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  1. Wow...this is tons of info for this newby. I'm very thankful. I am trying to go from 'just doing' to understand what it's actually 'doing for me'!
  2. Thank you for your comment. I have heard so much yuck about soy protein that I'm not sure of it's goodness anymore. I was a soy nut a few years ago but since I heard all this new data (may be old data but new to me) well, I 'd rather avoid it or at least keep it to strict moderation. I do appreciate your input though. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Let me know how your new program is going... Happy Friday!
  4. I am at a loss with this vegetarian lifestyle and how I can truly build muscle/be fit. Since giving birth to my 5th daughter via c-section (after two VBAC's) I have been in a fitness & nutrition middle ground . I want to get back into shape but the only way I truly know how to do this is the typical American way of meat, veggies and brown rice. I wrote a book about it and everything (www.bloggersdiet.com). I am a personal trainer but since early 2008. I have learned so much about nutrition from a holistic perspective that I am downright confused now. I can't seem to get full on beans, rice and broccoli then I end up snacking on chips & veggie pizza. I am also a lover of supplements but things are a bit different when you go veg. I frequent sites like www.bodybuilding.com but they never have any transformation stories on women who are vegetarian or vegan who made the transition. I love muscle; the look and the feel. I don't want to be a thin or un-toned vegetarian chick like Natalia Rosa or The Kind diet chick for instance (love their work though). Any guidance would be super-uber appreciated .
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