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  1. He's name is Zardi and he is 5 years old.He does this funny thing where he sprawls out on his stomach and crawls, dragging his back legs along making gorilla noises.He likes to play tug-a-war instead of fetching things.I used to be able to out run him but now he out runs me when we run on the beach. Thanks for the info MalcKiera.
  2. I've seen the dog food they have on veganessentials but i can't find anything like them in Australia and shipping will cost a lot for the weight of the amount i will need to give him.They have 20kg bags of hemp animal feed on the site where i get my hemp powder from but he would still need to get all his other minerals and vitamins from another food.Do they sell vegan dog food like the 1's on veganessentials in Australia?
  3. Anyone know what to feed a dog on a vegan diet?He eats avocados and even coconuts and seems to love them more than any other food.
  4. Had to take a snapshot from a video because he's scared of the camera and the camera is moving so it's pretty blurry but still the coolest dog ever. http://i46.tinypic.com/r9fpcx.jpg
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