist is jacked. WOD: With a 20 lb vest, do 8 rounds of the following: Sprint 100 M 10 air squats Rest 2 min Time: 19:52 with all 14 min of rest included Then on my own I did 15 abmat sit-ups at the beginning of every minute x 6...so a total of 90
  3. 04/27/2011 So I decided over the weekend to take several days off, because my joints were starting to hurt, as opposed to the usual muscle pain. Thought I might have been overdoing it. I went to Kitty Hawk, NC (The Outer Banks) yesterday to hang out with some friends from work, one of which has a cottage there for the week. I woke up this morning with pain on the anterior of my forearm, and the muscle over top of the radius, proximal to my wrist is swollen and painful. I have no f'n idea what this is from. Still hurts right now, and I'm slightly worried that it's broken, although I have NO idea how or why it could have happened. Hopefully just a muscle strain, since I dug a 5 ft deep hole yesterday in the sand. We do strange things under the influence. Today while at the beach, I played catch with the ocean. If you've never done this, I urge you to try it. I threw a ball into the surf and sprinted to where it would wash back up onto the sand, then threw it again. I did this until the ocean apparently didn't want to play anymore and kept the ball. Then I did 33 alcohol-fueled burpees in the surf. The water was cold as shit. I think 58 degrees is what the official report was. The cold water, plus pushing up off the sand, and the tide trying to pull me out, made this very difficult. Fun though So now I'm back home in VA with a pretty bad sunburn, and an arm that hurts like fuck.
  4. Nah it hurts to turn my head or lift my arms up. I'm sure it'll go away in a few days.
  5. Damn, that looks harder than what we did! How many rounds did you get? I don't see where you wrote that.
  6. 04/22/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M practice power cleans, toes to bars, and wallballs WOD: 20 Min AMRAP - 5 Power Cleans (115 lbs) 10 Toes to Bar 15 Wallball Shots (20 lbs at 10 ft) Results - 5 full rounds + 5 Power cleans + 6 Toes to Bar My shoulders hurt so bad I can't even describe it. They still hurt this morning from Wednesday's WOD. Now it's worse. Really tough WOD today. (Scaled version of Sectional 11.5, Rx was 145 lbs) At the end, I wasn't really tired in a cardiovascular sense, but my skeletal muscles were so fatigued that they were useless. It was kind of a strange paradox. I wasn't winded and my heart wasn't racing, but my legs and arms were just done.
  7. Why did it use dumbbells for the wod? That sounds really awkward. My arms would be all over the place in OHS without a barbell to keep them in line.
  8. Yeah it was, and my core still hurts. 04/20/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M 10 empty bar good mornings (say "good morning" to 10 people ) 5 empty bar front squats 3 T-drills warm up to power clean WOD: 5 rounds for time per round - 4 Power Cleans (115 lbs) Run 200 M 12 Box Jumps (24") Active rest 3 min after each round doing mobility or stretching Round 1 - 1:43 Round 2 - 1:49 Round 3 - 1:37 Round 4 - 1:39 Round 5 - 1:43 I literally felt like I was going to piss myself when this was finished. Not sure what that was all about Very strange. Felt like I could have gone heavier on the power cleans. Rx was 155. Couldn't have gone that high though. Maybe 120 - 125.
  9. Been tired in evenings to log, not sleeping well To divert from my laziness... What was with Chelsea! They looked abit lacklustre against Man Utd in second leg of champions league! Just trying to do my part to help motivation Chelsea is doing terrible lately. Most of their shots on goal are sloppy as hell. Even against West Brom where they won 3-1, they still had goal shots that were a mile to the right or left of the frickin net
  10. What part of Richmond do y'all live in? I live in Newport News!
  11. Great job on the race! By the way, I didn't know you were famous. I saw your quote in Robert's book.
  12. 9 days since free weights? What gives?
  13. 04/18/2011 BW: 199 lbs Warm up: 2 rounds - 5 hand stand push ups 5 pistols per leg 5 air squats 10 GHD sit ups WOD: 4 rounds for time - 12 Sandbag get-ups (40 lbs) bear crawl 30 ft to abmat 15 abmat sit ups bear crawl 30 ft back to sandbag 6 jumping squats with sandbag (40 lbs) run 100 m with sandbag (40 lbs) Time - 16:46 Practiced some push press until they started looking like push jerks 45 lb x 3 60 lb x 3 85 lb x 3 95 lb x 3 105 lb x 3 110 lb x 3
  14. I'm 6'4", so when I weighed 212 lbs, I still didn't look particularly big. In fact, at the doctor's office, they would set up the scale as thought I weighed less than 200, and were always surprised that I was over that. So I get what you mean. Even then I never tried to DL more than 225 lbs. I just never saw a reason to.
  15. Ow! What the hell? That makes my back hurt just watching it.
  16. Yeah, I just hope I'm not overdoing it sometimes. Looking at the WOD's posted on the website is like someone sticking their chin out at you and daring you to hit them...It's hard to resist.
  17. Dude I totally feel you on that. I wish I could push straight through more often than I am able to. But it seems that lactic acid build up will not be denied.
  18. Thanks. It's my wrist under my thumb, and I don't think it's going to go away. Not sure what is the root cause, but I think I'm stuck with the pain. Oh well. 04/15/2011 BW: 199 lbs Man, I wasn't even planning to go today. In fact I was contemplating going to hot yoga. I haven't been there in a while, and I feel like I need to get my stretch on. But I made the mistake of looking at a facebook page rife with witty crossfit oriented slogans. So I said to myself "Just go, ya lil bitch. You'll hate yourself later if you don't." Warm up: Run 800 M "Ultimate OHS stretch" hold for 2 min shoulder mobility 2 min each arm 10 kip swings 10 empty bar overhead squat 10 burpees WOD: 10 min AMRAP - 15 bar facing burpees 15 Overhead Squats (65 lbs) 10 pull ups (used green band ) Rounds - 2 + 8 burpees I think I should have done better on this. Before I started, I thought I would get at least 3 rounds. But, this morning I feel like every joint on the right side of my body hurts. Probably from yesterday. Plus I'm probably more fatigued than I realize from doing many of the same movements yesterday. Ballz.
  19. RDL? Deadlift progress looks good. Are you DLing more than your bodyweight now?
  20. 04/14/2011 Warm up: Run 600 M "Ultimate OHS stretch" hold for 2 minutes shoulder mobility each arm for 2 minutes 10 kip swings 5 kipping pull ups 10 empty bar overhead squats warm up OHS WOD: 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) drop bar 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) Run 400 M 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) drop bar 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) Row 500 M 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) drop bar 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) 3 minutes of ring dips and muscle up skill work 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) drop bar 1 Power snatch (85 lbs) 2 OHS (85 lbs) 2 minutes on Airdyne bike More muscle up skill work afterwards + stretching
  21. 04/11/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M 5 pistols per leg 7 pull ups (used green band) 5 hand stand push ups WOD: 20 min to find 3 rep max for Overhead Squats 85 lbs (3 reps), I tried 95 lbs, but only did it once...a major part of what is holding me back seems to be my right wrist...a lot of pain on the thumb side of it, which forced me to drop the 95 lb after only doing it once. If it wasn't for this, I think I could do a bit more weight. Even the wrist wraps don't help that much. 5 rounds for time of - 4 push ups 4 ring dips (used blue band) 4 hand stand push ups (I can tell I'm getting better at these, but the ROM is still pretty small) 8 Kettle bell swings (55 lbs) Time - 7:51
  22. Does vega sport ever upset your stomach? I've been getting a lot of stomach aches the past few months, and I think vega sport may be the common denominator. Trying to figure out why.
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