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  1. It feels so difficult to consistently eat over 3,000 calories. And now I am seeing that I'm not eating as much protein as I thought I was. Are there any other quick meals that can exceed 800 calories with 20+ grams of protein? My smoothies seem to help, but I can only drink so much of those. I've found that cashews are packed with fat, calories and protein.
  2. Thanks for the good advice. I know this probably sounds inaccurate but... In the past month I have gained around 14 pounds. This seems really unlikely to me but I have been regularly scaling myself on different scales. I remember during Christmas I was around 110, and now the scale at our gym reads 125 with other scales saying similar. I had thought that one pound requires 3500 of extra calories. I needed about 2,500 calories to maintain my weight and I have been eating 3,000-4,000 a day. I don't see how I could have possibly raked up nearly 50,000 calories in less than a month. I've always had extremely fast metabolism and I think I still do. From May-November I was probably eating around 1,500-2,000 calories a day, so maybe my body is just in shock with the excess calories? I just resumed my old belt size by increasing it one notch haha, but other than that I don't really see any more weight anywhere. Although I do feel like my muscles are larger than they were before I started training a month ago. Not much bigger but still larger and more firm. I do hope I am approaching all of this in a healthy manner. I've been eating really well and making sure I'm getting all of my vitamins, proteins, carbs and fat including drinking at least 60oz of water a day. I have been training pretty hard and I'm usually in the gym longer than my friends. I'm taking it really seriously and focusing on form, slower repetitions, more weight. I don't feel entirely fatigued after my work outs. I still have energy but the muscles I worked out definitely feel dead. I'm usually sore for around two days, sometimes three. Any more advice would be helpful. I don't really have a coach on this stuff as my friends aren't very knowledgeable on what they are doing. And my vegan friend doesn't care for exercise. Maybe I should see a doctor next month and tell him my diet, routine, weight/muscle gains, etc etc?
  3. Also... Should I increase the amount of exercises for workings legs? I hear that you should work your largest muscles the hardest and they will give off the most amount of hormones.
  4. In simplifying it would that be primarily for efficiency or higher gains? It feels like the more research I do, the more I feel like I should be changing my exercise, diet, sleep, etc etc. Everyone has several opinions on the same topic. It is really hard to get firm answers on anything and what I'm doing is going to lead to muscle gains. Every time I do make an adjustment it seems like someone else tells me the opposite. Yet, I have friends who go to the gym and don't take it seriously at all. They take most of their info from sales people at supplement stores. They eat hamburgers and carne asada burritos. They aren't serious when lifting and usually are laughing and fooling around during their exercise. Yet these guys are 50 pounds heavier than me and one has body fat around 8%.
  5. That reading is from one of the gadgets my trainer used at the gym. It read under 4% body fat but I guess it could be wrong. I had a personal trainer a couple years ago and it read the same thing.
  6. Pendulum The Prodigy Hard DnB mixes Fugazi Refused At the Gates Liquid Tension Experiment
  7. First of all, hello all! It is awesome that a website like this exists. I hope to gain a lot of useful information from it. A little about me: I am a male, twenty years old and have been vegan for seven months now. It has been an amazing experience. I was not a vegetarian before this so it was a big change. Although I don't feel it has been very difficult. In my first six months I lost around 12-15 pounds which was really worrying me. People (family) keep using it as criticism for why I shouldn't be living a plant based diet. Well now I just started a new diet and work out plan. So far I have gained around seven pounds in one month. I have always been thin so becoming vegan just made it a little harder to maintain weight. Stats: 5'9" 116 pounds 20 years old Under 4% body fat Diet: Morning- Sprouted wheat peanut butter sandwich. I take one spray of a B-12 supplement and a multi vitamin. Late morning- One everything bagel. Sometimes an orange. Lunch- Burritos, vegan pizza, bean tostadas, or something along those lines. I try to make it fairly hearty. Afternoon- Smoothie with 1/2 cup almonds/ 1/2 cup walnuts, 1/3 cup raisins, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon flax seed oil, 1/2 cup berries. -Workout- After workout- 1 cliff bar. Usually a cliff body building bar. Dinner- Always a large salad with good amount of olive oil and Bragg's liquid aminos. One large bowl of spaghetti, or rice with some sauce, or a hearty bean soup. I always try to stuff myself during this time. Workout: Start every workout with an 8 minute jog. Day 1: Push ups- 20 Bench Press- I haven't really found how much to be doing with this. I usually do 3 reps of whatever weight is on and move down five pounds for three sets. 65-95 pounds. Incline Hammer Press- 4x6 Decline Press- 4x6 Machine Flys- 3x10 Dumbbell Pulls- 3x8. Not sure what this exercise is called. I take a couple dumbbells and, with my arms out straight, pull them together while standing and flexing my chest. Triceps: Reverse Grip Pull Downs- 3x10 Overhead Skull Crushers-3x10 Dumbbell Kick Backs: 3x8 Day 2: Back: Single Hand & Double Hand T-Bar Row- 8L,8R,12 Double Hand Assisted Pull Ups- 3x10 High Rows- 4x10 Hammer Low Row- 4x8 Australian Rows- 3x12 Lat Pull Down- 3x10 Bis: Wide Grip T-2 Bar Curls- 3x8 Rope Curls- 3x8 Reverse Grip Curls- 3x10 1 Arm Preacher Curls- 3x10 I use the exercise band after every bicep exercise for 20 repetitions. Abs: Crunches-30 Reverse Crunches- 30 Side Crunches- 20 Other Side Crunches- 20 Medicine Ball Twist- 20 Day 3 Legs: Squats- 3x8 Leg Press- 4x8 Leg Curls- 4x10 Calf Raises- 4x10 Abs: I do these two days a week. Crunches-30 Reverse Crunches- 30 Side Crunches- 20 Other Side Crunches- 20 Medicine Ball Twist- 20 So I work out three days a week with one day of rest. I'm wondering if this work out is good for a skinny guy who has not worked out much in his entire life. I really enjoy this routine and it usually lasts about 1 hour and fifteen minutes. I just want to make sure I will be gaining muscle mass with this routine and diet. Any advice on alterations I should make would be much appreciated.
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