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  1. 03/25/2011 BW: 196.4 lbs This is the first time I've gone to CrossFit 4 times in one week. Warm up: Run 800 M 10 air squats 10 empty bar good mornings 10 empty bar front squats 30 double under attempts 10 kip swings WOD: "Elizabeth" 21 Squat Cleans (85 lbs) 21 ring dips (w/ green band) 15 Squat Cleans (85 lbs) 15 ring dips (w/ green band) 9 Squat Cleans (85 lbs) 9 ring dips (w/ green band) Time: 11:24 Tried 105 lbs for the squat clean, but it wasn't happening. Maybe could have gone with 95, but I had a 35 lb bar today because all the 45s were in use...pain in the ass. Green band was a little too much assistance, but I was pressed for time, setting up, and all the other bands looked to be in use.
  2. Weather? I wish! It was raining here, and that damn thing was slippery. Yeah the rope get ups are for those of us who so far lack the coordination to make our hands and feet move in opposite directions...or something I'll get it one of these days.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure lots of people do it alone. The main crossfit website or whatever posts the WOD so that people can do that I think. I probably wouldn't hold myself as accountable with rest periods and such if I weren't with other people doing it, and coaches. Plus a lot can be said of the encouragement you get from the other people in the "class". And what's with Torres? Did ya'll tell him to not to a damn thing once he got to Chelsea? I was happy the blues were getting him, but talk about anti-climactic.
  4. Oh whoops, I forgot to include that. I think we had 5 minutes between them for this particular WOD. It's up to the coaches really. 03/24/2011 Warm up: Row 1000 M 10 pull ups 10 air squats 10 push ups 10 back (or hip...i can't remember) extensions 10 GHD sit ups WOD: 12 minutes to ind 1RM for Split Jerk Mine was 135 lbs...might have been able to go a little higher, but my right wrist and right knee were bothering me some. 15 minutes AMRAP - 5 ring dips (used blue assistance band) 4 Turkish get ups (35 lbs...tried 40, but couldn't do it with the left arm) 3 hand stand push-ups (only a few of these were legit...mostly negatives) 2 Tire flips (400 and something lbs) 3 rope get-ups (substitute for 1 rope climb) Results: 4 rounds + 5 ring dips + 3 Turkish get ups
  5. Manchester? You're not a Man U supporter are you? Are there CrossFit facilities near where you live that you could look into? It's fantastic if you ever decide to get into it. I see you were considering looking it up online. However, I really can't imagine doing the WODs by oneself. I think that would kind of suck, not having other people suffering around you as well
  6. 7 rounds with 5 burpees does sound like a good amount. Just enough to feel the suckiness I wish we had a heavy bag at ours Sometimes I punch the ropes and make them fly away
  7. If my stance isn't wide enough, then squats will cause me knee pain. I don't know if widening yours would do anything for you. Good luck on your routine. It looks like you're already moving some heavy weight.
  8. 03/22/2011 BW: 195.2 lbs Warm up: T-Drill 5 inch worms 5 slam ball throws overhead (20 lbs) 10 box jumps (24") WOD: Part 1 - 3 rounds for time 3 Power Cleans (95 lbs) 8 burpees Rest 60 seconds Time - 3:35 (I don't think I've ever done burpees so fast. It was sweet!) Part 2 - 3 rounds for time 12 Kettle bell swings (55 lbs) Row 100 M Rest 2 minutes Time - 7:15 (Was having some trouble with the rower, one of them had a jacked up display and wasn't counting my meters, so I had to switch to another one...Cost me some time) Part 3 - 3 rounds for time 4 Sandbag Get-ups (40 lbs) 15 box jumps No rest period between rounds Time - 4:04 (I did the first 15 jumps on a 24" box, then I caught my toes on the edge and went tumbling down I saw the box coming up quick towards my face, so I threw out my arm and caught all the impact on my forearm. I remember thinking how soft it felt right before I went rolling off onto the ground. It must have looked hilarious, but people seemed more worried. I was laughing...And now I have a big old road rash on my arm. So I switched to the 20" box since I wasn't able to get much air under my feet anymore. Still a lot of lactic acid in the quads from yesterdays WOD, I guess.)
  9. 03/21/2011 Warm up: (Partnered) Row 150 m while partner does air squats slow steady air squats while partner rows Run 200 m while partner does wall balls lightweight (8 lb) wall ball shots while partner runs 10 knee to elbows & 10 hip extensions while partner does shoulder mobility shoulder mobility while partner does KTE & HX WOD: Part 1 - 3 rounds of: 3 Front Squat @ 75% - 3 secs down, no pause, explode up, absolutely zero pause at top rest 15 sec 2 Front Squat @ 75% (same tempo) rest 15 sec 1 Front Squat @ 75% Active rest for 5 min - practice pull up skill work and handstand push ups Used 95 lbs for the front squats...Felt like I could have done more, but I was sharing a rack with a friend who just came back from hip surgery, so I didn't want to keep loading and de-loading the bar over and over again. Part 2 3 minute row for meters I rowed 810 meters...And I felt fine afterwards. Not good. However, there were three coaches there today, and they were critiquing my form, and one of them was re-adjusting the foot pads for me while I was rowing. One of them told me afterwards that I couldn't have gone all out on this because they were messing with me. The last time I did this test, I got 852 meters. I was proud of my score until I came home and saw that I did better 2 months ago Oh well.
