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  1. To answer your questions, gsop_3, I don't even remember how long I've been doing 5/3/1, I enjoy it so much! I've been seeing steady progress for about a year on this program, so I haven't changed it around too much, I just take a break once in a while. I've never done stronglifts, but it does sound more like a beginner program, because I know at this point I wouldn't recover so fast from squatting so often, but in the beginning I could. Actually, before I started 5/3/1, I did Bill Starr's 5x5 which is somewhat similar to Stronglifts, at least as far as squatting three times a week. It's a lot more linear, which works for the first few months and then you start to plateau, which is exactly what happened for me. It's two weeks of doing five sets of five and then two weeks of five sets of three, if I remember right. And day one and three are the same, with squats, bench, overhead press, and something else, I think...Day two in the middle is deadlifts and pull-ups or something. I can't really remember anymore. But at this point, I would never be able to give a training session my all if I did so many core lifts in the same day. But yeah, I agree with Chewy, I just don't really consider myself an expert, so I'm tentative about giving out information to others.
  2. Uh-oh, you're catching up to me on bench press! Haha! Nice work.
  3. Haha, yeah, I'm over it. My back sure is sore from that fall, though. Bench Day Bench Press: 1x3x45 1x3x75 1x3x90 1x6x100 (no spotter at all, but I wasn't even nervous about attempting the last rep: a good sign) 1x8x90 1x10x85 1x11x80 1x10x75 1x12x70 Bent Over Rows: 1x10x95 1x8x95 1x7x95 Push-Ups: 1x12 1x10 1x8 Assisted Pull-Ups: 1x10 1x6 1x5 1x4 This was the best bench day I've had in I think, over a year. I thought I was starting to gain a little momentum from including that pyramid down before I went on my honeymoon. Then when I came back I sort of had a slow start from taking so much time off, but I've gotten back to where I was right before we left. So, that's a good sign. Today's BW: 142
  4. Squat Day Started out the day with leg and hip stretches. Parallel Squat: 1x3x45 1x3x135 1x3x155 1x3x175 Oly Squat: 1x5x135 1x4x135 1x5x135 That was weird...I think during the second set, I shot down way too fast during the fifth rep, and that's why I couldn't make it up. I had to dump the weight behind me onto the safety bars. One of the guys in the Power Room complimented me for dumping it the right way. That was kind of funny. I was still pretty embarrassed. Lunge with 35 lb plate held overhead: 2x8 lunges on each side 1x6 lunges on each side I forgot all about foam rolling, but this week I am much less sore. Well, at least from lifting. Yesterday morning I slipped down the stairs while carrying my breakfast and my back and neck are all sore from that. My breakfast went all over the place. It was like a tofu scramble hurricane. Miraculously, my oatmeal bowl landed upright and just shifted around inside the bowl a little, so at least I managed to eat half my usual breakfast before I went to work. I was still pretty grumpy, though.
  5. I've been seeing awesome gains from the 5/3/1 myself, but I also hear great things about Stronglifts, so...whatever works for you! Go get 'em!
  6. How do you make your red lentil burger? That sounds like something my husband and I would both like....
  7. Thanks, MaryStella! On Thursday I ran sprints outside in my green shorts and green running shoes in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Deadlift Day Deadlift: 1x5x135 1x5x160 1x5x185 1x5x210 Rack Pulls: 3x3x235 Assisted Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 3x5 1x3 Farmer's Walks with a 45 lb plate in each hand: 3 sets Plate Pinches with two 5 lb plates pinched between my thumb and fingers: 3 sets each hand My bodyweight is 139.
