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  1. Welcome Matt - I am in the same area as you!!!! Great bunch of people on the forums here... Cheers, Steve
  2. Hey James - Welcome to the Forums!!!!
  3. Yeahhh She rocks!!!! Right now I am listening to: Zox - Carolyn http://www.myspace.com/zox
  4. Thats Awesome!!!! My mom does catering and a lot of baking and making sweets. Today she got a whole bunch of vegan recipes that will be tested & tried out. It's a start - I might have to go buy that book for her... Cheers, Steve
  5. Welcome to the Forums!!!
  6. Welcome to the Forum James!!!! I am interested in hearing what they will do for vegan meals on board your ship. Cheers, Steve
  7. RawSteve


    Hey - Welcome to the Forum!!!!
  8. Welcome Back - After roaming the boards and seeing your posts and tips - when I joined I wondered where you went. I have pictures of your physique to use as motivation... A lot of hard work you put in to compete and a great motivator to all... Just wondering what your fat% was when competing? Cheers, Steve
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