  10. What are all the things on that tray? I'm guessing the reddish stuff in the top middle is kim chi? the green stuff on the left some kind of pickled thing maybe? obviously a banana at the bottom...what's the purple rice? does it have poi in it or something? I ask because there's an asian market close by and I might want to look for some of things.
  11. Carrie - Well I did the run to loosen it up, then I do 20 secs each leg of the following: standing hamstring stretch, standing quad stretch, standing leg cradle stretch...I meant to do some walking lunges, but I forgot...Also I do like a lateral squat/groin stretch...And a 1 minute deep squat hold (Like the way you'd see aboriginal people squat around a campfire, if that makes any sense). Then using either the pvc pipe, or an empty 45 lb bar, I'll practice the squat movement...quickly and slowly, holding the downward position sometimes. Mary - The round for sectional was cool I guess. I think it was just to give a taste to people who are considering competing. I'm not planning on participating on Saturday though. I have to work 24 hr shifts on Friday and Sunday, and I don't usually go on Saturdays anyway. Maybe next time.
  12. What's a kabocha? Does it taste like kombucha? Good job on your running WOD. 13 rounds is a lot for 20 min. I wish I didn't hate running so much.
  13. 03/17/2011 BW: 195.6 Warm up: Run 400 M 10 push ups Overhead squat practice with empty bar Lots of stretching & shoulder/hip mobility WOD: (2 parts) Part 1: "Jeremy" 21 Overhead Squats (65 lbs) 21 burpees 15 Overhead Squats (55 lbs) 15 burpees 9 Overhead Squats (55 lbs) 9 burpees Time - 8:34 Thought I could do the whole WOD at 65 lbs...but after the first set, I realized that I was wrong Time would have been faster if I hadn't had to change weight...or it might have been 12:00 and some change if I had left it at 65 lbs...Not sure which I would have benefitted from more. Part 2: One round of the WOD for Saturday's Open Sectionals competition 90 single under jump rope 15 power snatches (55 lbs) Time - 1:58
  14. You broke your bench plateau, nice job! How is that alternate shoulder lift working out for you?
  15. Don't be sad. OHS are tough...maybe because it has so many parts to it? Where you have problems with engaging the shoulders due to your surgery, I usually have problems with the hamstring flexability...but really, how many people could do them at all? Congrats on the DL PR And I agree..DST is stupid. It accomplishes nothing. If farmers need "an extra hour of daylight" then they should get up earlier dammit
  16. Wallballs don't really bother me...maybe I'm not doing them right. 03/15/2011 Warm up: Run 400 M 20 air squats 10 push ups WOD: 3 rounds of: 2 Front Squats (115 lbs) 10 hand stand pushups (only got the first 6, had to do the knees on the 24" box thing after that) Rest 90 seconds 3 rounds of: 4 Hang Power snatch (75 lbs) 12 ring dips (used the blue band) Rest 90 seconds 2 rounds of: 30 sec AMRAP box jumps (24") Rest 1 min Total: 25 2 rounds of: 30 sec AMRAP Hip extensions Rest 1 min Total: 47 2 rounds of: 30 sec AMRAP pull ups Rest 1 min Total: 20
  17. 03/09/2011 Warm up: Row 400 m 2 sets of 5 empty bar front squats, 5 empty bar push press WOD: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Hang Power Clean (95 lbs) Wall ball (20 lbs) to 10 ft target Time: 10:41
  18. What do you mean? I think if you can do 65 lbs that many times, you could probably do 70 or 75 at a couple sets of 5. Unless you're trying to be really strict and not move up to the next weight increment without getting 5x5 on the previous.
  19. 03/07/2011 BW: 195 lbs Warm up: Row 200 m 10 empty bar good mornings 10 kb swings (35 lb) 30 double under attempts WOD: 8 rounds of the following: 45 sec row for calories, damper 5 (each calorie = 1 rep) 45 sec kb swings (45 lb for the 1st round, 40 lb for rounds 2 through 8...) 45 sec single unders (divide reps by 3) 45 sec mountain climbers (left + right = 1 rep) 2 min rest 400 m walk between round 4 and 5 Reps per round: 1: 19+15+15+27 = 76 2: 16+12+18+25 = 71 3: 14+12+09+25 = 60 (kept tripping on the rope) 4: 14+12+18+22 = 66 400 m walk 5: 14+12+15+25 = 66 6: 12+11+15+25 = 63 7: 14+12+14+25 = 65 8: 14+12+14+26 = 66
  20. @ Carrie - Yeah it was 10 rounds of 1 inch worm to 1 push up to 1 right side mountain climber to 1 left side mountain climber to 1 right side plank to 1 left side plank to 1 inch worm back to standing position to 1 right side walking lunge to 1 left side walking lunge 1 air squat then 1 jumping jack...then all that 9 more times. @ Mary - I do like it. Quite a bit. But at the same time it's very humbling. Like I thought I had decent strength and endurance before, but once I started Crossfit, I realized I didn't have shit. Not being able to climb a rope yet is humbling. But it took me a long time to be able to do a few double unders at a time, so I'm sure the rope climb will come too. Just stuff like that. It's hard...but that's why we do it right? @ Gary - Yeah there's always that little voice in my head that says "Why the fuck are you doing this? You can still quit and walk the hell up out of here." But it's best to ignore him.
  21. I know you're not supposed to run right now, but that aside, what do you think is easier? Rowing or running, when given the option?
  22. Everyone plateaus with weightlifting. Sometimes it takes a little longer to pass that point. Don't be disheartened. Keep your chin up and keep pushing
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