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  1. Also wanted to note that while i don't necessarily feel like doing cartwheels and jumping jacks, I have considerable energy - though it's more of an alert and awakeness. Speaking of awake - I went to bed at about 1:30am last night and was up before 7:30, unheard of when I am eating "normally!" I wasn't tired or groggy or lethargic at all either, I felt completely well rested and awake right away. On only 6 hours!!
  2. Just wanted to make a note about the pears, since you'd posted that they were the only fruit you had a problem with - I notice I have a problem with pears too, as much as I love them. So maybe it's a 'pear' thing, and not a 'you' thing!! Will have to do more research on their properties... This is a great opportunity for you to do some first hand research about food combining! You can prob google to find a food combining chart, but the general rules I remember off the top of my head are: Best to eat fruits alone, and before meals or other foods, as they digest the easiest and quickest and will ferment in your system if eaten after something that takes longer to digest... Learn the sub categories of fruits, as you shouldn't combine them (acid, sub acid, etc - oranges and pears don't mix!) I believe you can do nuts/seeds with veggies, so better to put nuts in your salad (and probably why the kale and hemp are good togther) than fruit (a lot of folks like dried fruit in their salads, not so good) Nuts and grains are not supposed to mix well either, I believe. I'm interested to see how you do with grains, Isaac - that is one of the biggest changes in going from vegan to raw, the elimination of cooked grains. So I'd love to hear how you fare with things like soaked and sprouted quinoa, buckwheat, etc!! And mono eating is always best (though most folks are appalled at the notion since we are raised to eat "well rounded" meals, when we should really focus more on well rounded diets overall, not in one sitting!). If you eat only one thing at a time, your digestive system can do it's work properly and efficiently and you should be digestively very happy!
  3. Wow. Cereal is something I miss all the time. I love to make fresh almond milk and pour it on sprouted granola, but the granola I have access to right now is mostly buckwheat, which I find not digestive-friendly, and, frankly, it is not good food combining to mix the buckwheat (grain) with the nut/milk, so it never goes down well. I may try making some dehydrated almond granola to have with the almond milk, although that will be very heavy and I want to go easy on the nuts!!! Saw your posts, andesuma, in the raw forum on oatmeal, can't wait to try experimenting with oatmeal ideas after this cleanse!! I make a mean raw oatmeal coconut raisin cookie, but they're dehydrated and I agree with you that dehydrated stuff tends to be just too taxing on the body, at least for me...
  4. So. Felt better than ever day 5 but did notice a couple of things. I had one light headed spell in the moring, but I was at work on my feet and hadn't had any lemonade yet, so I whipped up a quick batch and was back on track in no time. Had a few mild cramp pains too but think, again, it's because I was at work and staying hydrated was an effort. Was incredibly serene all day, felt like all my senses, espcially sight and smell, are increased a thousand fold, like they have a hyper awareness. While feeling incredibly sensitive, I also feel less sensitive to being affected by the things around me, but in a good way - like I am able to be serene and removed and somehow more peaceful. Foods are smelling wonderful but it's extraordinary that i am not compelled to want to eat -just the sight and smell is somehow satisfying, although I did have one bout of hunger in the late afternoon, but I think that was because I hadn't had lemonade in a while (by then I was really feeling like I'd had as much lemonade as I could take for the day). Drank some more anyway and the hunger passed - I don't think it was really even hunger, more just the desire to taste something savory!!! At this point, though, I am noticing that my teeth hurt after downing the lemonade, and I think it's from all the maple syrup. I am sure the lemonade is not doing much for my tooth enamel to boot, but I have been drinking most of my lemonade through a straw to combat that. I have been considering, like andesuma mentioned, switching over to a juice fast at some point. Originally I was thinking to segue into one after the initial 10 days and continue on just juices for a while (mostly green juices, but some fresh fruit juices as well), but now I am thinking to start the juice portion sooner. Thoughts, anyone??