  8. It's been a while since I've updated my blog. The last two weeks since I got back from my vacation I got sick twice, once with an epic cold, once with some kind of stomach thing going around my office. So I've had a rough time getting back to the ol' routine. I'm just starting fresh this week, since I've been able to once again shovel in the food and am feeling more like my old self. Squat Day Assumed 1RM: 195 I started out with a few leg and hip stretches. Parallel Squat: 1x5x45 1x5x125 1x5x145 1x5x165 Oly Squat: 3x5x135 Lunges with 35 lb plate held overhead: 3 sets Foam Rolling Bench Day My legs were pretty sore from squatting the previous day, so I started out foam rolling for a while. I don't think it was enough. Bench: 1x5x45 1x5x70 1x5x80 1x5x95 Then a pyramid down: 1x6x90 1x7x85 1x8x80 1x10x75 1x11x70 Push-Ups: 2x10 1x9 Assisted Chin-Ups: 1x10 1x7 1x5 More foam rolling. This usually helps, but I think after taking some time off due to being sick, I'm just not used to lifting yet. It should wear off soon.
  9. Welcome to the community! I think your English is pretty good, actually! I like the Cro-Mags too.
  10. I'm not particularly handy myself, but it looks like you can build one on your own for way cheaper. Here are a few links: http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f13/building-my-own-squat-rack-pictures-776375/ http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f13/home-made-power-rack-squat-rack-551971/
  11. I'm glad you're getting back to running. I know you missed it! I hope your foot continues to heal properly.
  12. Lobster, I like how your squats are coming along! Do you remember telling me you wish you could squat 135?
  13. I wondered how your tummy was treating you these days, Cellar Yeti. I'm glad to see you can handle such a variety of food, though.
  14. Welcome, Ben! We have a lot in common. I've been vegan for eight years as well, and am also interested in power lifting and strongman. One of my friends is going to have a backyard strongman competition in May, so I'm looking forward to that. I think I might be the strongest girl in our circle of friends! I hope you find this forum helpful. You can check out my log and VeganEssentials log, I think they might be up your alley.
  15. Well, for the remainder of my week I did the following: Bench Day on Wednesday Bench Press: 1x5x45 1x5x65 1x5x75 1x9x85 1x9x80 1x10x75 1x11x70 1x11x65 Push-Ups: 1x10 1x8 1x7 I was losing steam, so I called it a day. Deadlift Day on Friday Deadlift: 1x5x135 1x5x175 1x5x185 1x2x195 I had a bit of pain in my right knee during my second to last set, and then during the second rep of my last set it was suddenly a lot worse, so I stopped even though my back and my grip were still doing fine. I think it might just be a stance thing so I'll concentrate on that next time. Rack Pulls: 3x2x235 Assisted Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 3x5 Farmer's Walks: 3 sets with a 45 lb plate in each hand Plate Pinches: 3 sets each hand I thought my cold was still hanging on, so I sacrificed the cardio all week. I think I might step into the gym tonight just to do some quick cardio, then tomorrow back to lifting.
  16. Well, we did some research before we left, so mostly we hunted down restaurants we found online beforehand. Once we went to Asia for dinner. Istanbul is partially in Europe and partially in Asia. The restaurant was called Ciya. My food was ok, but kind of a small portion. It was some sort of spicy bean soup. There was one restaurant close to our hotel where I got a bean dish, rice and spinach, and some eggplant thing. Very lean and healthy for a restaurant, and pretty tasty, too. That one was a good find. Lots of vegan candy, but I just wasn't in the mood. I kind of wished we had brought some Turkish delights back to the States now, but oh well. I actually think we might go back someday. Paris was another story. I thought I was going to starve. Luckily, I brought along about fifteen boxed meals ready to eat, so I had rice and lentil thingies when we came home. Lunch was more of an issue. We did meet up with The Vegan Society of France at a Vegan bed and breakfast for Valentine's Day Dinner. We didn't stay there, we just went to their special dinner party as my Valentine's Day present. That was probably the best I had the whole time. They recommended several restaurants, but we only got to one of them and the lunch for both of us cost 50 euros!!!! So no more eating at restaurants for the remaining 1 1/2 days, haha. At least I had tons of good Parisian coffee. We did find an organic grocery store called Naturalia online before we went. They had multiple shops all over the city. We went there for various food items as well. We rented an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, so we had a kitchenette to work with. All in all, I had fun, but was a little disappointed in the food situation in Paris.
