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  1. Hi James! Since transitioning to vegan 3 months ago…I no longer eat honey… I switched to agave nectar (100% pure sweetener) I use in my hot & cold cereals & hot tea… Maybe you can give it a try!
  2. Tuc- Good Luck with your new company! Keep us posted on your progress, you will be my motivation to start my own company here in Phoenix, AZ…. Robert- Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. I read your comments & I feel for you…. You need to hire a new attorney, it doesn’t appear that this attorney knows too much about landlord & tenants laws in your state…. Continue to take pictures, document everything & contact new counsel! Roaches are not only a nuisance but they are a health hazard, they carry diseases! You need to get out of there as soon as possible!
  4. I buy bulk bags of fruit like oranges, apples & bags of unsalted whole almonds & walnuts at Sam’s Club… they last a while & are a great snack pleaser throughout the day….I like to also buy specialty vegan dry items at the grocery stores, which are usually pricy…such as “Fantastic World Foods”..…. The best time to buy them is when they are on sale, I will grab 4 or 5 of each item… now that’s a bargain!
  5. How wonderful! I would like to start my own vegan store in Phoenix, AZ too!
  6. Hi! You look terrific! I'm vegan, doing the P90X program & working out at the gym too... I feel that I might not be getting enough protein though... any suggestions! Thx!
  7. Hi Everyone! My name is Yvette Hatcher. I’ve been working out off & on for the past 3 years, but decided to get serious with training about 6 months ago……I have been a borderline vegan for about a year & decided to go full-time 3 months ago. ..I love this new transition & look forward to learn & grow from everyone! My goals are eventually, to go into body building one day, so my work is pretty much cut out for me… My interests are working out, hiking, reading & spending time with friends & family!
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