  5. You go girl!! I'm right here with ya every step o' the way...
  6. I feel somewhat compelled to post onward where Isaac left off...for those of you interested in following a cleanse through...and because reporting in makes me feel accountable in a positive way, and motivated. I am eager to continue following Isaac's journey out of his brief cleanse and into raw training, and I trust he will continue to keep us informed! Entering day 5 now and feeling FANTASTIC. It gets easier and easier to not eat, though my olfactory senses are totally ramped up and I feast on the aroma of foods, especially at the cafe where I work. I honestly feel freed...like food was really weighing me down, messing with my energy, emotions- and intestines! And I seem to need and want less lemonade each day. I am going to aim for the 10 days but be open to going a little longer...maybe 14 (like you Courtney!), since I don't ever want to stop feeling this good!! I am hoping to ease into a somewhat macrobiotic (seasonal & regional), raw, unprocessed diet (keep pre-pared and packaged raw foods to a minimum) when this is complete. And to cleanse with each season! Ooo, and before I forget, another good raw resource I'd recommend is Victoria Boutenko's book, the 12 Steps to Raw. She does a nice job (if I recall correctly), putting a twist on the ole AA 12 Steps by revising them to apply for raw foods. I think I tweaked hers a bit to fit my aims, but I used to have them written on a piece of poster paper hanging on the back of my bedroom door before I moved, to keep me inspired daily. I must dig them up!! Courtney, sounds like you are raring to go!! You WILL feel fantastic. Keep us posted!
  7. Another resource to check out would be "A Way Out" by Matthew Grace who was diagnosed with MS and then discovered raw and was able to heal himself and even become a body builder. He eats 100% raw, fasts one day a week, and has built a strong and vital body!
  8. Congrats on your progress with your firefighter program Isaac! Though I am disappointed to lose my cleansing buddy, you have all my support for the next phase of your process and I know you will complete a cleanse when the time is right. I second all of Jessi's comments about coming off your cleanse; orange juice, oranges & citrus fruit, fruit, raw salads to start, ease your way in. You should read Stanley Burrough's Master Cleanse booklet before you kickstart the next cleanse. Jessi, I look forward to meeting you when you make it out here! Perhaps we can all cleanse anew then to celebrate your joining the Portland gang...maybe Robert will be ready by then too. Courtney, I look forward to you joining the cleanse parade whenever you are ready!
  9. First of all, cheers to Isaac, keepin on keepin on and I'm hanging in there right beside ya. Not even really "hanging in" there; I feel clean and clearheaded (if somewhat 'light' headed - or light-bellied!) Courtney, we'll welcome ya into the fold whenever you've addressed any outstanding produce in yer frige. And to answer your question, I have indeed heard of folks using agave - blue agave actually, which I'm not familiar with - instead of maple syrup. Some even say it's a better choice. I prefer the maple syrup because pancakes are one of the biggest things I've missed since turning raw and like any excuse to lick some off a spoon!!
  10. Robert you crack me up. Why aren't you cleansing with us?? Yes folks, Mr. Muscular himself came to the rescue of this fair maiden the other day and helped her move!! He's my new hero... Thank you again Robert. When I'm done cleansing let's toast with some Vega on the rocks! (Is it raw? I'm going back to raw after this!) If it ain't raw, the cucumber-celery-parsley-kale juice is on me!! And I'll match you wheatgrass shot for shot... I'll make sure Isaac gives you back your memory card as soon as I clear out the 479 photos of him clogging my hard drive! He sure likes to mug for the camera. Now where're those Vegan ball caps and t-shirts for me and Anne?? I'm XS, thanks.
  11. Lilikoi here, Isaac's fasting pardner...thought it only right that I drop in and lend a little cyber support as well. I have full faith he'll see this challenge through - that we'll see each other through! (For the record, I lasted about 8/9 days last time I did this, flying solo no less, and think that pretty respectable for a first fasting/cleanse!!) Anyway, I was studying like the diligent student that I am supposed to be but we blew a fuse here at the homestead and it gave me an excuse to poke around here online in the dark since the laptop is the only thing running...Smooth Move tea by candlelight, mmmmmmmm.....I forgot how one of the side effects of this cleanse for me is having lots of energy and needing less sleep, as my body's not depleting it's ATP on digestion! Maybe I'll finally catch up on reading... I just got off the phone with my gym buddy, he and I are gonna hit the treadmills in the morning.... Interesting comment about the lemon to water ratio, Michelle - I'm gonna investigate that tomorrow!
  12. Lilikoi


    Hi, howdy and hello there! I'm Jacy, new to this here forum and website, and thought it high time I said hello. You'll find me working at the Blossoming Lotus in downtown Portland several nights a week, serving up Portland's best 100% vegan organic cuisine, and lots of delicious live dishes as well. For those of you who may not be familiar with us, we're just around the corner from Powell's Books and Whole Foods, and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 7:30am to 10pm! (www.blossominglotus.com) Ok, now that I'm done with all the self promotion (must be your influence, Robert!) I'll just add please feel free to say hello online here or come on down and say it in person! Cheers, Jacy
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