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  1. Hello I'm a norwegian vegan, 27, male and I'm not even close to being a bodybuilder. I guess that's mostly the reason why I'm here... I'd really like to get in shape and get...uhm...bigger I'm tired of people calling me thin, and that I have to gain weight. It would be nice with some inspiration, and this seems like the place to find it I became a vegetarian in november '97 and vegan in august '99. I was heavily influenced by hardcore bands, especially american (vegan) bands that played at our local scene. I used to be in pretty good shape when I was younger. I played football(soccer) all day long, and even got into the state team for my age. I went to sports school for 3 years when I was 16, but after that I slowly lost interest, and got into skating and the stereotypical partying.....and, well........here I am, trying to get my health back Looking forward to meeting you all Wiggo
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