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  1. I'm trying to get ripped without losing muscle or strength.I want to keep gaining strength.Also i plan to lose 10-15kg (i was 100kg last week, now down to 98kg). I really hate carry the extra weight on runs and i always sucked at chinups so being 100kg after bulking just made this harder. What im doing is: *running everyday *eating clean (no greasy or junk food basically) *if you're taking creatine stop because it holds alot of water weight (its a cell volumizer).good for gains not for cutting *no high carb meals after 4pm (if i do i make sure to go for a walk/bit of a jog before bed to burn off anything that will store as fat overnight) *final meal is always a protein shake Basically the plan is to wake up around a pound lighter everyday. If you have to lose extra weight 2 days before a weigh in or something i recommend asking around on sherdog.com or something so you get it right. Dehydrating and starving yourself before a match has to be done perfect so ask as many competitive fighters as possible to learn from experience.
  2. You're really good.Are you planning on going pro in kickboxing?
  3. I only run at midnight-2am.The fear of the dark makes me run faster and its more fun.
  4. What brand do most people here take?I havent taken creatine in 4 years and not sure which 1 to get.Is bsn cellmass good?Its post workout which is different.Does it matter if you take it pre or post training?
  5. Yeah everything seems to be working fine. Can we still embed youtube videos though?It doesn't work like it did before. Example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_LeBV8SFqk
  6. NEW ALBUM! why doesnt the youtube video embed anymore?
  7. We should all swear an oath that if any of us turn out like the people u listed then the rest of us must kill the person.Not out of rage just out of honor. Like a knight or samurai who betrayed the king or shogun. Who is down for this?Step up VBB.Swear a blood oath.
  8. is this even recent?i swear i read she eats cheese 2 years ago.
  9. rip zyzz I dont want to be big i just want to be powerful. http://i53.tinypic.com/5cx7yf.jpg http://i54.tinypic.com/2n72t12.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/2wp7z2w.jpg
  10. My acne is clearing up now i change my pillow and bed sheets every few days now.Seems to have been the cause all this time.
  11. >bread with eggs >eggs >veganbodybuilding.com >chickens menstrual cycle >eats chicken period for breakfast Lewis u listed whey, yogurt and cheese wtf. Banana smoothie is my favorite breakfast.I put 6 bananas in it and apricot juice.Sometimes i add ground flax seeds in there.Oats are good for bulking.But i feel better just with the smoothie.
  12. Hey i just want to ask what vegetables i should have in my diet because i haven't really eaten any/many in years. Right now its just spinach leaves and rarely broccoli. Also what are best methods of cooking vegetables that aren't eaten raw?
  13. I'm in the same boat.I've had it since i was 14 and since i was 16 ive been fairly healthy but it wont go away.I even just ate fruit and greens for a month and still was getting pimples. I don't wash my bed sheets though i leave it to my mom and she hardly ever does it.Maybe that is the problem. It sucks so bad though.My back is scared from all the years and my face hardly gets any pimples.Strange.Whenever i get in shape i can't even show off cus i don't want to take my shirt off cus my back is fucked.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5PmyjiMIOw Just the best vegan band ever. 1:27 behold that epic guitar tae kwon do.
  15. Requiem no shotacon kawaii desu is a creative name. But you could just take a name from a song like upon a rivers sky *insert wellness or whatever*(i prefer beauty club over wellness, js) its sounds nice, doesn't it?upon a rivers sky.upon a rivers sky.upon a rivers sky.
  16. My favorite band is I Killed The Prom Queen.They are kind of back together now too but only a part time band because the members are all in other bands now.It sucks because i killed the prom queen in their prime was better than all the bands the members are in now.But i wish Ed Butcher would be let back in the band.He had the bets vocals ever.
  17. I chose a non career job because i work about 30-35 a week and its just work at liquor store which i dont plan on doing anymore than a couple more months at the most. Sucks the life out of me being in a job with such low people all the time.Interesting to see what happens to people that drink and smoke long term.They rot.Some customers come in 3-4 times a day and some buy 6 bottles of wine every night.95% of the customers buy the cheapest range of products we have.Lucky to get 1 person a day actually buy a bottle of wine for over $20. I would not have anything against alcohol if people actually used it like civilized people should.But its not like that. How can we save them if they wont even save themselves?They dont care about their own lives at all it seems so how could they care about animals lives?Governments need to set better examples and make better laws to keep people liek this from existing.I think there should be special squads of agents to kidnap worthless people like alcoholics and take them to laboratories to be tested on for scientific purposes.They did it to themselves so they cant complain.Humans are over populated.It all makes perfect sense but people will complain because they lack logic and would rather animals suffer for nothing than worthless scum that rot themselves to death be used instead. I want to make this future reality.If people want to be bottom crawlers then they are put to use instead of leeching for their entire lives.
  18. These songs motivate me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZeZy_knHro
  19. welcome buddy. please accept this gif http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a272/MickReap10465/crabcore.gif
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