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  1. that want to write a column about veganism/animal rights. I'm currently busy with a new magazine. I did some fanzines when I was younger but nowadays I'm a graphic designer and I want to make a REAL magazine. I'm currently doing interiews with several bands, artists, illustrators and what not... but I also want som educative part in it. I'm looking for people that want to write a small column about why they're vegan or into animal rights. People that model or did contests are most definitely welcome because i want to show people that vegan kids are NOT always the sterotypical skinny dude/girls. I'd be ho,ored if Robert or Octupussoir would write something small or would answer a small list of questions. Why? I looked up to them since I first got here. AAAAAAAAAANY form of promotion is ok (pictures, ads,...). I'll put it in there. No problem at all and I won't charge anything. I just want to put a decent message out there and educate some people. It's probably gonna be a full color magazine on A5 format. Limited edtion (100-200 pieces). After they're sold out i'm gonna put it on Issuu.com to save paper. I'm doing this all alone so it might take a while. I slacked last time (actually I didn't.. I was too busy)... But I'm going to do this right this time. If interested, please email me on: [email protected] (that way I'll definitely get the mail) Thanks in advance.
  2. well yesterday I had a terrible pain in my shoulder. At 1 am it was unbearable, I went straight to the doctor and got three shots right in the place where it hurt. It was deep inside the shoulder, near the joint. Let me tell you that 12 cm long needles that disappear in your shoulder are NOT a cool sight my gf almost fainted. Apparently I had a inflammation of the cartilage. And I'm gonna take it easy today...
  3. hey dude, sorry mate i didn't make it this year. Just came out of some pretty "harsh" times/ You should hook up on msn or something! That would be awesome. [email protected] Well what's new: Just got back into the whole thing. I have more time and seem to have healed pretty well... I'm cutting right now and since a month I've lost 14 pounds. It's really weird how you see you're body changing... really WEIRD! But I was too "fat" so I needed it. It's not fun, since I see myself shrinking, but I have to think posi and think that It will be MUSCLE that will be left in the end... shedule for now: Tuesday: benchpress 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 100 kg) pullovers 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 45 kg) cable crossovers 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 35 kg) Flies 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 60 kg) Triceps pushdown 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 50 kg) Triceps rope pull down 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 30 kg) Dips 5 x 10 (full bodyweight) Triceps concentration extensions (max in the last set, one arm = 35 kg) Abs set: 100 crunches Wednesday: Lateral pully behind neck 4 X 10 (max in the last set= 80 kg) Bent over row 5 X 8 (max in the last set= 45 kg) Deadlifts 5 x 8 (max in the last set= 70 kg) Lat pully to chest (max in the last set= 80 kg) Scott curl 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 40 kg) Biceps Curl 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 25 kg) Biceps Machine 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 60 kg) Concetration curls to failure ... Abs set: 100 crunches Hitt treadmill 15 minutes. Friday: Squats 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 100 kg) Calves raises 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 140 kg) Leg press: 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 280 kg) seated calves: 160 kg to failure Abs : 100 crunches Hiit 15 minutes treadmill calorie intake is around 2700 now. And I really really need some help to make my biceps grow... I can't seem to let 'em pop out.
  4. I gave it a nights' rest and well... I'm gonna put myself over it and drop the guy. Like some of you guys said, he's not much of a "friend" anyways... He got kicked out of the gym were my long time friend works as well. The instructor said he was dealing Winstrol and something with "ana..." in the name, no idea what it was, and they kicked him out forever. It's bad enough that he used it, but I think it's even worse that he was dealing and selling it to 16-year olds. That was the last straw, and I don't want to be associated with people that support that. True, I might not look ripped as hell and be the BIGGEST guy at the gym. But Like I said, I get compliments, like all of you that work out, and I'm really glad that I can say that "I" did it. Me and the Iron at the gym, this forum, good food... and that's about it.
  5. Well to put it simple... I've been working ot for three years now and I can say that I'm happy how I look. I still have some bellfat that i have to get rid off, but 'part from that I'm happy. I always had low self-esteem and well working out cranked it up... No I have a "friend" I used to skate with. He was always jealous and stabbing me in the back. When I was gaining muscle he was the first to say "yeah yeah you look bigger, but you're not ripped like the guys in magazines..." I was like... whatever. Even his mom was like "if my son would work out, he'd be way bigger than you". Hence the "if". So he started working out 6 months ago and one of my long time homies is an instructor at that gym and today I got a call that they caught the other "friend" with steroids in his bag. And he was dealing that stuff as well... I can't say how disappointed I am... I was like... is that how he wants to reach the top? *sigh*
  6. Work out today was intense due to lack of time... Biceps: - scotts - hammers - concentration curls back - lat pully - bent over rowing - rowing machine... I worked till 9 pm .. and went straight to the gym
