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  1. It's been forever since I've posted here! I'm down fifteen pounds, down to 32% bf, training for a 5k (walking so far), and off one medication. I had to switch things up quite a bit, but think I've found the right plan for me.
  2. Blood work tomorrow and stomach bug today (thanks, kids). PT and walking today.
  3. Still a a 7-8/10 pain level, dang it, but keeping positive and motivated. Diet is 80% of it, so if I keep that in check while I'm limited, it'll work out.
  4. Jumps in pain level. On average I'm at a 3-4 on a scale of 10 daily. Lately it's been 8-9/10 thanks to a flare up.
  5. Rooting for you. Flares take me out for days at a time, dangit.
  6. Pain kicked my butt this past week. I'm limited to pt and walking for the most part. As much as I'd lik o go hard, I know I can't right now. So I'm going to follow orders and do what needs to be done. Dangit. Peace.
  7. Pain level and stiffness level are high. I'll know for sure if there's a pinched nerves in my cervical spine soon. I do know the degeneration is spreading and I am not amused. Walking, yoga, and pilates are in the plans this week, and lower body work in two days,
  8. It's great to see you, Karen! Thanks! When the pain is down, I'm busy, but oh man do I crash when it's up.
  9. You're welcome, Dylan. I do the same thing. I think I've got a standard menu down so I don't always post it. In general, breakfast - shake or fried rice lunch - shake (if I didn't have it for breakfast), sandwich and veggies, or soup and salad for lunch dinner - lots of veggies and either beans or sweet potato on the side Gluten and sodium intake are way down and produce is way up. It's what works for me. Peace
  10. Pain is high still, so Sunday is yoga day. On Saturday I pushed through and worked my legs. I went with 20 pounds since my back was also off. 3 sets of 12 each: standing calf raises seated calf raises seated leg curls leg extensions leg press body weight squats O the plus side, 3 pounds and a few inches down this week. Sweetness!
  11. Yoga and pilates today. Pain is at 8/10 today - a sure sign to dial it back a notch.
  12. Wednesday was a rest day and I really needed it. Back and biceps today; 3 sets of 12 each: wide grip lat pulldown one-armed dumbbell row seated cable rows underhand cable pulldowns alternate dumbbell curls one arm preacher curls standing bicep curls Followed this with yoga and will get another yoga session tonight. Gotta stay flexible.
  13. I cannot believe t's been so long since I've posted! Gah! My new routine has a four day strength training split with daily yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi. I walk or do kaate drills on my res days. Still have to baby my body somewhat. Monday: rest (pain at 8-9/10) Tuesday: Chest & triceps at home (pain at 6-7); 3 sets of 12 on each - wide pushups - bench press - cable flys - narrow pushups - standing triceps extention - tricep pulldowns Lifted 20-30 pounds. My shoulder is still pretty wonky, so I do what I do. Peace.
  14. Way past time for a new update. Inches down, energy up. The scale refuses to budge, but I'm fine with that for now because my clothes are looser. Getting a handle on migraines will make me feel 100% better. Ugh.
  15. It's been way too long since I posted a log or update. Long story short, I aggravated my back (again) and it's the worst it's been in years. Comfort food calls, but it's good comfort food - bans, greens, and fruit. Grrr.
  16. Thanks, Karen. I've been mixing it up and cheating a little on the GF life. No GF pasta yet, just lots of veggies and some muffins. I found a local gf vegan cookie shop and am so very tempted to order every week. I've been kind of good, though. I went 7 days completely gluten-free and felt great. 8 pounds down, no bloating, and tons of energy. I forgot to ask about the ingredients in a Bloody Mary last Sunday night at dinner and have been all kinds of ick ever since. I asked about the vodka after the fact (bad move) and just read the label on the mixer the other night. Gluten has to stay gone. I cannot keep eating it. It hurts too much. Keeping a mix of produce in the house has been great for everyone, including the dogs. And now it's time to get back to work. Peace, all.
  17. UGH! Migraine on Thursday, stomach virus on Friday, and both are kicking me around today. I woke up feeling fine, so I helped in the neighborhood entry garden, planted tomatoes, and weeded an unused flower bed. Now I feel like crawling into bed. I'm supposed to meet friends tonight, but don't think I'll make it. Yeah, I think I need to call it a night. Worse thing about this? I want to cook. I have a dozen recipes bookmarked to try, but looking at food makes me feel worse. Gah! Later, all.
  18. Thanks, Karen! This week I am feeling kind of old, lol. Gardening after semi-neglecting the yard all winter was something else. I aggravated my shoulder, so I'm on walking duty. I think I'm figuring out GF eating okay. I pay more attention now to how I'm feeling and what I'm eating. There is something definitely up with bread, be it wheat, gluten, or both.
  19. Relaxing music, eh? I rarely listen to anything relaxing when I need to keep motivated. I'll give it a shot. Great job on the run!
  20. A little sore, but a good soreness. A mix of yoga and strength training today and yoga tomorrow. I'm pushing a little harder, but keeping my current limits in mind. Grades are in - I'm officially a post-graduate. It feels different. Maybe it hasn't hit me quite yet. Anyway, food has been really easy and dinner is ready because I cooked a lot on Sunday and Monday. I might go to bed early if my head doesn't stop. My heart is breaking for anyone in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
  21. Juice feasted and walked today. It went so much better than the first one - just felt light headed and had a slight headache all day. I watched part of the 10K I was unable to participate in and am blown away by the winning times. The Wheelchair racers set a record at just over 25 min and the top female clocked just over 26. I'm not sure if I'll top those times by this time next year, but I will be working towards it all year. And the plan is to hit the sack shortly, so goodnight.
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