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  1. OMFG!! i just got back from my sisters wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck yeah Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome.this is what i hoped mac would do since he got in the ufc.now he just ko'd joe stevenson I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wishing you luck for today Mac. Here's the card and what they weighed in at.everyone made weight. Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View): -Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Josh Koscheck (169) -Stefan Struve (253) vs. Sean McCorkle (264) -Joe Stevenson (155.5) vs. Mac Danzig (156) -Thiago Alves (171) vs. John Howard (171) -Jim Miller (155) vs. Charles Oliveira (153.5) Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised): -Dustin Hazelett (155) vs. Mark Bocek (155.5) -Dan Miller (184.5) vs. Joe Doerksen (185.5) -Rafael Natal (185) vs. Jesse Bongfeldt (185.5) -Matt Riddle (170.5) vs. Sean Pierson (170.5) -Ricardo Almeida (170.5) vs. T.J. Grant (170) -John Makdessi (155) vs. Pat Audinwood (156) http://i54.tinypic.com/24b701w.jpg
  3. This is the final http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjqwNUGGiaM
  4. I'm not sure if there are any vegan gyms but there is a lot of awesome gyms and trainers in Brisbane.I want to move there when i get my license.
  5. Same here.Everything thing is much better since becoming a vegan.I think these articles are made to spread doubt. Let's get ripped and shredded and rub it in there faces.
  6. I had joint popping in my shoulders really bad and it stopped me training for a few months because i couldn't even bench anymore. Take out all exercises that have you putting your hands behind your neck when lifting.I mean behind the neck shoulder press and behind the neck pull downs and chin ups. Exercises that make you do that and then require you to stress them under weight mess up your joint because it's venerable in that position.Also if your technique is bad during bench press that hurts the shoulder joint too.but i doubt thats the case here. Is it all your joints?I had bad knees and hips when i played football from all the road running and training.Also when i started martial arts i couldn't kick because my muscles in my hips were weak and it hurt my hip joint.i thought i would never be able to kick at all.I fixed that by keeping trying until my body adapted.And with football, after i left my knees slowly got alot stronger. Where is the popping? And vege, does baby spinach leafs have the same acid as normal spinach?I've been eating a blender of baby spinach almost everyday.
  7. That's tough luck.I'm not sure but you might need surgery to fix it.
  8. I know a lot of vegan products have it as an ingredient but i never took it seriously till now.Even the palm oil they say is sustainable, Is that just the same thing but tying to sugar coat it?
  9. I hope they play this song again when they come to Aus next time!!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1bNb_LKBBQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox6mjJfcg1c
  11. I'm pretty sure Mac Danzig is a head trainer at a gym in LA.the gym is called PKG.stands for punch, kick grapple.
  12. Any animal killing is the worst thing humans could do. all those animals that suffer beyond any humans could imagine and most people dont care.its so disgusting. People that eat and kill animals call themselves kind people all the time but a kind person would never have anything to do with killing animals. Great video btw.I hope you can get people to change so they are vegetarian or better yet vegan.
  13. Am watching ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai on animefreak.tv I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Getting gundam seed and gundam seed destiny in the mail this week also.Got gundam wing series last week but the 7th dvd was not gundam wing is was gundam seed destiny dvd 7!!!!!!!!!!!rage now i should start collecting posters and toys and cosplay everyday.
  14. Not sure of the exact time of the event or when or if the stream will play. Fingers crossed!
  15. BTW i totally pussed out on getting a tattoo.
  16. I send him a pm but he has lots of subscribers so i dont think i will get a reply. I think he must have a license to have them.I will look it up tomorrow.
  17. WHERE CAN I BUY A KATANA AT ALL!!!!!!!!! here is aus swords are illegal.A good thing because of the large scale or idiots but civilized people that want them have no options.
  18. Saulo, make the crust out of the crushed biscuits and either a margarine or coconut butter.Then put it in a cake mold or whatever and compact it with a spoon till its perfect.refrigerate.Dont even need to bake them.They are already cooked. Worked for me that way.
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