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  1. When do you fast if you fast? Sometimes I don't want to eat whole day long inspite of the abundance of my physical activities. I am not sure if it is a good thing, or if it is my body trying to tell me that I need to make a break.
  2. Today's meals: leafy green stuff: ~0 1 serving of buckweat: 583 1 kg of mandarins: 380-450 2 servings of vegetable soup: lets suppose 100 1 serving of cooked beets: 60 1 serving of rice: 240 ~0.2 kg of white bread: 600 0.3 kg of cooked beans: 500 1 l of juice: 486 lots of tea: 0 Total: ~2950 Hm, less than 4000. Maybe I should start eating other stuff
  3. I've read from various sources that if you eat more then your inner organs wear down faster, and thus you will die faster. Yogies claim that eating less prolongs the life span. What do you think about this stuff, folks? Do the gym people live longer, same as average, or more than average people?
  4. Cool down the room temperature, dress lighter. When it is cold the body thinks that it is going to spend more calories since you burn more to keep the body heated. The body doesn't know how much more it has to eat, but it gets a signal that you should eat more
  5. Thanks, man, any help or usefull info is appreciated Here's what I ate today: • 7 large bananas • 1 kilo of mandarins • Vegetable soup 0.5 l • White bread ~0.2 g • Vegetable salad (potatoes, beets, peas, pickles etc.) 0.2 kg • Baked potato ~0.5 kg • 2 medium baked tomatoes • 1 medium baked onion • Lots of tea, ~3 liters • Some nuts and honey • Few large apples I'll log what I eat next few days since I hardly remember what I ate the days before today.
  6. Ok, I'll try to rephrase this: Why do ectomorphs gain slower than other types if they eat the same? If both consume a same amount of energy, but less mass is gained by ectomorphs, then were does the extra energy go? I eat mostly fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, mandarines), cooked or raw vegetables and lots of different porridges/cereals, beans, some nuts and garlic. My friend is not vegan, but even when I was eating same stuff he did I (hence, I wasn't vegan) ate 50% more than him. I'll try to count up my calories intake
  7. My friend and I both work out a lot. We both need about the same amount of calories per day. I am an ectomorph and he isn't. I eat much more than him, at least 50% more, and I weight on 25% less than him. How is this possible? I consume less calories from food than him, don't I? I really eat more than anyone I know, and I am only 66 kg. I don't have any ring worms and I am completely healthy. I just don't get it how is this possible. Besides I've heard that eating a lot is actually not very good because internal organs tend to wear down faster.
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