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  1. Welcome Matt - I am in the same area as you!!!! Great bunch of people on the forums here... Cheers, Steve
  2. Hey James - Welcome to the Forums!!!!
  3. Yeahhh She rocks!!!! Right now I am listening to: Zox - Carolyn http://www.myspace.com/zox
  4. Thats Awesome!!!! My mom does catering and a lot of baking and making sweets. Today she got a whole bunch of vegan recipes that will be tested & tried out. It's a start - I might have to go buy that book for her... Cheers, Steve
  5. Welcome to the Forums!!!
  6. Welcome to the Forum James!!!! I am interested in hearing what they will do for vegan meals on board your ship. Cheers, Steve
  7. RawSteve


    Hey - Welcome to the Forum!!!!
  8. Welcome Back - After roaming the boards and seeing your posts and tips - when I joined I wondered where you went. I have pictures of your physique to use as motivation... A lot of hard work you put in to compete and a great motivator to all... Just wondering what your fat% was when competing? Cheers, Steve
  9. OK OK, I agree I am cheating - so I will give a song I can't stop listening toooo for the past couple of days. The band is called Metro Station and the song is Kelsey. http://www.purevolume.com/metrostation Check em out...
  10. Third EYE Blind - every Album - there is not one song I hate... But I have to say I have many favorite songs and could never pick just one or one band overall!!!
  11. Just when you thought you have seen it all!!! Good one guys!!!
  12. Congrats Liz on becoming an Aunt!!!! for the 3rd time!!!!! How many siblings do you have?
  13. I loved The Goonies movie!!!! I remember watching it all the time!!!
  14. HA-HA I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I couldn't put my trust in you!!! I have to say you came through on that one LIZ!!!! Great JOB - I will never doubt you again
  15. OK, So I have been busy with recording and my band!!! The other day I spent 4-5 hours sitting behind my drums trying to get some good sounding drums tracks. Needless to say we finally got everything dialed in and now I can start recording drum tracks for our songs. Tonight I am heading to my little room of drums for another 5 hour night!!! This time should be better - no more messing around... I hate messing around with recording right now as these are just for my buddy so he can write lyrics - whats the use of tweaking everything. Robert: I got my shirt today thanks a lot for coming through on that!!! I'm glad you put some business cards in there. I am known for carrying them in my wallet and handing them out when the time comes. Liz: Thanks for the small letter you wrote me!!! I was not expecting that at all... I will have to catch you on msn sometime when you and I are not busy. Can't wait for my so called tree hugging video... I will get a picture up here sometime of me with my shirt!!! Cheers, Steve
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