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  1. Thanks for the positive reply back appreciate it.. do you mind if i contact you personally if i have any further ?'s lemme know thanks Ken
  2. Hello All wouldn't mind any advice from those that have done fitness for a while longer then me I've been in the game for about 6yrs and I've been learning all the way & will continue to learn new things.. My main goal like many other men is to see a flat stomach on myself especially at the age of 23yrs old I should not have a little ponche it is quite annoying & lowers my self esteem just a little bit lol. So this is what my plan has been I ijust started it recently 2 weeks ago. #1 Doing a 4 day body split between Upper and Lower body workouts Monday- Up Tues- low wed (Rest) Thur- Up Fri- Low Mon- 5,6,8,10 somewhere in that range & heavy Tues- 3x13,14,15 Lighter weight but not too light Thurs- Like Tues but with Chest Fri- Like monday but with legs #2 Doing about 15-30 minutes of cardio after working out these days. #3 yoga about 4 days a week. #5 MOST impt eating as healthy as I can... Breakfast 6:30- cereal soy milk, frozen blue berries, crasins, walnuts 9:30 Snack orange/ 1/2 banana and possibly some almonds Workout Post workout meal- soy milk and other 1/2 of banana 12:00 Lunch- Rice and some daal and if possible some vegetables 3:00 Snack Nuts n dates and apricots and maybe purnes 6:00 Dinner varies try n stay away from carbs around dinner time somedays hummus or cauliflower or some indian dish. about 2L or more of water. Will supplement with Vega protein hopefully soon Challenges I guess i'm lacking protien.. Also not too sure how much I can eat I feel like my main problem maybe that i over eat?? Or maybe the workout is too much.. Have also heard it is good to eat more somedays and eat less other days that is with respect to the amount of calories consumed. Would love to hear back from the group thanks for reading another boring Weight blog
  3. Hey Fellow group.. I am glad we have some sensible people still left on earth that are willing to give up eating meat to do something positive for our bodies and our environment in which we are very much connected just like the streams that connect to the oceans we are all apart of this here planet.. Now that that is done.. I have been vegetarian/vegan for 4 months now after seeing Gary Yourofsky.. youtube him.. I have been training with weights and doing cardio and doing yoga.. through out the week.. I really dont want my whole life to revolve around being in the gym to be in shape like some "meat heads" no pun intended.. I'm working on getting a flat stomach I really would like to see that for once in my life if someone could help me out i'd greatly appreciate it.. I know it takes hard work.. which i am capable of doing.. But diet i can do but hopefully my Veg bro's n sisters can help advise me.. take care may mother earth and the universe bless you all
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