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  1. Even if there wasn't a bunch of crap on the ground, I don't think I'd do burpees on concrete/asphalt. Good way to tear your palms up.
  2. He sounds like a dick. You should have thanked him for the excellent customer service
  3. Nice work on the pull ups! And those damn chalk buckets are everywhere you don't want them to be aren't they
  4. I've never even come close to touching my toes
  5. Yeah, I kinda was able to do that today during warm up. 04/06/2011 Warm up: 10 Pull ups (was able to chain a few 2's together with kipping) 10 Push ups 10 GHD sit ups 10 Air squats (I always want to say Air biscuits...lol I crack myself up...) 10 Hip Extensions 30 Double under attempts (Not so much) WOD: For Total Reps: (8 rounds of 20 sec on 10 sec off per exercise) Tabata Sit ups (abmat) Tabata Hip Extensions (My hamstrings were cramping up so bad during this! ) Tabata Mountain Climbers (Left + Right = 1 Rep) Tabata Double Unders (I did Singles and divided by 3) Total Reps: 375 Fuck me in the goat ass this was hard! Tabata - Japanese word for "You should have stayed your ass at home today, fool."
  6. @Carrie - When I first started, I would see people doing handstands, and I'd think I could never do that. Not to mention HSPU's. But it just takes practice, practice, practice. I get better every time and closer and closer to a full range HSPU. @JB - Thanks for the update. I'm glad Drogba finally ended his dry spell in the Stoke game. I was getting worried about him.
  7. Now I'm just confused! haha, my british humour! I sometimes refer to myself as a female! I am a boy! Do you have "Sexy Parties" too?
  8. Are you still having hip flexibiliy issues? At the risk of sounding ethnocentric, here's some advice - You ever watch National Geographic or something like that, where they focus on tribal folks in 3rd world countries? If you notice how they squat down on the ground while they are digging in the dirt or starting a fire or something, that's how I've been learning to increase mine. I usually "sit" like that and hold it for a minute or so at a time, and I do it several times throughout the day, depending on what's going on. Toes pointed out at like 45 degrees or so, back pretty straight, knees a few inches below where the shoulders are, elbows and arms hanging freely in front...That might be hard to picture, but it's helped me a lot.
  9. Yeah, but the only games showing on FoxSC is Madrid vs. Tottenham, and Inter Milan vs. Schalke. And ESPN2 isn't showing any of them, which is unusual. Shite. 04/05/2011 Warm up: 3 rounds of - 5 ring dips (red band) 5 pistols (used rope for support) 5 hand stand push ups (small range of motion) 5 kipping pulls ups (touched the floor after each one ) WOD: Part 1 4 rounds of - Row 150 M 12 unbroken barbell Thrusters (45 lbs) 7 pull ups (used green band) 90 secs rest Total Time - 8:37 not including rest periods Part 2 10 minutes to find max load for x1 Power clean into x5 unbroken Thrusters Load - 65 lbs 85 lbs 95 lbs Maybe could have gone a little heavier, but the fatigue was setting in and my form was bound to be getting sloppier. Surprisingly, doing this second part after already being tired was pretty fun. Endorphines kicking in, I guess. Felt like a beast
  10. Welcome back! For front squats, maybe try the two-finger "grip"? I think it's awesome, and anything else hurts my wrists a lot.
  11. You have the level 1 instructor cert right? How much did the class cost you? They are offering it in May at our box, and it's around $800 for people in the fire department. Is it worth that?
  12. Haha. Glad to see you aren't dead or something. Sometimes I would see your log on my list of "followed topics" or whatever, and wonder what happened to you.
  13. LOL. True that. 04/01/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M 10 good mornings stretched and practiced deadlifts and box jumps WOD: CF Opens WOD #2 15 min AMRAP - 9 Dead lift (135 lbs) - 12 hand-release pushups - 15 box jumps (24") Rounds - 6 I should have used 155 lbs like Rx'd...but was skurred with the lower back history and all.
  14. It looks foggy there. Was it cold? Where did the chicken come from?
  15. It sucked! I hate running. And I hate running in the cold. Although I must admit I'm not hating it as much as used to. When I started CF, I would DREAD the days where running was part of the WOD. I almost don't care now. Almost...
  16. 03/30/2011 BW: 198 lbs Warm up: 10 empty bar good mornings 10 stiff-legged deadlifts 10 inchworms 10 walking lunges Run 400 M WOD: Deadlift 4 sets of 2 reps @ 60% 1RM (155 lbs x 2 x 4) Shoulder Press 4 sets of 2 reps @ 60% 1RM (95 lbs x 2 x 4) I guess these were probably higher than my 60% 1 RM...but they are what I chose to work with today. For Time: Run 800 M 15 kb swings (55 lbs) Row 600 M 10 kb swings (55 lbs) Run 400 M Time: 10:58
  17. That's a terrible illness. I'm kinda surprised you got it so late in the "season". I had it first week of February, and most people had it before that. Anyway, glad you're feeling better. Not much worse than a GI tract illness.
  18. 03/29/2011 At the station today. Since I haven't benched in over 6 months at least, I wanted to see what I was still able to do. Bench Press 135 lb x 2 140 lb x 2 145 lb x 2 150 lb x 2 155 lb x 2 160 lb x 2 165 lb x 2 170 lb x 2 And then we got a call... Experiment Inconclusive
  19. 03/28/2011 Warm up: 10 GHD sit ups 10 hip extensions 10 kip swings active shoulder mobility 5 standing long jumps 10 hang power clean to slow front squat with empty bar WOD: 2 front squats (95 lbs) 12 pull ups 2 front squats (115 lbs) 12 pull ups 2 front squats (125 lbs) 12 pull ups 2 front squats (135 lbs) 12 pull ups (used blue band) 1 power clean (95 lbs) - failed, caught the bar wrong, causing left shoulder pain for a long time 10 hand stand push ups (negatives) 1 power clean (65 lbs) 10 hand stand push ups (negatives) 1 power clean (85 lbs) 10 hand stand push ups (with knees on jump box) 1 power clean (95 lbs) 10 hand stand push ups (with knees on jump box)
  20. That was what? 2003 or so? I've only been following since around 2007. UEFA? Yeah, I have Fox Soccer Channel, they show Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, and whatever is in South America
  21. Have you tried pumpkin seeds? Very high in protein and fat. They are like magic.
  22. Wow, I wish I could travel as much as you do. Sounds like fun stuff!
  23. Yeah, I can't stand American football...It's so slooooow. Plus I'm a big fan of Drogba and Lampard. I usually only watch Chelsea's matches.
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