  17. I'm back! Had an awesome time. I definitely fell in love with Istanbul. I didn't expect it to be such a comfortable place to visit. Paris was of course awesome, minus how most french food is meat and dairy focused and the smelly Metro stations, but it was all worth it to see some amazing sights. I'm glad I brought along so much food, though. I found a few pretty awesome vegan things, but definitely not enough to account for all my meals per day. The day we went to Versailles I was particularly worried because that takes about a full day, so I thought I would have to eat protein bars and larabars for my lunch, but we randomly stumbled across an organic farmer's market. There was a small stand with primarily vegan food, so I had vegan paella and a lentil quiche type thing. Such an awesome coincidence. He even had vegan pumpkin pie, but I was too full to get it. Anyway, I'm attempting to get back into the game. So on Monday I did: Parallel Squats: 1x5x45 1x5x135 1x5x155 1x1x175 On the last set I just felt sort of distracted and worried, so I just racked it and decided to do something a little lighter for a while. Oly Squats: 3x5x135 Lunges with 35 lb plate held overhead: 3 sets Tonight I will do (gulp) bench press and see how that goes. I'm attempting to get back to my normal calorie ratio, but it's a little difficult. I think next week will go a little better. Tonight is going to be rough, haha!
  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, Robert. Rest up and see a doctor if you need to!
  19. You're doing well! Why the "ew" on burpees? I always thought they were fun! Haha.
  20. When my husband saw this he laughed and said "maybe she's being sarcastic." He's just kidding. I've been struggling with that dang bench press for months and months, but am finally starting to see a little progress. Any miniscule amount of time off equals lost strength, primarily in that lift, so I'm sure it'll sink back down after I get back from Paris. Oh well. I'm sure we will have fun. We're super excited! I'm going to get some of those curly-toed slippers in Istanbul, I think. And plenty of Turkish Delights and falafel.
  21. I just COMPLETED my PB week, if you mean the 5/3/1 week. This week of the blizzard is Deload Week, so I've been messing around with the kettle bell at home during the snowstorm. The roads are a lot better today, so I'll go to the gym and probably just do some more cardio. Sorry to disappoint, but I know when I've reached my limits...for the moment. I'm sure I'll be a little weak when I come back after two straight weeks of vacationing, too. I might have to repeat the cycle yet again! But I can usually buckle down and start wolfing down food and lifting heavy fairly quickly, so I'll be back in the game before you know it. I don't think I'll compete until at least the state fair this summer. They have a Bench Press / Deadlift Competition that sounds sort of informal. There was one in April I was thinking about, but I think it's too soon after the vacation.
  22. Bench Day Bench Press: 1x5x45 1x5x85 1x3x100 1x2x110 1x3x105 1x4x100 1x5x95 1x5x90 1x7x85 BOR: 1x10x95 2x8x95 Push-Ups: 2x16 1x10 Assisted Pull-Ups: 1x8 2x3 Deadlift Day Deadlift: 1x5x135 1x5x185 1x3x210 1x1x235 Just didn't have anything left in the tank for a second rep! Rack Pulls: 3x1x255 Farmer's Walks: 3 sets Plate Pinches: 3 sets So this week would be my Deload Week, but I haven't made it in to the gym as I'm busy preparing for our international adventure next week. The husband and I are going to Istanbul and Paris for our honeymoon. We also had a blizzard here so I didn't feel safe driving more than I had to. If I'm not on here for a couple weeks, don't worry, I'm just either touring ancient mosques/orthodox churches in Istanbul, or sipping coffee at a Parisian cafe!
  23. We have a blizzard warning here so I'm sure I'll have to plow through some snow tomorrow morning, too. *Groan*
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