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  1. Back in the gym for some cardio today - felt good at the time. Sometimes, though - and I remember this from back when I was doing my martial arts - if I don't drink enough fluids before the workout I get a massive headache afterwords - it usually starts out small and gets worse and worse, doesn't go away until I take some aspirin or ibupro. I started to get that headache today - hoping like crazy I wouldn't have to take any drugs, I meditated for an hour, then slept for another 1 1/2 hours. I have just a small bit of headache now that comes and goes. Glad it is much reduced and on the way out without using any drugs !!! Unfortunately taking the fluids after the fact doesn't help . Feeling much better now - won't forget to drink my water in the morning any more
  2. Hmmm......the only thing I can think of is that the contraction of abs that are in good shape massages the intestines better than flabby abs and keeps things moving through at a good rate. If stuff doesn't move through well, the excess exposure to digestive enzymes and bacteria can cause putrification and toxin buildup.
  3. I use Earthrise Spirulina Organic - I take 1 teaspoon per day mixed in my morning juice .
  4. I'm at 100% raw now - with a Juice Feast in place for one day a week. Meal Plan made, going grocery shopping today - looking forward to feeling so much better . I'm also feeling like I'm ready to head back to the gym for some cardio. Will let my body tell me when I am ready to start lifting again.
  5. You probably pissed him off when you beat him in high school and inspired him to become #1 in the world.
  6. Reading the article Bigbwii posting about food combing brought back some memories from when I was a kid. I used to eat this way, naturally - I ate one thing at a time (and was ridiculed highly for it), I didn't like my food either too hot or too cold (was ridiculed, and still am by my parents, at the age of 48, because I don't put scalding hot food into my mouth. They tried to make me feel like I was truly a mutant for eating this way - and still try on those rare occasions when I visit . I loved raw veggies as a kid - hated the mushy cooked veggies mom would serve, especially the frozen spinach souffle - yuk! I was amazed at how good spinach tasted once I got out of my parents' house and was able to eat it in it's natural form. So I'm trying to get back to remembering how I used to eat before all the people around me told me I was doing it wrong . The body knows......
  7. Angela Stokes RawReform Recipes e-book has a number of recipes in it for using all kinds of pulp, including almond! Here's a generic recipe for dehydrated pulp crackers: 3 cups vegetable pulp 1 cup ground seeds/nuts 1/2 t Himalayan/Celtic sea salt/Herbamare 1/2 cup fresh herbs mix in food processor and dehydrate.
  8. I just got all 4 of Angela Stokes' books - they are awesome! I'm enjoying your blog - for now I'm going to do a juice feast one day a week, haven't gotten brave enough to do more than that, but it's getting more tempting I'm also adding in bee pollen to my smoothies so guess I'm a beegan too !!!
  9. Whew ! Have been switching more and more to raw and there is definitely cleansing go on here - sheesh !! I am not brave enough to do a full cleanse at this point. I am going to begin doing a juice feast/fast one day a week and see how that goes. Still don't feel like I have the energy to get myself back in the gym but I'm definitely feeling like I'm on the right track and will keep pushing ahead
  10. Just came across this info in The Juice Feaster's Handbook by Angela Stokes: "Try your best to limit the amount of hybridized fruits you use, as they tend to be harmful to the 'good' intestinal bacteria and feed fungal conditions like candida. Avoid anything labelled 'seedless' in particular - these over-sweet cross-breeds are biologically weak and lack vitality or a good mineral balance. Hybrids are dependent on chemicals for protection from insects, as they have been cultivated to be so sweet that they are extremely appealing to animals and would not survive if left to grow wild. Wild foods contain by far the most nutritional content and energy. Wild foods contain by far the most nutritional content and energy. Wild fruits tend to be small, fibrous and quite sour. Some common hybrid fruits and vegetables include: seedless apples, bananas, pineapples, grapes, watermelons, beetroots (beets), carrots and corn."
