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  1. I commend you for being creative Ninja!! Maybe replace the transfat with olive oil and see if you can live with that though. I may have to try that for a treat someday though! (with Olive Oil of course) The olive oil has been the replacement! This snack is now 100,000 times better. I feel ready to rape and pilage and jump from rooftop to rooftop. Success!
  2. I can't belive it's not butter isn't vegan?!?!!? When did this happen? I BELIVE A FIRM ASS KICKING IS IN ORDER.
  3. Tofu + I can't belive it's not butter + lemon grilled on a george forman. Plus I'm eating pomegranite seeds that have been frozen. You are all jealous
  4. I knew I'd be mistaken for him. I'm a lurker
  5. You love it. I'm here. Let's rock it.
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