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  1. I used to religiously alternate between dumbbell and barbell movements. I really enjoy dumbbells for most all of my pressing movements. I still do use the Barbell for standing shoulder presses and I also do seated dumbbell presses. Nothing beats standing barbell rows either! Anyways, I felt that I always maintained much more strict control throughout the entire movement with dumbbells. I don't know, I still think 100+ dumbbells are just as impressive for any pressing movements for the numbers thing.
  2. Thanks Pamela! Yes, that is me in the photo! Yes, I will post progress photos on that link....thanks. I will be sure to inform everyone of the results from the upcoming shows this summer.
  3. Well, It's been a full year now for me as a Vegan. I am planning to do a Show in May, which will be my 7th show. I will post pre-contest photos as the date draws near...I am not really sure where to post them on here......... I have been maintaining (5'11") 220 w/ full abs thus far and I have been maintaining my strength as it was before changing my diet. My cardio conditioning has greatly improved over this last year! I have been cutting out excess carbs and ingesting carbs only at certain points of the day. I take in carbs more towards the evening around 6pm. I have been working more towards raw, but I feel I need to keep my diet balanced for my work performance through out the day. I work in a highly technical field, and I have to be very "coherent" at all times. That is why I am starting early. Protein sources: Vega and Hemp all sorts of beans Tofu raw seeds (snacking) I work out at 5 am before work. I will have a hemp w/ Super green mix in Cranberry juice before arriving to the gym. Afterwards, I will have Vega with soymilk w/ hemp seed oil or Flax before heading to work. Before lunch(930-1000), I may have some raw seeds/nuts and some type of fruit...time permitting. For Lunch (12-100pm), it is a routine of Beans w/ hot sauce and a Salad (Raw Spinach, tomatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage w/olive oil and vinegar) . A couple of slices of Wheat/Rye bread. After lunch (3-4pm), I may have some raw seeds/nuts and some type of fruit...again, time permitting. Dinner, (5-6 pm) mainly beans again, or tofu w/ Brown rice.... 2 Veggie and 1 Fruit.......which varies.....mainly apples, oranges, and bananas, guava, and pomegranate. This is what I has been the format thus far....and I just make sure that I am getting what I need nutritionally. I have been been supplementing fats with Hemp seed and Flax in the earlier part of the day to ensure that they are metabolized. So, I am open to any suggestions as far as adding/deleting as the Show approaches! Thanks, ~Justin
  4. I am currently still 210 and showing all ABS! I have competed in a Show since 2003, so I had a lot of conditioning to do! (muscle memory is a GOOD thing. ) I am doing the Great Lakes SuperNaturals in Chicago, which is October 29 (Which would be the 1st year anniversary of me going Vegan....cool, huh ?) . This will actually be my 7th show. I have normally competed at 182 - 185, so that is what I am going for....depending how I look at that particular weight. I increase my cardio again in few weeks by riding my bicycle to work everyday and maintain running 3.5 miles 6 days a week. (sometimes Sprints too) I am slowing reducing the amount of Carbs that I am intaking and substituting Raw Veggies. I cut out most all Veggie Junk food, though it's been hard especially during the summer! I have been intaking most of my fats and Carbs in the morning to draw from throughout the day. So, the end of July I shall post pictures because I think that I would 12 weeks out at that point. ~Justin
  5. It looks like you had tough some tough competition! All of your pictures show excellent definition, muscle separation and vascularity. I think you are going to go far in the next show(s) because you already posses these things and have excellent symmetry.
  6. Well, we have to take action to get the FDA to serve the public once again. How to logically implement the correct steps is beyond me.
  7. My top favorites are: Dorian Yates, Nasser El Sonbaty, and Jay Cutler. I also always have liked Frank Zane, Arnold, Flex Wheeler, and Larry Scott. I just love all of Dorian's workouts: just basic, good, old-fashioned iron pumping workouts; that I still use today . I would love to visit his gym in England: Temple Gym. Has anyone else been there? http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1420651922
  8. Sounds good, thanks for all the input, I drink a lot of Fortified Soymilk as it is..Sometimes, during increased cardio sessions like I am doing now for the Great Lakes SuperNaturals....I thought that I would develop joint and ligament problems like in the past. This time around, it is not the case. I do Yoga now and I take Hemp seed oil on a regular basis. I guess I felt like that I was missing something; however it may prove to be not that beneficial at all…..as currently I am not taking any additional through supplementation, just through diet.
