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  1. I live in the South, so many of the people I work with are "rednecks". Ordinarily I enjoy their company, but when it comes to my food choices, they just don't get it. Nor do they want to. Which is fine as well. So funny, I live in West Virginia (Deer Land) so I feel you on the above statement. I work with some guys who eat, sleep, sneeze deer meat and any other thing that runs and have a heart beat. Some will occasionally ask why I eat the way I do, and I reply because I like shopping at Hollister and they only make jeans for people with flat stomachs . They don't say a word, they simply leave the room.
  2. Welcome! Looking forward to hearing from ya! Good luck and I wish you great success!
  3. Welcome! Losing body fat is about calories in to calories out as well as a good weight /cardio program. Here is something that I would suggest to help boost your goal. The body is a super computer and the number of calories taken in is very important. The body will store fat if calories are too high and believe it or not, if calories are too low! The key is to be right in the middle. The way I do it is I simply eat when I get the urge and I don't place my body on a eating schedule. Your body will survive with or without you so it's important to let it do what it will does naturally. The lack of calories in a vegan diet can cause many of us to store fat because the body believes there is a shortage of nutrients, so it goes into alarm mode if calories stay low for long periods of time (This is mild, muscle depletion is another thing that could make it impossible to lose fat. It takes muscles to burn fat as you are probaly aware.) So, eat when you have the urge and ensure you are working out moderately. Working the key muscle groups: Squats (Leg muscles are very calorie demanding and will pull from your storage depot) Back Rows (Back muscles are another group of muscles that will demand calories) Chest (Another large group of muscles that will keep pulling from your depot) The pounds should start melting away like that gooey yummy ice cream you occasionally cheat with LOL.
  4. And you are paying for it with your tax money. Federal agricultural subsidies create a glut of eggs and dairy products. So much so they have trouble getting rid of it all and will put it in just about everything. It makes you really think hard why they are forcing this poison down our throats. I was driving today thinking to myself, how many cows or anything else had to die just to feed the mass of people racing to fast food places in one day. Are there that many cows and or other animals alive to feed the masses? Where do they get all this dang meat? The buy 2 get the next one for a buck ads makes me think about this more.
  5. Vegan cookies don't have to be dry! What recipe do you use? What type of cookie are you looking for? This is an easy chocolate chip cookie one (I just use cornstarch instead of the tapioca flour): http://theppk.com/blog/2008/11/10/chocolate-chip-cookies/ Thank you so much! I am a newbie in the Vegan world so I get excited easily! Time to munch on some cookies!
  6. Thanks! I try to go straight to the large muscle groups because they release the growth hormones and they also require the most calories to heal. I LOVE EATING LOL, so I impact the larger groups so I can consume more food (I know this sounds crazy but it works well for me ) I am looking forward to hearing more from you!
  7. IMO, plants serve their purpose for the essentials we need for hormones, and vitamins. Animals which I do not even want to think about as a food source has it's purpose in their environment. The legumes mixed with starches like rice serves as the best source of protein for muscle growth and cell oxidation. It can be difficult to wolf down a pound of protein per pound of body weight but according to some bodybuilders (Mike Mentzer), the body does not require a lot of protein to grow muscle tissue (Muscles are mainly water). So far as being equal, I would have to say no. I wish you success!
  8. I have to second all of the replies. I would rather be 200lbs of muscle in a 32in waist (Vanity check LOL) instead of 200lbs of blubber in a 38in waist (No offense to anyone). Muscles are more dense that fat plus muscles hold a lot of water which makes them full. Our way of eating is idea for the gym rat because we are always hydrated (Carbo-Hydrates), the myth comes from the large amount of protein the body needs (Not true). This chemical thing our body do everyday can work for you or against you according to your food consumption. Lift, rest and eat and throw away the scale, it will lie to you every time! I wish you the best success!
  9. Since I made the choice to live my life as a Vegan, I notice more and more how many eggs, and other things associated with flesh are in the products we consume! It's like some sinister group of people are trying their best to knock us off by poisoning our bodies. I read even in the fruits we eat they are insecticides that are toxic to us. Sorry for the conspiracy scare but these discoveries are seriously troubling . I am craving cookies today but I think I am going to make my own no matter how dry they come out LOL.
  10. Looks like I am going to have to make some adjustments! Thanks for the info.
  11. Omg! Please say they are crumbles on that delicious looking pie of happiness! LOL
  12. Thank you all so much! What a fantastic welcome! Let's make 2010 a great year of support, peace, and plenty of fun!
  13. I love these: http://thetrotblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/fiberonegranolabars3.jpg
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