  7. Hey you did know they are gonna shoot a new HE MAN film? you should be HE MAN. You look THAT good.
  8. I REALLY apreciate the help. And you're right about the lower back part as well. I'm gonna throw that in as well. The problem with my legs is that I was a skateboarder and a kung fu competitor a few years ago. That both required a lot of leg work. It's really hard for me these days to get a "tired" feeling in my legs, which gets frustrating after a while. Last week I threw in 20 kg's more on each exercise and that worked better for me... I felt it the day afterwards, and it felt good as well. The arms... well what can I say. I still have the feeling that I look really really "small". Well I truely appreciate the help. And starting on next monday I'm gonna try the workout that you suggested. Thank you!
  9. I can lift 10 kg more on EVERY exercise i do these days... I don't get it. I skipped the protein and this is what happens?
  10. Yeah I know... I have a question: When can I pop in some cardio ? And how much? Well, since last week i've added every single exercise with 5 kg's. And I'm losing weight at the same time. What's happening? And I also skipped my shakes for a week.
  11. new training for the next 6 weeks. tuesday: standing scott curls 5 x 8 hammers 5 x 8 dumbbell curls 5 x 8 preacher curls 5 X 8 Benchpress 5 x 10 Cable cross over 5 x 8 Pullovers 5 x 8 Flying machine 5 x 8 wednesday: push down: 5 X 8 bent over kickback: 5 x 8 rope: 5 x 8 lat pull 5 x 8 bent over row with dumbbells: 5 x8 push down: straight arms: 5 x 10 Rowing 5 x 12 Thursday rest Friday: neck press: 5 x 10 arnold press 6 x 8 bent over raises: 5 x 12 upright rowing 5 x 10 Legpress 10 x 10 squats 8 x 8 leg extentions 6 x 20 calve raises 10 x 25 some questions? When do I put in abs? When is the best time for cardio? How do I do my cardio best? I don't wanna lose too much muscle
  12. no problem at all! You deserve it man. You loook awesome. I calculated it already. So here you go chest is 44.5 inches arms are 16 inches each (it was pretty hard to get 'em both the same size.) waist 37.8 in legs 23.8 in not sure if that's any good. I have the feeling that my arms traps and shoulders and legs are "ok". BUT that I have way too much bodyfat on trhe waist. andwell i was wondering if it's ok if I throw in a lot of cardio in my workout. a lot of people at the gym said I'de loose most of the muscle mass. And I'm getting paranoia about it. Plus I have the feeling that lmy diet is not 100% right either
  13. There's a few guys on here, that I look up to... And you sir are one of them. Keep it up.
  14. Yesterday I want to the gym while I was ill. I was like "NO EXCUSES BOY! GO TO THE GYM". Benchpressing didn't go to well... as for the rest of the chest exercises. I was REALLY light in my head when i finished it. Not so smart to go training while i had the flue ... Biceps went suprisingly well. I scott curled 4 kg's more, biceps machine was 80 kg's, hammers 25 on each arm... etc. today i have a fever an dthe only prescription is 'more cowbell!"... I wish it was more cowbell. So no gym for me today, it will save me a lot of frustration as well. I'm gonna rest.
  15. haha Hey Johan! sure thing man. I just told my parents and they said hi!!! "they were such nice kids" hahaha. Ah well, if you need a place to crash or something give me a call, I'm probably going as well. And JUSTICE is playing a few shows again as well !!!!!!! 0032470800472. It's a new number because someone stole my cellphone a few months ago... the band broke up last week by the way and now i'm only in a postrock band. And everyone I know dropped out here... even the "huge vegan edge warrior" over here dropped out and got coverup tattoos... oh dear glad to hear from you man take care!
