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  1. Back from the depths of VBBF forums - I was 4 pages in - last post was Nov 25, 2008! Still, I've been here lurking, looking for my inspiration which came in the form of p90x. I've never been organized enough to push myself on a gym routine - I never feel like I know what to do so, p90x is my personal trainer and keeping me focused. First week of p90x was interrupted by 2 days of snowpocalypse and digging out from snow which was work-out enough. I had about a day of rest, which is part of the program anyway, and then back into it. My muscles certainly didn't feel as though they missed a beat. I'm now in the middle of week 2 and the burn continues. I stopped trying to have dinner beforehand and waiting an hour before exercise. It wasn't feeling too good so, I get home from work and right into exercise now. My brain activity is starting to really pick up, which feels great. That's happening, I believe, because of a concert of influences. Along with the workouts, I picked up some vitamin D supplementation. Although my recent blood test showed I was on the low end, I was still within normal ranges. I also read up on Holy Basil/Tulsi and picked up some caffeine free, Organic India Tulsi Tea. Along with exercise, vitamin D and the tea last night, it felt like my brain was dilating and everything was crystal clear. It was an awesome feeling. I've been having pretty vivid dreams this past week too which has been great. I haven't had some good, memorable dreams in a long while. I was struggling after work yesterday at the thought of going home to exercise. It's still difficult at times imagining keeping this up. Being fit and keeping at it is a bitch though, I'm hoping as time goes on, it just becomes routine like taking a shower. I hope that my struggles and eventual triumphs will be an inspiration to those like myself who who have a tougher time keeping it going. There are many ways to keep fit. Find the one that's right for you.
  2. Thanks! You answered my questions perfect. The program has been ordered. Should arrive any day. Pink [the artist] just recently mentioned on Oprah using P90X to stay fit. Thought that was cool. Keep posting your progress... it definitely inspires.
  3. This is so inspirational to see. A couple questions. I felt like looking into P90X because I like to know exactly what to do. Did you find that's one of the things that really helps this program "work"? Also - with the vegan diet - did you just modify what the P90X diet suggestions were to vegan or did you just go off on whatever your vegan diet was? I don't think you look 'boney' at all either. I think you got rid of some obvious fat and now it's just a matter of bulking up. Really - you look great.
  4. Have you seen this vegan p90xer on youtube? Very inspiring.
  5. I guess we're going to have to visit you in LA now - shucks!
  6. After seeing his in-store on the Robert Cheeke show - I was convinced. Bought the book and loving it. Thanks Robert!
  7. Diane You are the rockin'-est! I miss you guys, I miss Portland - I miss your amazing vegan sausage!! I think I will have to make a trip back in 2009 [?] I hope. PEACE - me
  8. Yup - I'm still here. Here is a little piece I wrote on a vegan blog and I've deemed it good enough to share here so - enjoy. There is nothing I have found more empowering in my recent past than getting out and meeting my vegan community. If it's something you are passionate about and, maybe, feel isolated once in a while, you will do yourself a great service by mingling, workshopping, vacationing, etc. with your fellow vegans. I just want to encourage the masses that if you have the opportunity to drive a little further, take a plane or get there however you choose - just do it. I had attended the Boston Vegetarian Festival a couple years in a row and, after being vegan for 13 years, sat in on a talk by Erik Marcus and began my transition to becoming vegan. That was 4 years ago. At the end of 2006, I was at the end of an intimate relationship and fell hard into depression for most of 2007. In June of that year, I took a 6-hour car ride with my parents to Vegetarian Summerfest (vegetariansummerfest.org) for a weekend of workshops and sharing meals with the likes of Howard Lyman and Victoria Moran. It helped me through and gave a glimmer of hope in my darkness. The so-called 'celebrities' of the vegan movement seem to always make themselves available because they are passionate about the same things we are and that just serves to bring us all together and make us stronger. It made me feel less isolated in my vegan pursuit and was the catalyst to starting my own vegan blog and finding like-minded individuals in my own community. In May of this year, I took a vacation to Portland, Oregon and met up with vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and other members of the vegan bodybuilding forum who were just wonderful, down-to-earth and incredibly inspiring people. Today, I supported the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary by attending their annual Thanksliving fundraiser with a menu of the most amazing vegan appetizers, main course and dessert. The speakers included the always hysterical Dan Pirraro, Skinny Bitch Rory Friedman and Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer fame. Before we knew it, Kris was circling our table with video camera in tow and interviewing my mom, my dad and myself for the sanctuary. Dig that ... Kris Carr wanted to ask ME about my vegan journey. I'm sure I didn't say anything too profound but, it was just one of those cool vegan moments that waits for you to just show up. Kris has one of those beautiful energies that you are just happy to be part of for that fleeting moment. So - take part in your own life. FEED your passions! If you are so passionate about veganism, honor it. Seek out other vegans even if it means taking a trip to meet them. It will be SO worth it - I promise. PEACE & Vegan Love - David
  9. I can't rock the insane sexiness like Troy but, I liked this thread and thought I'd add my 2 stylin eyewear shots. First up is my personal 'blond ambition' from the late 90s. Photo shoot for an independent CD. Not that you can really notice but - a little more weight back in the [junk food] day. http://davidmanley.com/blog/blond.jpg Second is a headshot photo shoot from 2001. The glasses are not prescription. The lenses were even popped out for flash purposes. This was also a year after losing 30 pounds. http://davidmanley.com/blog/shaved.jpg
  10. HEY! Just saw this thread as I haven't checked in the message boards in a while. I am just about 60 miles North of NYC and would love the opportunity to come in, hang & meet. I'm flexible for anything but, just wanted to throw out a couple of suggestions.... Food wise - something that everyone would like and something for the raw foodies too... http://www.purefoodandwine.com/ Something off the beaten path for 'entertainment' ... Rubin Museum [Tibetan Art] http://www.rmanyc.org So? Keep it going and lets get this happening!
