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  1. I'm down with this idea, Fallen Horse. And Chewy, it's good to know that smaller people have shorter leverages, haha! Makes me feel a bit better about my slow-growing strength.
  2. Man, you are doing so well! I know you're going to meet your bench goal, you're so close already.
  3. Well, for the last two weeks I have focused on cardio. I missed it. I did some interval training, and also some distance just because it's a stress reliever for me. I also went on a few long bike rides with the husband, and long hilly hikes with the dogs. Fun "vacation." Anyway, so far I have only lost 5 pounds, but it's better than nothing. It would be really nice to get under 132 for the meet at the Iowa State Fair I'm hoping to enter. I can't seem to get a solid answer from anyone about how to register for it, so it may not happen. But anyway, it's been nice to try to slim down and give my digestive system a bit of a break. It's kind of funny how good it feels just to allow myself to be hungry some of the time. My stomach is much happier with me right now. We picked our first zuchinni and round of cucumbers, as well as probably the last round of green beans, snow peas, and sugar snap peas. Our cauliflower is finally looking like cauliflower, and we have a wee little baby watermelon forming. So the garden is becoming a pretty fun hobby, and helping me stay healthy. Plus, it's really nice to have almost free organic produce all the time.
  4. Oh, without any rest between sets at all? Sounds challenging! I might have to give it a try. I think I might just make up my own training program using supersets, I guess. Does 40% of my 1RM sound reasonable for like, over 12 reps of each exercise? Well.....if I was going to start with deadlifts and eventually get to a push press without changing the weight, it would obviously have to be less, but I could do something a little different than that example. Maybe one minute rest between each set and an appropriate weight for each exercise so the deadlifts and hang cleans would still be as challenging as overhead pressing. Hm...I'm deciding whether to continue with my cardio outdoors after work tonight. It looks rainy, so I think I'm going to head back to the gym cardio with weights tonight! I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm going in without much of a plan. But I'm re-reading some articles on German Volume Training just in case I end up getting to the gym and not wanting to "wing it."
  5. I just looked that up, and it sounds similar to GVT, which is a 10x10. Yep, something like that is around the corner for me...Do you have a suggestion? I was just going to do GVT since I've done it before.
  6. So far I've done some HIIT and lost three pounds...we'll see what the rest of the week brings. I just hope I don't lose too much of my strength. As far as the diet goes, so far I just gave up the protein shake and the almonds, and then cut back on sugar and carbs, but I didn't eliminate them entirely.
  7. Deadlift Day Sigh......ok. I've been kind of noticing this for the last couple of months but have been in denial. I'm getting a pudgy tummy and a pretty disgusting physique and my strength gains are really not all that impressive compared to how much weight I've put on. I have kind of lost my enthusiasm for powerlifting lately. That being said, I'm not giving up, at least not yet. I just need a month to cut and do something different. My body is screaming out for a change and demanding less calories. Yes, really. I have indigestion like all the time now. But since this weekend when I just tried to cool it, the indigestion went away. It's totally just because of the amount of calories, not a specific food. So anyway, my deadlift day started out pretty lackluster: Deadlift: 1x3x135 1x3x185 1x3x210 1x3x235 Rack Pulls: failx245 failx245 ......and then I just decided to make it into a cardio day, so I spent 20 or so minutes on the stationary bike. Good enough. I'm thinking I'll just spend this week cutting back on calories and doing cardio, then attempt to go into German Volume Training next week and stick to that for about a month, and see where I am at that point.
  8. Mmm, not quite. Last month I ended up spending a lot of time dealing with some other situations and not getting in the gym enough, so I did the same assumed 1RM all over again for this month. That being said, I must've recovered pretty well to bench 8x100 last week. That is not usual for me and made me pretty happy. This week is a little lackluster so far, but we'll see what happens tonight. I think as long as I concentrate on my calories a little better next week I should do ok. I was also thinking of doing German Volume Training next month to switch things up.
  9. Chewy, thanks for posting those exercises. I don't really struggle with shoulder inflexibility, but I was wondering about some warmup ideas for my overhead press day. At the moment, I don't really warm up at all for it, so I'll definitely work in a couple of the things you mentioned.
  10. Bench Day Bench Press: 1x3x45 1x3x85 1x3x95 1x3x110 1x6x100 1x7x95 1x8x90 1x9x85 1x10x80 BOR: 2x10x95 1x7x95 Tricep Extensions: 2x12x30 1x10x30 Nothing too outstanding this week, and tonight we'll see how deadlifting goes. At least for the most part, this month is going pretty well. Hopefully I'll have some time for cardio tomorrow, and I'll get back in the gym on Saturday or Sunday, possibly both. My dogs woke me up at 3:20 in the morning tonight and barked pretty steadily until I was planning to get up, at 6:15. Thanks, dogs. So I'm pretty exhausted, but I'm trying to shovel food in and I'm hoping for the best tonight.