  16. http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/114/l_d873cb0d29684a44900d55424a906694.jpg artwork for a cd... http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/106/l_7842dc21346c4934adb39f83c70a9f82.jpg artwork for a band... never used though... http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/99/l_34ec8af5d3c74f4aac733b219b1585de.jpg not sure if i showed this: http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/67/l_8fe37fd2f74a438cb07f0f7e80de3a2d.jpg artwork for a belgian metalband/// http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/8362/dedicted2.jpg
  17. Absolutely amazing. Beautiful a transformation like that. If this doesn't inspire people.. i don't know what does... (i also picked up some rumours about the fact that the writers of transformers 3 are going to contact you... no seriously... they should )
  18. Well I'm back. It's been a loooong loooong time since Ive logged in. What's new? Well I'm still working out, I quit kung fu because of time issues. And the club moved away from my area, so it was impossible to train with them. I'd be on the road for 3 hours ... As for now I'm gonna focus on weightlifting only... My goal for 2010 ? Getting ripped and getting bigger... as natural as possible. Everyone at the gym juices or takes any supplement they can get their hands on... and i feel akward training around 'em. I'm actuallt pretty much ignored when their posse works out. And some guys act like pricks... Ah well I don't have the feeling that i'm getting behind of them. They're kind of freaked out by the fact that I can lift as much as they can.. since I'm shorter as them, and I am always referred to as: "meat is murder guy". Yeah I work out in THE SMITHS shirts ( i love the smiths). They're also freaked out by the fact that I don't use supplements except for soy protein... one shake a day. I'm not sure if I should take it all as a compliment, but the thing is that I have a lot questions concerning weightlifting and no one at the gym seems to be able to answer them. I have the feeling that they just make fun of me. And that's why I'm spilling my beans here. Don't worry, I'll clean 'em later... Here are the specs these days: arms are both 40,7 cm which grew 2 cm in one year (is that any good ?) chest is 113 cm waist (measured on stomach) is 96cm. Legs measured/tighs are 60,5 cm my goal is to cut down on the waist and gain on the chest legs and arms... current weight 87kg. I'm trying to cut and this what I'm eating: 7:00 am cereal with soy milk 10:00 am: peanutbutter sandwich and some muesli with soy milk noon: some soup, a banana, 3 peanutbutter full grain sandwhiches, soy protein shake... 4:00 pm mueslibar and some water 5:00 pm gym! + banana 8:00 pm; 4 potatoes, tofu and a lot of vegetables. 10:00 pm apple and some nuts. the only supplement I ever took was SOY protein and that's it actually. I also think that I easli drink 2 lieters of water a day... Work out: tuesday: (maximum weight i can take is in brackets/// sometimes they're to failure) Benchpress (110 kg) crossovers (35 kg) fly machine (50 kg) flies laying down (25 kg) scott curls (40 kg) hammers (20 kg;.. 24 on good days) biceps machine (60 kg) concetration curls (20 kg) wednesday: Triceps pull down (50kg) bent over triceps (20 kg) pull down with rope (20 kg) dips dumbell behind head (30 kg/// bad for my shoulder on left side) rowing machine (90 kg) dumbbell rows (38 kg) chin ups (body weight + 10 kg) standing straight arm pull downs (35 kg) lateral pull downs in neck... (70kg) friday behind neck press (100 kg on good days ...) arnolds (20 kg) Front raise (15 kg) side cable raise (15 kg) squats (80 kg) calves exercise (130 kg) leg extentions (60 kg) leg press (100 kg) That's about it... any advice is appreciated. I'm just eager to gain some knowledge on how to decently bulk and cut... after all those years I'm still not good at it 8 months ago http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/16/l_fc1d64417a324b49bb69772be9e49f11.jpg 3 months ago (cut my hair) http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/84/l_4022f9f58855456f82baba3d3a3e7371.jpg Take care, CLARK X KENT
  19. I'm gonna start a magazine that's gonna focus mainly on music, art and skateboarding. Still I want to show people what I'm into as well and educate them along the way. I was wondering who would be interested in doing an interview (filling in questions) about fitness and bodybuilding. I'll publish some pictures if you want that as well. It might be a good way to get some coverage. I will not sell the magazine, it's gonna be 100% free. Limited print and the rest will be downloadable pdf formats (let's not waste paper...) Take care, Kev
  20. Rorschach... coolest charactar ever. Great great casting.
  21. hahaha the bottom one seems to smile
  22. haha Well richard works in a different style than me, but the guy is really good at it. I dig his stuff!
  23. http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/10/l_aa3f458fc94349409cd5a647b5f09c5e.jpg poster I made to promote fruit, over here I live in an are where they grow a A LOT of apples and pears. Actually they grow 10 meters away from me http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/45/l_7fdea4c2822243d581d18d254f397456.jpg I maed this for a new years card this year... actually i tried to make tis really really sweet kid. I hope it worked. http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/62/l_67e7fdee6bcb42adad890fda6879c909.jpg cd cover design .. and yeah that's me http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/61/l_c80f529f3fbc48eab42d30a28a14ff37.jpg another one http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/21/l_8f5462a66e494e97825c8be360dd678a.jpg some vector stuff http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/57/l_6b6662d915184036b2956786af975d21.jpg some oceanic influenced things... http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/50/l_d43968991e0940018527e90e9fe86c64.jpg http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/53/l_f7b83b9a029b466081aea8d39971a9e8.jpg this one's not finished yet though .. it still looks to "pasted" but you'll get the point hope you dig it a lil'... http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/52/l_7a663c70a32d404ab6a54d90b1c44822.jpg screwman
  24. thx man, means a lot when it comes from a guy i look up to.
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