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  1. Thanks for all of your input - I know ALL of this, and suppose my issue is psychological rather than physical from having been put into weight watchers a the age of 10... Cheers!
  2. I just happen to have a house full of whey protein that my husband has not used that I don't want to waste... once they are gone I will be switching to vegan protein for sure! As for the ultimate goal - very true, very; but I'm guessing that I just feel that I am too heavy overall. thanks!
  3. So I've been 100% "good" since boxing day - no sugar, no refined foods, nothing white, 100% vegan (except for whey protein) and try to stay raw as much as possible. I've been weight training every other day, getting 60 minutes of good heart pumping cardio 2-3 times per week and other (lesser heart rate) cardio daily (ie. brisk walks, stairs etc.) and my weight has gone up 5lbs! I'm trying to lose 40lbs and turn the fat to muscle - I have lost 4% bf in this time period, but what can I tweak to make the weight go down? Here's my typical day: BF - Smoothie with 2 bananas, scoop of whey protein with a small handful of nuts Snack - apple with 5-6 almonds Lunch - veggie stew (Moroccan) or spinach salad with mock egg salad Snack - veggies with hummus Dinner - spinach salad (or lightly steamed veggies) with veggie chicken breast post workout - whey protein shake Cup of rice milk or a matcha latte made with rice milk I drink lots of water and lots of green tea throughout the day... ANY feedback would be appreciated
  4. Here it goes! Ive been vegan-vegetarian off and on since 2004; have been trying to stay mostly raw vegan since November 2008 and have now been 100% vegan (including NO sugar or processed foods) since Boxing Day 2009. I`ve had gym memberships all of my life; have a huge collection of home DVDs for exercising; run half marathons and am generally an active person. Having said that: I`ve now decided that (as Im about to have yet another birthday) I finally want to shed these extra pounds and get myself into bikini model shape! This coming from someone who has been struggling with her weight since childhood. I`ve been doing great since Boxing Day which was when I committed to this transformation. Ive been working out regularly, tracking my food consumption and have managed to drop 3% body fat in the process. The weight has not changed, but I understand that this does happen sometimes. I`m looking for a HIT program for women as most seem to be geared towards men - and for any advice and-or support that I can get in being 100% vegan and wanting to shed at least 30-40 lbs while blasting away the fat and building muscle. Thanks a bunch!
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