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  1. What are you doing for your birthday Robert? Party hard!!
  2. Ripen that banana!LOL is has to look like dinosaur wieners.
  3. SO tired of people enslaving animals and/or murdering them.shits gone to far.
  4. fuuuuuuck i feel bad for not having enough money to give.
  5. mad show a pic of your sleeve.
  6. "Prevention is better than cure." 80/10/10 diet looks about as natural of a diet as you can get.Don't know why you seem to be in fear of it spreading to more people... And if people are so worried with their b12 etc, just get a blood test every 6 months.That's what they're for. And if people try a vegan diet with tons of fruit and greens as 80% of their diet i don't think they will think it sucks.They will feel the best they ever have.
  7. http://i51.tinypic.com/24maxz9.png Don't make me tell you again..... ..edit
  8. They broke up already though.I think in 2008. The singer, Ed Butcher (the good 1), went to Scotland and was in a band called Eternal Lord but he left that band too. The lead guitar player plays for Bring Me The Horizon now.
  9. Welcome buddy. What part of Aus are you from?
  10. I'm with you buddy. "Passion is necessary, passion is creative, passion is sometimes mistaken for bad attitude." Best thing said so far. We all need warmer hearts.Not more moderation.
  11. Kenshin is so deep.I wish it went on forever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XmhoPsiZwk
  12. So true.The fruit here is poor quality.Poorer countries like Thailand have it better. I watch your videos all the time on youtube.Your a legend.What steps does it take to go stay in Thailand for a few months?I've started saving all the money i can for the last month because im done wasting my life away in a small town doing nothing.My passion is martial arts and i love thai boxing.So a trip to Thailand would be perfect.
  13. Fatal Fury is fucking awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBftNtX-Xno There is 3 movies. http://megarapid.net/forums/t/582024.aspx Highly recommended for everyone.
  14. No way.I guess we're different because the album 'music for the recently deceased' is my favorite thing to listen too. I like parkway drive too but not as much and they are not vegan.Or im pretty sure they are not.
  15. He didn't get hammered.Showed alot of heart in that 2nd round to make it to the end.Would still like to see him fight in the ufc though.Can't believe they can't work something out to have him fight there.
  16. i was happy reading this until the last line there.... Great to see anyway.Hopefully it influences all the fans and other fighters to think in a different way about their diets. Just seeing Mac Danzig on the ultimate fighter 6 was what changed me into a vegetarian to begin with.Almost been 3 years now.Best thing i have done with my life for sure.
  17. Here's another 1 but goes into different detail about samurai history Also this Hagakure: Book of the Samurai http://www.rosenoire.org/archives/Hagakure.pdf
  18. Yeah he should just replace them with vegan burgers etc.Awesome to hear though.Taking action for the animals that were killed for that junk.
  19. Does anyone know any Japanese recipes they can share.Right now i pretty much just make miso soup with tofu and wakame leaf.Apart from that i just use udon noodles and experiment. Please share.
  20. Just watching it now and thought i'd share it here.It's a really good documentary.
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