  9. Thanks for the link, very informative.
  10. What are some good Vegan sources/supplements of Calcium and Magnesium? I have been getting adequate amounts through mostly diet, but I am training for a bodybuilding show (Great Lakes SuperNatuals) in September and I am doing a lot more intense cardiovascular workouts. I usually increased the supplementation of Calcium and Magnesium in the past, but I want to be certain that the sources are Vegan this time. Hemp seed oil and seeds has also helped me during this time for overall joint health.
  11. Yeah, John looks awesome! See if you can find any pics of that one Vegan from Canada. Sounds awesome!
  12. I know a guy that is going to do the Emerald cup. He is in the Bantam weight bracket; although he has some amazing definition.... I would like to make to an Arnold classic myself... Are there any Vegans in the NPC or IFBB? Should Vegans enter shows that a lot of the other competitors use steriods? I have been out a few myself...but it would depend on the judges....
  13. I have read so much conflicting information out there regarding Vitamin A Palmitate. I typically ingest this with Soymilk with a hemp protein or Vega. I have heard that it is not "Vegan" sourced...and it is an additive from cow milk added to Soymilk to increase the Vitamin A content. I don't really know if this is true or not, but would like to seek out some clarity on this particular issue. Every since I became Vegan, it seems like there is always something I didn't really know about... That is why a normally seek out the truth in such matters.
  14. I still think Dexter could win it too...I mean he is in the top 5 for the past 5 years. I like Jay because of his old-school-style weight training philosophy...like Dorian Yates. I still like the physique of Dugdale and Dexter Jackson....it would take some shifting in the judging for the smaller, symmetrical, freaky definition guys to take home the overall win in my opinion. I've lost to plenty of steroid guys that have one enormous muscle group, lacking in other areas, and are generally unbalanced. Natural Shows are a little better in this aspect, but sometimes there is not too much difference.
  15. I would say start at a weight that you can control with ease starting out. Make sure you stretch really well before and after....I always start out with a Fast rep 20 with a lighter weight.....then 12, 10, 8 I always go to the floor, except with front squats...then it'sParallel.
  16. Luckyvitamin.com seems like a good site! I love using Hemp protien....I use the Manitoba Harvest. It's about $16 for a 16 oz container at the local Whole Foods. I like it because of the EFAs and the full BCAA that it has! I was surprise to learn that Hemp and other Vegan protein sources have just as much BCAA per serving as compared to the other "sport" proteins that are out there If anyone else finds some good deals out there, just let me know!
  17. Thanks to everyone’s warm welcomes! I am fortunate to find such a nice forum like this with people from diverse backgrounds! I will try to post much more often, and if you sent me a message....I will get back with you...right now the Chicago Auto Show is opening this coming weekend. I staff two booths with my students this coming Sunday. We promote our college and Automotive Education. I do have a lot questions regarding vegan diet, more importantly some questionable ingredients. Take care, ~Justin
  18. My name is Justin. I live in Chicago. I teach Automotive Technology at a Community College near Wrigley Field. I live near the beach off of Lake Michigan. I teach everything from the Basic Introduction classes to Steering and Suspension…Anti-Lock Brake systems…Automotive Electronics Systems and Engine Performance. I am currently involved with re-programming new vehicle computers, advanced wave-form diagnostics and Alternative Fuels. My current interests have shifted to Fully-Electric cars and the whole conversion process that is associated with it. I have been in the Automotive Industry for 12 years and I have been teaching for the past 4 years. Check out the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” I showed this documentary to my Automotive Electronics class and they loved it. I have been lifting weights for 15 years and I have been competing in Natural Bodybuilding shows for 7 years. I wanted to do another Bodybuilding show this coming May and another in the fall. I wanted to take a totally different direction with my diet, because it has been difficult in the past to cut the body fat without losing excess muscle mass. I have tried many different strategies, but I now that feel that meats, dairy, and egg products made digestion very difficult; especially when I was cutting carbohydrates! My protein intake is sort of high, because my bodyweight is normally 210 – 220 @ 5’ 11”. I wanted a diet that was more “balanced”; yet without all the bad fats and excess calories. I have recently switched to the Vegan diet 4 months ago. I have felt much better; as far as energy levels. I noticed my definition in muscles have increased; while my body weight is still at 220! Everyone said that when I switched a Vegan Diet that I would lose muscle mass and strength; NONE of which is true at all!! My strength has not diminished at all, and I have noticed much more striations and vascular developments in all of my muscles! I happy that I switched to a Vegan Diet; although I really don’t have very much to write about it…since this is all fairly new to me! I also am glad that I have Robert and this community of other Vegan Athletes to gain practical information to apply in achieving my fitness goals!
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