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  1. I am definitely in! I've been trying to lose weight forever. I've seen the Eat to Live diet, and I'm interested in it but I've found that with any diet, as long as you can stick to it, it'll work. The problem is having the resolve and dedication and also making choices that you can actually live with. I've done WeightWatchers before and it did work up to a point, but then I got off track and didn't get back. I've made my great aunt, of all people, my weightloss buddy... but since she lives in the Chicago burbs and I live in California, there's only so much we can do!! I'd love to find a more local buddy, but I'm kind of in an antisocial phase of my life. I'm seriously considering going back to WW and maybe actually joing the groups and getting serious about it. Anyway, I'd love to be anyone's buddy on here as well. Feel free to message me on AIM or Yahoo, as they're both attached to my signature down there. BTW, Gaia, that's always been my chat name. Good thing I went for something else this time or else there'd be just a lot of confusion!
  2. I, too, am a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia. I also liked the Sweet Valley Twins series when I was growing up as well as Dr. Seuss, Judy Blume, Ramona, The Little Engine that Could, Snow White and the Create Your Own Adventure books.
  3. I think there's a distinct difference between eating three meals a day of fried an other high fat foods than eating three meals a day that are balanced and nutritious. Granted I originally gained weight from medications and yes, at that time, I tended to eat more because the medications slowed down my metabolism and also made me feel hungrier. I still think that fat in food can make you more fat than eating light and trying to eat low calorie, low fat food. Overall what makes someone fat is a disproportionate amount of calories to the amount of calories that one burns throughout the day. That means that if you're extremely active, you should consume more calories than someone who is sedentary.
  4. Drugs are whatever alters your brain/nervous system chemistry. They don't have to be of an illegal variety. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco cigarrettes, aspirin, tylenol, etc. are all drugs. I take medications to keep myself sane because I have a medical condition that requires it. You could say I'm addicted, but I'll take that over going to the mental ward (I'm bipolar). What someone chooses to do with their body is their own personal choice as long as it doesn't harm another. That also could be up for debate in terms of definition.
  5. I just started to be vegan again after many years of reverting to being vegetarian. The first step I made towards that goal was to be vegan at home and lenient elsewhere. This proved a mediocre strategy since I ended up buying cheesy things and bringing them home anyway. Cheese was my biggest downfall before veganism. I try to be pretty strict now, not eating honey, not eating bread that isn't vegan... I refuse restaurant bread not because it isn't vegan, but because mostly it's white bread with little substantial nutritional value. When I do have restaurant bread, I order it with olive oil instead of butter. What about those packages that say "May contain traces of tree nuts, soy, and dairy products" when something is made on the same equipment as those items. I used to be so strict that I would even not eat things then. I think that's pushin' it, though.
  6. I am starting to do a fitness routine through my campus. They have a variety of activities -- aerobics, pilates, yoga and other stuff. I'm arranging my life so that I do that stuff every weekday. Eventually, I'm going to start at the place I was practicing at again. It's a little far, but it's not so bad. I just don't want to start and end up stopping because I'm discouraged. It's a waste of my money and I'd rather be able to have the endurance and stamina to keep on truckin' than to start and stop and have to start all over again each time.
  7. hmmm. I have always been shy of veggie-fruit mixes. I might have to give it a go. Will these work in regular blenders, or do they require something sturdier like a food processor?
  8. The term "fat free" is used liberally to mean very low fat content. Even a vegan can be overweight, and I am a prime example. Just because some fats are good for you doesn't mean they still can't make you... erm... fat!
  9. I've enjoyed the recipes from Stepaniak's Vegan Sourcebook.
  10. That's not what I'm worried about. I tried to return to martial arts a while ago, and I was discouraged because I was so behind everyone else. I had been a red belt (almost black in my system) and carrying the extra weight just made everything more challenging. I got to a point where I would make excuses not to go. I know there are no requirements, and maybe I'm just stalling. I don't know. It's hard getting back in the swing after years being out of it and gaining so much weight. I guess the only way to get back into it is to just go for it. I have another question, though. Would you recommend trying out a university's martial arts program? Are they worth it? I'm in a teacher prep program, and they have a martial arts training class right next to the office where my grant program is located. I've done another school's program and was less than thrilled because they did not train on a mat or do sparring because of insurance reasons. This studio seems to have mats and maybe is more complete? I guess there's no knowing until I try, right? I just have to have the self discipline to make mysel do it.
  11. If any of you say my intro, you'll understand this post a lot better. I am trying to restore myself to a healthier version of myself, and although I know I'll never be 17 again I'd like to try to regain my health and wellbeing by starting down the vegan path again and eventually taking up my sport of choice: Martial Arts. I am also a fan of yoga, as it is kind of attached to martial arts. I'm also interested in trying new sports, and although I'm not really into bodybuilding, I would like to regain some of my old strength training and perhaps get even stronger than I used to be. So I'm trying to create a fitness and nutrition plan for myself without resorting to those fad diets or weightloss routines where you have to shell out your hard-earned green. What are some things that have worked for any of you in achieving the goals you've set for yourself? How would you recommend I get back in teh swing of things, gradually, all at once or somewhere in between?
  12. I just made a regular bread with half of that and also this other flour, I forget what you call it. I never made bread before really and found this was a good introduction.
  13. I bought kale yesterday at Whole Foods and the first thing I thought of was frying in a pan. I don't have a wok, but I have a large and deep frying pan that sometimes doubles as a pot because it's so deep and has sides. I put some vinaigrette dressing at the bottom instead of just olive oil and added cherry tomatoes as well as thickly cut baby carrots. The result was a very flavorful dish and I was very satisfied with myself. Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, chard and collards are supposed to be good because they contain iron, calcium and other good stuff. Does anyone have a suggestion about preparing these kinds of greens?
  14. My Spanish was revived recently when I started speaking with my Mexican neighbors. I still can only have basic conversations, but I think it's all good.
  15. has anyone used this? I tried to make it into pancakes along with another kind of flour. It has a funny taste, so I think I have to combine it with something. I added some canola oil and some turbinado sugar to the mix. They came out alright, but there's still that funny taste. Any suggestions?
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