  11. I'm starting to do lots of juicing lately and can't bear to throw out all that pulp. I have a few recipes for raw carrot pulp, anyone have other ideas for carrot, beet, apple, and celery pulp? Oh - and almond pulp -left over from making almond milk? Thanks!!
  12. Whew - Hi everyone - I'm back . A few posts back I mentioned that I needed to put together a sprouting schedule so I would have a continuous supply of sprouts as I needed them - took me awhile - but I've finally done that . I've also been researching juicing and raw diet and getting a program put together to make sure I get all my nutrients naturally. I'm finally at a point where I have a system set up to make sure I get my nutrients in every day. As far as juicing goes - does anyone know where I can find recipes that use all that pulp? I hate to waste anything and can't bring myself to throw the pulp out . I've found a few recipes that use carrot pulp - any suggestions for carrot, celery, beet, oh - and almond pulp that is left over from making almond milk.? Thanks !!
  13. Making my first sprouted wheat pizza today. Can't wait 'til it's done
  14. Thanks, veganpotter - I plan to get chick peas into the sprouting rotation Thanks for the juice idea, andesuma - sounds awesome . I'll give it a try .
  15. Very happy with my sprouting efforts I've got very healthy alfalfa, sunflower, buckwheat, and broccoli sprouts growing How fun . Made more sprouted wheat bread today - good stuff !!! I'm happy with the way this is working out - now I just have to come up with a schedule so I can make sure I have a continuous supply of the sprouts I need when I need them .
  16. Whew!! Monday's and Tuesday's are super busy for me and leave little time for posting. Feels good to be back online . I've been making lots of different sprout-related salads, juices, and snacks from Steve Meyerowitz's Kitchen Garden Cookbook. I have noticed that I get incredibly tired and MUST sleep after eating Dr. Ann Wigmore's Energy Soup - which contains 1/2 apple 2 oz sprouts (I am using alfalfa) 1/8 C Dulse 1/4 Avocado Blend together and eat like a bowl of thick soup. This strong urge to sleep doesn't happen with any of the other recipes I've tried. I am thinking that this reaction is a healing response - that my body needs to fully absorb the nutrients in here. Any ideas anyone?
  17. Made sprout bread today - good stuff . I am gradually moving to eating more and more live foods - I'm likin' this .
  18. Here's a link explaining the difference between the 2: http://www.mattfurey.com/hindu_push_ups.html On the Hindu pushups, inhale as you go down and press back up, exhale as you push back to the starting downward dog position. Here's photos on how to do the Hindu pushup: http://www.cbass.com/Furey.htm
  19. Loaded up the dehydrator today . There's watermelon, pineapple, lemon, garlic, onion, bananas, apples, pears, kiwi, tomatoes, and sprouts in there . I also started sprouting red winter wheat, sunflower, more buckwheat, alfalfa, broccoli, and lentils.
  20. The rest of my organic seeds for sprouting arrived today . My second batch of Rejuvelac is done. One thing that really bugs me is wasted food. What I love about the Rejuvelac is that after you use the wheat berries to make 2 batches of 'juice' you then grind and dry the berries to make wheat crackers ! Not a thing wasted Love It !! Got a huge amount of produce today - I now have some beets, Zack ! Also, my first batch of home-grown sprouts is ready today . I'm ready to juice, dehydrate, sprout and generally have fun in the kitchen .
  21. Woooo Hoooo !!! My dehydrator arrived today - this is better than Christmas
  22. Thanks cubby ! This morning I threw a bunch of stuff I had on hand in the juicer - apple, carrots, sprouts (I used some of the broccoli/alfalfa/clover/radish/wheat sprouts - better when I just use a small amount ), almonds, and green pepper. Yummy !!!! Had my first taste of the Rejuvelac yesterday - the recipe claims it tastes like lemonade - NOT . It does have a clean, refreshing kinda odd taste - if it works, I can get used to it .
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