  11. Squat Day Foam rolling and stretching for about 10 minutes Parallel Squat: 1x3x45 1x3x145 1x3x165 1x3x185 Oly Squat (A2G): 3x8x135 Front Squat: 3x3x95 Lunges with 45 lg plate held overhead: 3x8 steps each side 1x5 steps each side Foam rolling for about five minutes
  12. Thank you! Alas, I had trouble getting into the gym often enough last week. However, we did manage to harvest another round of collard greens and strawberries, our first round of snow peas, and began work on our large arbor for the kiwi vines. Oh well, today is the start of a new week!
  13. Hope you're still able to get in the gym now and then. How's the new job? Is it kicking your butt?
  14. Ah, life stuff. I hope you're doing ok. That's usually my reason why I can't seem to fit in four days of strength training each week!
  15. I think all those 20 rep rack pulls are pretty impressive for someone with a summer cold!
  16. Bench Day Bench Press: 1x5x45 1x5x80 1x5x90 1x8x100 Pyramid Down on Bench Press: 1x8x95 1x10x90 1x8x85 1x8x80 1x8x75 I think I just really was losing steam after that unexpected 1x8x100, and perhaps not resting enough between sets during the pyramid. BOR: 2x12x95 1x10x95 Push-Ups: 1x12 1x10 1x6 I think that was all I had time for. Overhead Press Day Military Press: 1x3x45 1x3x55 1x3x60 1x4x70 Also a good sign. Thanks for progressing slightly, upper body! Push Press: 1xfailx80 3x3x75 Overhead Shrugs: 3x10x75 Dips: 1x10 1x8 1x6 These frickin' hurt, after Tuesday's bench day. Well, normally I don't do things in that order, so my overhead press day is normally not so close to my bench day. Next week will be better. Assisted Chin-Ups (36 lb): 1x12 1x6 1x5 I plan to go in on Saturday and do my squat day. Things are all out of wack this month. Hopefully I'll really do four days of lifting per week pretty soon. It's not a soreness or recovery issue, it's more of a time management issue.
  17. Deadlift Day Well, I ended up doing things a little out of order this week. I was intending to do the Bench Bash at my gym on Saturday but I missed weigh-ins. Sounds like there were some really strong girls. I would've lost, but it would have been fun. Oh well. Deadlift: 1x5x135 1x5x175 1x5x195 1x5x220 Rack Pulls: 1x3x245 from knees 2x1x245 from about mid-shin Assisted Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 1x10 with about 48 lb assistance 1x6 with about 42 lb assistance 1x4 with about 42 lb assistance Farmer's Walks: 3x90 or 95 each hand Plate Pinches: 3 sets to failure, each hand
  18. Well, I married a meat eater and he is still my best friend and the love of my life...and he is also considering going vegetarian now, but I never once pushed him. Once I realized that I would love him even if I knew he would never ever go vegetarian, I was ready to marry him. As far as the Mad Cow disease question, I agree with Chewy that the probability of that happening is extremely low.
  19. Oh, thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one...I'm not exactly naturally graceful or athletic. I guess maybe that's why I have terrible balance. I mean, I've been working those lunges for about a year and still have problems. Seriously? Grr.
  20. Squat Day Stretching for about ten minutes....I think someone has swiped both of the foam rollers from the power room. I can't find them anywhere else in the gym. Might have to spring for one of my own. Parallel Squat: 1x5x45 1x5x135 1x5x155 1x5x175 A2G Squat: 1x8x135 1x7x135 1x5x135 Front Squat: One weird, wobbly set where I almost fell over, then stood up with it, racked it, and took a moment to collect myself, then... 3x3x95 Not all of these were to parallel. I was having a lot of balance issues. I think that's the main difficulty with front squats, at least for me. Lunges with 45 lb plate held overhead: 3x8 steps, each side A longer than usual squat day for me, but it was fun. So I decided after last month I was getting way too exhausted. I'm not sure if it's from beginning four days of lifting again, or from trying to switch up the assistance. Since I really want to continue doing four days of lifting per week, I decided just to go back to doing all of the same body part during one session, instead of switching from one body part to another. Hopefully I'll just adjust to doing four days of strength training soon.
  21. OK! Back to business. I decided to redo the last cycle's weights since I missed part of it. Overhead Press Day SOHP: 1x5x45 1x5x50 1x5x55 1x5x65 Push Press: 3x3x75 Overhead Shrugs: 1x8x65 2x10x65 Dips: 1x10 1x8 1x5 Assisted Chin-Ups (36 pounds assistance): 1x10 1x6 1x5 That's it! Squat Day tonight!
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