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  1. Thanks Kenny! A class like that would be helpful for sure.
  2. Hi, I have an issue with very easily spraining my joints and tearing ligaments. I train in martial arts competitively and have done so the last 5 years. I have sprained both ankles in this time period (my right ankle twice, the last time being only 2 weeks ago and I am almost certain I tore ligaments - will get results tomorrow), and I had ACL surgery a year and a half ago after completely tearing my ACL in class one day. I have also dislocated my shoulder a couple of times. I am really flexible and was always spraining my ankles, wrists, thumbs, etc when I was little in gymnastics class. My concern is that many people in my martial arts class blame my injuries on being vegan. It is HIGHLY, HIGHLY irritating. I know what I eat is healthy and conducive to my training. Plus, I have always been prone to injury long before I was vegan. I was just wondering if anyone else has similar issues, and also what can I say in response to the people who are blaming my vegan diet? I am a healthy vegan and it is infuriating that people believe I am lacking something in my diet and thus writing veganism off as silly. Also, any tips on preventing injury? I have been on deck for my black belt the last 2.5 years and I just keep getting injured. Thanks for any feedback! M
  3. Ya, BC! Haha, please ask away if you need any guidance =) Happy to make new vegan friends...
  4. SG - lookin good boy!!! Tons of progress since the last update - super impressed, keep it up friend!
  5. Hey Rob! Ya, that's what I find too. I will be really hungry, eat, and fill up quickly. Then about an hour later I'm hungry again =( I don't mind eating, I love food, but it can get expensive and inconvenient at times. You're probably right about the fibre issue. I think I may just need to add more filling, but healthy, snacks in between, and need to time my meals properly.
  6. I am not drinking nearly enough water. I have tea in the morning and then maybe a glass of something during the day (water or vitamin water, or juice), then I'll drink some during my workout (1.5 hours of cardio essentially). When I get home I'll drink a couple glasses of water and then have my protein shake. Even if drinking water doesn't quench my hunger, I know I should be replenishing my body a lot more. I just never really feel overly thirsty unless I'm working out hard. Haha, I wish I could eat cashews! Unfortunately, I have a deadly allergy to them =( Thanks for your suggestions too lobsterific!!!
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    Thanks Robert =) I actually caught the very tail end of a presentation you were giving once at the Vancouver Vegetarian Food Fair a few years back -- any plans for doing another one at the 2010 fair?
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    Ya, why won't that girl join??
  9. Mariko


    Hey everyone, thanks for the welcome =) Lots of good info. on here and like-minded peeps...
  10. Thanks G! Hmm, I never really thought about taking in more than 1 protein shake a day but I guess it can't hurt...so much soy/almond milk to go through though -- but I guess I can sub with water or half and half. Planning meals better would probably help too, and timing my meals. I find that working from home everything gets pushed back, ie. sometimes I don't eat breakfast until 11am, even though I've been up working since 7:30-8...
  11. Lookin good!! I looked at your pics again, and there is crazy improvement! You should post new ones...I'm sure there is even more improvement. Good job buddy =)
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