  11. Sweet Endy - PM me your name & address and I'll glady pop it in the mail to you. email... [email protected]
  12. Hey people. Feels like it's been a long time since I've been on these boards. After my April/May Portland & Northern Cali vacation, I had every intention on blogging my vegan highlights. It's still not too late but, I'm just feeling back to a normal groove. Upheaval at my job had me moving offices, joining a second gym so I would have a place to go on lunch and trying to just deal. Since I'm only getting a 1/2 hour workout during lunch, I'm adding time at my first gym closer to home in the evening now and adding a personal trainer a couple nights a week. Striving for nutritional excellence... Vega is always a staple and I absolutely LOVE the sesame goji probars along with my normal fruit & veg intake. I'm also a huge fan of a cold quinoa, black beans & lentil salad I make that I have for lunch with greens and sometimes as a quick dinner with something like broccoli. Seems the clif bars have lost their appeal though - I still keep them around. I guess we all go in cycles with our food but, I felt like I was just eating goo and the probars 'feel' more nutritionally like a whole food. I chatted with DV about this but, curious if any others have a hereditary cholesterol issue. I've always been borderline high and my recent number was 208. I'm not even a HUGE nut eater but, as mentioned have the probars, the occasional hummus [tahini] and I guess any trace oils in other products [hemp granola??] would be an issue.... and I don't even put dressing on my salad! I just mentioned in the retail blog that I also have an extra copy of the Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD if anyone would like it. Just a post a reply and it's yours for free.
  13. Robert - didn't think you would mind ... I've been holding on to this spare Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD and wanted to offer it to anyone on the forum for free. A newbie would be great but, willing to send it to anyone. Anyone intrested - Just post and let me know. peace
  14. Lucky for me, my gym's pool is heated
  15. Thanks Tasha - I have decent cardio ability but, swimming is another story. I've never kept it up long enough to know my distance. That's another reason for a trainer - know when and how to rest - I guess you pace yourself like when doing cardio. I can float and swim but - never learned to dive [not a priority] and still plug my nose when first going under - just my initial reaction and tough to break old habits. I almost drowned when I was 4 so - that's where the fear began. So - yeah - the goal is to be able to just do laps and maybe become a strong, efficient swimmer while I'm at it.
  16. I can swim ok - never 'strong' though. Looking for any tips... I was reading a friends blog about how he's going to start doing laps in the morning for an hour and it sounded like a good plan to add some extra training for me. I was thinking of maybe getting a trainer for one session to make sure I'm in form. I have bad joints and the shoulders often give me trouble - especially hyper-extending during swimming. I know I could probably work on form. Any advice from seasoned swimmers is welcome.
  17. I will send it again today. Let me know if you don't get it. got it
  18. Yes - L&G - we must get on this soon. I'm all psyched to meet more forum members. It's like collecting Pokemon er something Just getting out and being around new energy was great. I crave more!
  19. Thanks again Diane. Hey, I never got your email from that day at your place unless it got missed with my over 2000 spam messages from being away so long. Just posted more of Tut with Robert in my original thread.
  20. This is Robert pre-flex sweating the Tut: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3272/2480628262_018102d2e0_o.jpg Robert and Tut make nice: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3289/2480628406_555a012533_o.jpg Tut starts to take a liking to Robert - Robert not so sure: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2235/2480628556_c935f0ccce_o.jpg Tut says "you call that a wing span Robert? I'll show you wing span baby": http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2267/2479813195_45e3f314c9_o.jpg
  21. That's hysterical. I got the biggest bubble! Yay!
  22. Yeh, David is close by to me as well right now and I'm going to make sure we chill. I gotta get on that! Looks like it was fun times DV, this is the first time I have seen you as well. I feel like singing 'take my breath away' It's a good thing you held off on the gun show otherwise you would have overshadowed david's visit and made rob look like a boy. If and when I come home to Pennsylvania this summer, we'll have to all meet up somewhere. We could meet up realistically anywhere, because (as far as I know), all 3 of us live near Train stations (or at least when I'm in PA I do. ) Hey Ed - yea - we will definitely have to meet up some day - whether on the East coast or in Portland - or - hey - Texas! - Why not?!
  23. Thanks. After the parrot flirted with Robert, Diane got him back on his stand where he did, indeed, spread his wings in a mating display. Yes, even birds are taken by Robert's impressive flex.
  24. Spent almost 10 days on vacation with Jonzen through Portland, down through Oregon and into Northern Cali. Robert and Diana (aka DV) rolled out the vegan carpet. We met at Diane's gym for a workout my first day there. Robert posed for some photos back at Diane's place. I did my feeble attempt at posing while Jonzen just held his head. It just says everything. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3104/2479768416_0274903cdd_o.jpg The following day, we met for lunch at Diane's and her parrot took to Robert. Not sure what to do, I told Robert he should flex. What could be more natural?! http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2330/2479769090_7127623337_o.jpg [/img] More on my blog later. Thank you Robert and Diane for being so generous and welcoming. I had an incredible time.
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