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  1. My name us Lisaann I am the 40 year-old single mom of a 14 year old son . I became a Vegitarian about 9 months ago. I got fed up with hearing all the horror stories in the news about Mad Cow Disease & E.coli & decided I needed to give up red meat for my health. Everyone kept telling me I was going to miss it at first, but I don't & I'm actually healthier. I used to get sick with bad colds & now I don't. I'm also more aware of what I'm buying whenever I go to the supermarket. I try to buy organic foods whenever I can get them. I love vegan & vegitarian burgers & soymilk & only eat cage free eggs (They are pricey, but I would rather give up something I don't need than eat eggs produced by hens who are locked up in wire cages!). Besides my son, I have a "Fur" baby, a Yorkshire Terrier named Sunni. She's 1. I have kind of made it my mission to make sure dogs like her are not used in scams, bred in puppy mills, or abused. I hear stories everyday about small breed dogs being tortured & there are so many Yorkies who are desprately in need of good homes. If I could afford to, I would adopt them all. It's sad what people do to them.
  2. You mean to tell me Morningstar Farms are not using cage free eggs...what planet are they living on???? I don't like their veggie burgers. They are too crispy & taste like peanut oil. I prefer Bocca Burgers, either the Veggie or Vegan, & Bocca Chilli. I have also used their ground soyburger to make spaghetti & other things. Sometimes I feed it to my family & they DONT EVEN KNOW!!!
  3. Your story was nice, but I kinda resent the implication that if one is anything BUT a vegan they are evil !!! For me, vegitarianism is a PERSONAL choice. It's great that you all are vegans, but to suggest that I care for animals less because of what I do or do not eat, is a very judgemental way of thinking.
  4. Thanks for the info...Stores to make a top priority Super Walmart & Meijers Stores !!!
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