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  1. yeah i never liked lipton anyway. is dilmah vegan?i drink the green tea all the time.
  2. Just saw on the list 'calves liver'.creepy that people eat like that and walk the streets amongst us.
  3. Looks like all of them are vegetarian. http://www.peta2.com/outthere/o-horizon.asp And their new guitarist is vegan straight edge for 11 years so far.And he's Aussie yay! http://news.fightmagazine.com/bring-me-the-horizon-mma-6041/
  4. so good to train to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHkbNJvp0go
  5. no 1 like? http://i53.tinypic.com/14lk3kw.jpg
  6. The singer is a vegetarian or maybe vegan.i think the other members might be aswell. If i can get the time off work im going to see them play at soundwave fuck yeah. http://i56.tinypic.com/11qiu76.jpg
  7. Sometimes i just say i'm a vegetarian but it's only because i doubt some of the people i say it too even know wtf i'm talking about.Everyone knows what a vegetarian is.But i'm proud to be a vegan.I can live knowing nothing is caged or being slaughtered because of me.I don't mean in a selfish way either.It's all for the animals.
  8. ex vegans say they have been depriving themselves on a vegan diet.... What about the life this animal was deprived of?It never got to eat at a restruant or whatever people say they are missing out on.How can anyone not put a life over a tiny inconvenience?"omg i went to a restruant and there was nothing vegan to eat there, life is so tough".what they had to go to a store and buy whatever produce they wanted instead?how can anyone allow this to happen. http://i53.tinypic.com/dowg88.jpg
  9. i never seen those products but its not like they just start pouring the ingredients in before cleaning down the machines. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF DAIRY like "we might have missed a bit".
  10. The machines are cleaned down between usage of different products so its totally vegan.Its just there so people with allergy cant blame them if something happens.
  11. yeah this would be the fight it was in the wec and its anthony pettis(guy throwing the kick) vs ben henderson
  12. this isn't really related except that the 2 guys will be fighting in the ufc now in the lightweight division i think.
  13. I never got around to making a garden.I grew some greens in pots but wasn't sure when to pick them and they turned into mutant flower things. I'll try again someday.
  14. Just started listening to 36 crazy fists..the video wont embed.
  15. i feel embarrassed when people in shows like this start singing.even in cartoons when they start singing i have to turn away.been this way since i can remember.
  16. he took this video down for some reason about a year ago.but i found it on another site.he's with Mac Danzig in this 1 http://www.tapoutlive.com/media/1237/Reggie_Warren_Jr._gets_a_visit_from_Dr._Mac_Danzig/
  17. he has killed some of the best martial art fighters in street fights.he has trained with Daniel Larusso (the kid in karate kid) and beats up ufc fighters for fun
  18. Looks like your doing great.Do different types of military press for the front deltoid on your shoulders.
  19. Make some green juice in the blender before you train.
  20. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_zz3p63WSXZE/TQRH2ZJRxjI/AAAAAAAAA2E/NZOAD6JWGeM/s1600/1.gif http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhdONbFFv-w
  21. "and was learning that eating meat is the real way to decrease one’s carbon footprint." wtf is this shit nothing worse than a person that becomes sick in the head and starts eating animals.i have never met someone like this before.i don't know what i would do about them. I'm so tired of animals being looked at as food.They have just as much right to live as any good person.I look at people that eat them as people that eat children.
  22. http://www.mmabloodbath.com/2010/12/mac-danzig-vs-joe-stevenson-video-ufc.html
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