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  1. I love different kinds of salad but my fave raw entree so far is a nori veggie wrap! I get the raw nori seaweed sheets, spread with non-raw grapeseed vegenaise, and load up with veggies. These satisfy any sushi cravings and they're a great alternative to bread or lettuce based wraps. I served them as my birthday dinner instead of eating out and they were a hit!
  2. I live with an omni who will eat veggies more often then I expect. He loves just about everything I make UNLESS he knows its meant to be healthy. So I have to trick him. The down side is that he still buys processed crap, sandwich meat, and cheese that still tempts me. Makes it hard to stay true to my raw food goals. Either way, at this point, any nutritional progress of his health is directly due to my influence. I pray for the day he throws out the frozen healthy choice dinners for good and picks up a knife to chop some veggies and make something healthy and fresh for himself when I'm not around.
  3. xdarthveganx, Ha!! Alaska is the other destination most likely to be for my cruise job! I'll keep ya posted and please keep your fingers crossed for me!
  4. Hey Robert... Any words of wisdom on securing a cruise job? And then of course the next question will be about thriving as vegan working on a cruise? LOL I will now go in search of said thread!!
  5. Oh Michelle, Michelle.... Life is funny. I was actually just about to post about your same question. I am manifesting to be working as a singer on a cruise ship within the next month or two. In fact my closest lead at the moment is on RC headed for dee Islands. How funny and lovely it would be to be the singing entertainment on your cruise!! I looked it up on their site, its under customer support and I copy pasted below. When I sailed with them before, there was an all-day buffet aside from the main dining hall that had salads, lots of fresh fruits, and veggies and some surprisingly healthy options along side the not-so-healthy ones. Also look for the "Spa menu" options which lean toward the healthier. And you could always try the fresh native produce in port! Probably can't bring it back on the ship unless its in your belly but hey... Also, you should try calling them. You never know, THIS summer and THIS cruise could be the one they decide to test out a some vegan entrees that were too early to post online. Who knows? It could happen! LOL Happy planning! Q: What type of special meals does Royal Caribbean offer? A: We make every effort to accommodate our guests' dietary requirements whenever possible. We can accommodate special needs such as: Food allergies Gluten-free Vegetarian (except for vegan/macrobiotic) Low-fat Low-sodium Lactose-free/soy milk, Ensure, and kosher meals are no extra charge. All you have to do is notify us at least 45 days prior to sailing. Just send an e-mail that includes the guests' names, reservation ID number, ship's name and voyage date to the relevant address below:
  6. Hi Last of the Sane! Yes reiki is included...I love music therapy, arts therapy, angel therapy, sacred geometry, yoga, massage, chakra therapy....all of that stuff. LOL Just seems to be easier to word it under the umbrella of "healing arts". And really just the idea of using any art form, raw food preparation included, for the purpose of healing and enhancing one's life sounds peachy to me.
  7. oooooo! Thank you so much for the warm and swift welcome!! I look forward to learning and sharing with others on the forum here.
  8. Hi Everyone! I have been transitioning into living a raw vegan lifestyle over the last several months. I am looking to improve my life, my health, and also to lose at least 100 pounds. I started doing the Body For Life program last summer and as I did more research about optimal nutrition I learned that pursuing the raw vegan path felt better to me. I have had difficulty actually DOING the exercise part of being healthy. So I want to be connecting with people who focus on fitness as well as their nutrition. I am a singer/songwriter and I also love yoga, bellydance, and the healing arts. May love and light surround each of you on your path of wellness!! divadolce:)
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